Qu Yan ran poof bursts into a smile and said, "Right hand."

Yang E Huang is also happy.
Qu Yan ran when he said, "This is a big banquet for Wei Gong these days. The landlord wants me to present a song to Wei Gong. You know that we drifters refuse to invite Wei Gong’s sister. Just wait for me for a few days and we will go to Dongdu together."
Yang E Huang looked up and saw that Qu Yan ran with a look of no rejection.
Yang E Huang knew that this elder sister attached great importance to love and righteousness, and this time she had to accompany her to Dongdu to take care of herself.
When Yang E Huang gently nodded a captivating smile.
When they sat down to Qu Yan ran and changed the subject, they said, "Wei Gong was defeated in the East, but at one time, Li Chongjiu, the secretariat of Youzhou, led an army to help him hold Liyang, so Wei Gong was able to protect Hebei thanks to his efforts."
"Li Chongjiu Liyang?" Yang E Huang couldn’t help jumping at the bottom of my heart. Li Yang, a deep and remote state, was thousands of miles away. I didn’t expect Li Chongjiu to be in the same city today.
"Sister sister"
Seeing that Yang E Huang’s face was flushed and his soul didn’t know which song he belonged to, Yang E Huang couldn’t help but be surprised. "Is this Li Chongjiu Wei Gong very close?"
"That I don’t know, but the governors have seen much more friends and enemies today. You call me an outsider, but I heard that Jiangdu was killed this day. Li Chongjiu Youzhou set up an altar for Tianfa’s funeral and let the people of Youzhou worship together."
"So," Yang E Huang suddenly smiled sweetly, and Yang E Huang met for a long time but had never seen her smile so brightly. Suddenly it seemed like a room full of light.
Qu Yan ran said, "Sister, don’t let others see this smile."
"America laguna!"
"Sister made fun of" Yang E Huang wiped a trace of shame and immediately looked out of the window and said, "I still think he will resent my father. I didn’t expect him to forget my Yang’s kindness."
Liyang chengwai
In the rain, dozens of fast horses and light horses stepped over the soil.
The trotters pulled the mask to reveal an angular face. He said to one side, "Avoid? How far is it from Liyang? "
The knight beside the horse said, "Should there be more than ten miles to report back to the king of Qin?"
The other party nodded his head and threatened to whip the horse. "This boat ride from Chang ‘an to Liyang along the waterway can be expensive in just a few days. This time, we have to make a quick decision and force Shi Biao to make up his mind to join me in Li Tang."
A bystander said, "I’m afraid it’s not easy. Shi Biao is an ambitious generation. Besides, I heard that Li Chongjiu and Li Yang, the king of Qin, are going to commit suicide. I’m afraid it’s impossible. Is it a prophet?"
The other party said with the wave, "No, I just want to take this contribution by surprise. Shi Biao is like a book. Even Li Chongjiu will be captured by me in Liyang." To be continued.
Chapter three hundred and seventy-seven Li Shimin invited.
The people of Liyang City lined up to prepare to enter the city.
Li Yangcheng, an important part of the Wagang Army, is under strict scrutiny, especially after losing to Wang Shichong.
But for Li Shimin and his party, entering Liyang City is like walking on the ground
Li Shimin, holding the horse in his hand, looked up at the three characters of Liyang City. After checking the identity of more than a dozen people and a line, Wagangjun showed respect to God. "It turned out that the special envoy of Tang Guo will immediately send someone to take you to the post."
"No," the eldest grandson said coldly.
Guarding the city gate officials dare not say anything and let them go directly.
After entering the city gate, the eldest grandson asked Li Shimin for instructions and asked, "Does the king of Qin go to the post couch first?"
"Send someone to arrange the luggage first. I have a personal matter to do."
Grandson avoid being escorted to salute his three Qin Wangfu Qinbing along with Li Shimin.
It’s still raining after the heavy rain. Liyang House is different from Jiangnan, which is built with flat roofs, so it’s good for winter. ri insulation roofs are covered with blue tiles, so it’s very orderly in the past.
Everywhere Li Shimin goes, it is necessary to observe the local conditions and customs first. Although Liyang City is in war, the people’s hearts are still stable and can barely be regarded as a place to live in troubled times.
Soon I came to a small building with one or three floors, and the eaves of the small building were covered with tile tubes, which was a bit of Jiangnan wind.
Li Shimin has to return to the front of the building. When the horse looks up, he can see the three characters of returning to the building
Grandson avoid laughing "if the king of Qin wants to find a beautiful woman, he will be in such a hurry."
Li Shimin turned his horse and whip and said, "This is what makes me sincere."
"As far as I’m concerned, it’s impossible for a prince to win over, but now it’s a disaster for a princess."
Li Shimin shook his head and said, "She is different from Yingying Yanyan. She is a phoenix and I am a phoenix."
I have to go back to the front of the building. The procuress saw someone come and said, "The guest officer hasn’t arrived yet … I don’t know the familiar girl. I’ll go and give you a briefing."
Gave a silver bean pimp and immediately changed her face, se.
Li Shimin said, "Please bother to find a girl named Yang!"
The procuress laughed. "It happened that the old slave was surnamed Yang."
Li Shimin smiled slightly and said, "She is a guest of everyone. You can inform me."
The procuress hesitated to say, "It’s not the girl in the building. I’ll report it to you, but if you don’t see it or not, just …"
Li Shimin gave the procuress another silver bean, and the procuress immediately smiled and said, "How dare I go?"
With that, the procuress entered the building and knocked at the door. After they opened the door, the two whispered for a while. After going to the screen, the procuress looked at each other and turned to Qu Yan ran’s room.
At this moment, Qu Yan ran is learning needlework from Yang E Huang, and they are whispering leisurely.
"There is a man outside Yan Ran who says he is looking for Miss Yang."
Yang E Huang slightly zheng when let go of the bottom of the female red koji Yan ran up and patted Yang E Huang’s hand and said, "What kind of male?"
"I was very young in my twenties. I heard that my wrist was scarred by a sword, and I gave two silver beans as soon as I entered the door. In my opinion, this kind of bossy bearing can tell that I have lived in everyone for a long time."
The number of people who have read it for many years can be said to be inseparable.
Qu Yan ran thoughtfully said, "Sister, you live in my building. Except for the sisters in the building, outsiders know that this young man can find the door. There are not many people in Liyang City who can hand-eye the sky."
Yang E Huang bowed their heads and suddenly thought of what face quickly with a crimson heart chug jumped up, heart way this young male and long-term residents in Liyang city, who else besides him?
Qu Yan ran really smiled and said, "Is it your lover?"
Yang E Huang said angrily, "Sister, don’t make fun of me."
"See or not?"