Easy body hair stands tall, so that the flying sword doesn’t move. Without even thinking, I abandoned my sword and took out my needle, and a blue mountain flashed at the finger.

Now that it has been found to be hidden, there is no need. It is easy to attack and nervously drink "What people are playing tricks to bring out the land?"
Deep drinking ear rings, followed by a galaxy-like light hole full of poison. Miki Sayaka needle suddenly falls to the ground, so does the bloody ghost sword. How easy it is to make a course is also fruit.
Easy to quickly retreat back against the wall to feel at ease and spread the mind only to find that the palace has been banned from external isolation.
Don’t say what’s on his mind, but say that it seems like a number of stars floating around, slowly flowing around, and gradually converging to the center to condense into a humanoid, tall and fuzzy starlight cover
The strong breeze came face to face, mixed with the cold, cold, cold, easy to come and not think about it. With the ability to dodge sideways,
Jump! A muffled sound and a palm print appeared on the wall, which was deeply immersed in three inches and clearly visible with frost.
The human figure didn’t pay much attention to the blow, and then it was wrapped up close to the body to make a small effort. His hands changed suddenly, his claws changed suddenly, his hands changed suddenly, his hands changed suddenly, his hands changed suddenly, his hands looked slow, his feet were fast, and he was more flexible than floating half a foot.
As soon as this offensive started, it suffered a big loss, and it was beaten back again and again. Sometimes, a hand print on the chest can clearly hear the bone friction exploding.
It’s easy to be beaten up. Although there is a mysterious curtain to protect the body, it is also to prevent foreign objects from persecuting the body. Nowadays, it’s easy for the body to shake frequently, and the viscera can’t help but spit out one mouthful blood like a rupture.
It’s easy to get angry and emit three zhangs, but it’s tight-lipped and silent to cope with that man’s attacking moves.
Nai’s speed is like a ghost, and he often hits his body around the easy rotation, only to find that it is a ghosting image. The real person has already floated behind him with a punch, which makes the viscera ache like a cramp.
But it is easy to feel that this person has no strength to penetrate the strength at this speed. If he does, he will die.
Since the melee attack can be made a determined effort, it is like offering all kinds of magic weapons to wrap around him and ask him to attack and touch it, and he will automatically fight back.
At first, it’s okay. Every other round, the magic weapon was attacked by starlight, and it landed like it was out of control, leaving only a few magic weapons that were later obtained without offering.
"Hum!" Entanglement of that person’s starlight gradually fades, but the speed is increasing, which can be regarded as a vestige of the severe entanglement of close combat.
Shout is easy to suddenly open the curtain of Xuan Hun God, and the blue light spreads out and suddenly spreads out three zhangs.
Yiqing Yi, from near to far, the starlight passed by. The man quickly retreated to the door and drew a semicircle with his hands. An oval golden light wall appeared to block the mysterious curtain.
"Death" is easy to stop drinking. In situ, two hands are printed with the tactic, and the mysterious curtain is frequently played. It is like taking strong medicine and rushing at the light wall.
At the same time, his mouth murmured, his eyes narrowed, and his left hand turned into a small place. With the spell, the golden column in the handshake became more and more shiny and ready to go.
Just then, as the man drank too little, he bent over like a bow, and for no reason, he was overwhelmed by a kind of prestige, and the mysterious and muddy curtain was uncontrolled, and the retraction pressure was wave after wave.
Easy mind also seems to turn to drink a way "are you from? Sneak by white reason! "
The man said sternly, "It doesn’t matter who the old man is, but you … ghosts Lele crossed the guard brother and entered the temple? After all, what’s the purpose! Say it out and let you go. "
Yi Yi resisted the impulse and argued, "It’s a joke that everyone in the mainland walks in holes and everyone drills this great river and mountain. Why can’t I come here!" Heart way: "It seems that the temple has been ambushed for a long time, waiting for you to drill into it."
"Good thieves still dare to argue!" That said, the man’s tone is insipid and his right hand is stretched out. With a virtual shadow, the big hand instantly pulls the Xuan muddy curtain with an easy grasp, and there is no visible reaction opportunity. The gap is unreasonable to calculate.
The fourth volume Gan Kun copulation Chapter one hundred and ninety-five Injured giving medicine
People conjure up a virtual shadow hand to hold Yi tightly, and the sound is deafening and roaring, and a breath spreads, and the virtual shadow hand is shaken away with a bang.
It’s easy to see that the situation is urgent. Give the Panlong Gold Pillar that has been prepared already out of the body and astonish the other party to cultivate advanced knowledge. At the very least, it’s also an exercise in refining the spirit.
For some reason, it seems that he has a little teasing idea, but is it easy to save the oil lamp from self-sustaining magic weapon? Let him take off his skin if he can’t die.
You can’t beat me, but if you look around, you’ll know that it’s better to fight for your life than to dare to pull the emperor out. That’s the mentality now.
To get to the point, the dragon’s golden pillar grows in the wind, and the joy of winding the pillar is like roaring, but it is full of momentum, which makes the breath of the temple messy and can’t stop roaring and echoing.
"David … David … David … David … David … David … David!" The vertical roof of the golden column part of a series of formations stands as if it were firmly cast according to the orientation of hexagrams.
The peripheral golden light flashes, the seal seal is densely covered, and the rapid rotation turns around, bringing up coils of sparkling fire dragons. The roaring sound is more and more loud and shocking, and the body is full of flames. The huge eyes are particularly eye-catching. Two jumping flames flash from time to time and stare at the man.
I don’t see Yi Shi’s body flashing into the array. My eyes are golden and my hands are more than three feet long. I frequently open my mouth and utter a complicated and abstruse spell, which resounds through the whole hall, like singing, like begging, like saying, but the sound is Danyang gas.
When the man saw this battle, he first exclaimed, "Dragon pillar of fire?" Then, like a fool, my body is steep and I can’t let go of my breath. It seems that my mood is wrong
Smell speech is easy to get distracted by a shock in my heart, and the law quickly converges, and my mind is focused on reading spells. No matter what happens, I will send him a big move first to give him a taste.
After half a minute, it’s easy to save enough energy to binge drink and push your hands forward! Hula, a panlong pillar of gold suddenly turned white, and the anger erupted at the man.
The man seemed to have just recovered, shivering and drifting out, but this big place in the temple was occupied by Panlong Jinzhu, where can he escape!
Listen to the sting-the man was surrounded by flames, and then the flames burst, and the man showed no damage to his figure, but his body was covered with a layer of golden light and a strong smell of Dan medicine spread
Easy heart awe-inspiring, but this attack has only been carried out for half a year. The fire dragon is already ready to go. It has been ordered to roar upwards, and the dragon’s first mouth is a stream of inflammation.
In an instant, the whole temple was ablaze with flames. The man could not conceal his excitement and drank "Stop" while dodging the protective magic to resist the flames.
It’s easy to think that Panlong Jinzhu trapped the man, but his heart flashed and he analyzed the situation and found that he was not very safe, so he surrounded himself, which could protect him and kill two birds with one stone.
Yi Li controls Panlong Jinzhu’s smell speech and thinks of something, but Panlong Jinzhu’s magic weapon is easy to stop without long-term sacrifice!
Now I can’t let it go, especially a fire dragon, which dances the jet flame flexibly and abnormally like an arm extending out. The ground has already been burned red by this hot flame, giving off steaming heat, and the sight is extremely distorted.
When the man saw his propaganda, he jumped up and raised his right palm, pushed it forward and slammed the outer wall of Panlong Jinzhu, making it look like tissue paper.
Immediately, the easy-to-change five-element reiki played a role of not commanding orders, and it itself directly melted into the operator wall and could not be controlled.
The man shouted angrily, "Stop it quickly or stop it, old lady."
Yi also feels that the situation is serious. Panlong Jinzhu is now working on his own, and the true qi is stupid. If he has to eat himself every once in a while, he will have to lose the true qi, but there is a danger of losing his work.
It’s just that the man can’t beat himself to a higher level, but even the flame erupted by the fire dragon can easily resist the visible and profound.
It’s easy to spell the danger of injury. Breathe in with your hands and spread the words. Make Ling transform several times. Wow, spit out one mouthful blood and look as white as paper.
Panlong jinzhu offensive stopped a fire dragon to absorb the fire in the temple. The dragon body expanded several times. They were unwilling to roar and jumped into the jinzhu. The jinzhu also fell into easy hands as it became smaller. The fire in the temple dissipated completely, leaving a mess on the ground wall.
"Poof …" Easy-to-recover Panlong Jinzhu vomited blood again and hurt a meridian in his heart, but his eyes stared at him. "Do you know this treasure?"
"Eat this healing pill first." The man was excited and handed the medicine over. His hands were shaking and he added, "Eat the medicine until it hurts."
The fourth volume GanKun copulation Chapter one hundred and ninety-six Against the heart.
However, it is easy to be in such a state, but I haven’t forgotten to keep my mouth shut. Since ancient times, the other side has said that things are somewhat eye-catching, but we won’t know until we talk about them.
Yi carefully took the pill and stared at the man. His eyes flashed a few times, his right hand shook his mouth and he ate it. Then he could not sleep with his fingers and squinted at each other without words.
I didn’t know that the man’s eyes were frozen, and suddenly he shook his head and said, "It’s my business to treat kindness like a donkey’s liver and lungs."
It turned out that it was easy to make a small move to swallow the residual healing pills before, but the man didn’t eat them for Dan Wan Gen, but he wasn’t stupid enough to get home.
Yi’s creed is to fix the true world, not to know the root of it. It is extremely important for good friends to send food for nothing. You must never accidentally get on the road, so you will regret it.
It’s easy to vomit blood for two times, and then it hurts. Dan Pill silently transports the true qi to repair the damaged meridians in the heart and prevent sudden changes.
The man looked at Yi Wen’s words with his eyes narrowed. He looked at his emotional points, and his figure was blurred. He was wrapped in green light and made circles around him. It was dazzling.
He raised new doubts, stared at each other in a low voice, and said, "This treasure is a pillar of divine fire", carefully observing each other’s reaction and emotional expression.
"Dragon shenhuo column? Appropriately good name "is easy to nod and admire.
The man didn’t seem to have a fake tone, and he continued with a slight affirmation, "It’s not only a good name, but also one of the best treasures in the field of repairing truth. When I looked around the world, I asked you how you got it?"
Easy mind quietly took a small step back and quickly replied, "It’s just a pile of scrap iron that has been with me since I fixed the truth, and then it was activated at the risk of a narrow escape … So you know its origin?" Question and answer, the momentum is just even.
The man calmed down and proudly said, "Yes, it was my sect’s loss for thousands of years. Hey! For so many years, the keeper didn’t keep it to the unexpected coincidence here. "
"I suppose the elder was from Baixiuge. This treasure is a thousand years old. Why is it your sect?" Easy cunning asked 1
The man said casually, "It’s not to mention listening to your voice, but you’re only thirty years old. You don’t do this to prevent me from dealing with your old husband."
Yi tried to test each other’s bottom line, so he said, "Well said, the interest just invaded me. If I hadn’t been quick-witted, I would have been killed by you."
The man’s right hand pointed a few sneers at Yi and disdained the tunnel. "With your little move, you have known all about it since you entered the Baimo Mountain. You won’t wait until this time to want your life."
Smell speech is easy to be full. "This just makes the younger generation fold. If something happens in this acre of land, the seniors have no idea that the younger generation will despise you." Slightly said a nice word.
The man smell speech without the slightest smug shook his head. "I didn’t expect the old man to let you turn up the causal cycle of wind and waves when he was negligent. Heaven is uncomfortable and visible."
The topic of Yi changed to neither fish nor fowl, and I introduced myself, "Yimen Sect is shallow, and it’s a great honor to meet my predecessors today. May I ask my predecessors’ immortal number?"