Advocating attacking naval officers and always considering everything from the standpoint of politicians, the secretary of the navy is the construction engineer of Scarpa Bay. The Scarpa Bay project has always been criticized by national public opinion and the Admiralty on the grounds that the Germans dare not and cannot attack Scarpa Bay in a hurry during the important preparation period. It has been nearly four months since the war broke out that the Germans have been losing ground in front of the tricks of the British Empire. The naval battle in korol and the naval battle in Shazhou, Dogel have dealt a blow to the royal navy.

Due to various reasons, the progress of Scarpa Bay project is slow and the imperfect facilities force Admiralty not to put the British Empire’s possessions in Scarpa Bay, and Willis Bay project does not dare to relax, which will inevitably weaken the resources belonging to Scarpa Bay and eventually form an evil cycle.
It is true that the geographical location of Ri Buli Empire is blessed by God, and the "long-distance blockade" is a stroke of genius, but even God can’t stop the British from spending money. Conservatism is not the norm of the British Empire. Defense is not the normal loneliness of the Royal Navy. Jellicoe can’t suppress the demand for active attack on naval officers and soldiers. He can’t tolerate the attack on the coastline. Ri Buli Imperial citizens can’t fight against politicians, not Churchill, the secretary of the navy.
In 1915, the anticlimactic battle of Daniil Strait and the naval battle of Falkland Islands dealt a heavy blow to the "long-range blockade". In the North Sea, a capital ship of the British Empire fell like a meteor, and the "long-range blockade" went bankrupt completely. In the face of seventeen battleships, four battleships and an old-fashioned battleship, the German high-seas fleet lost its advantage. Can Scarpa Bay withstand the German aggression?
"But …"
The deputy chief of staff also tried to dissuade the secretary of the navy but was interrupted by Belfo.
The Thames, the most important river in Britain, has always been the focus of the British Empire’s defense, and there are not only old battleships, armored cruisers and destroyers of the Channel Fleet, but also a large number of coastal guns with a caliber of over 12 inches. In addition, the narrow terrain of the Thames is not conducive to the main fleet’s deployment. The fortress guns on both sides of the river can be 29 kilometers wide, forming a crossfire network, which is strong enough to shred a main ship. Finally, the Thames is not wide, and there are more than 10,000 mines and a large number of flexible torpedo ships deployed in the estuary. It
The strict defense system of Thames gave Belfo stubborn confidence. The Minister of the Navy pulled the blinds to temporarily isolate the moisture outside the window. He said, "Then agree to General Jackson’s request."
Gorgeous dividing line
"To be honest, you shouldn’t help that pretentious commander-in-chief who has never commanded even a destroyer fleet in his long career." Lampard turned his back to the door and David Betty bent down to tidy up the manuscript on the console table. "Isn’t it good to be silent?"
Jackson’s figure has disappeared, and the romantic David Betty in the corridor is not in a hurry to get to the door, but he leans over and grabs a cigarette from his pocket and smokes by the door frame.
"Lampard’s national interests are damaged to prove that I can’t do it." Embroidering a smoke ring Betty will smoke a few cigarettes and still crush a few feet.
"can’t do it"
Ps, this chapter is badly written, and everyone will make do with it. Have you seen my cards yet? to be continued
The second gun Chapter 5 Everyone’s destination is the Thames (1)
The fifth chapter Who is the end of the Thames (1)
At 6 o’clock in the afternoon, the ancient and modern London finally woke up in the fog. Irish vagrants packed up their newspapers and began to beg for a day. The railcars shook their bells and took away the old mottled streets. The workers started to implement two-shift work in the factory. Several army soldiers carrying rifles patrolled the streets of London, embellishing the atmosphere of war, while the life of the rich people remained the same. They just got up, dressed in satin pajamas and watched the newspapers with news of victory.
The army and J ǐ ngcha blocked Liverpool, which won the reputation of "the most elegant car in London" just after its completion in 174. A large number of heads and wagons of Liverpool trains were in a somewhat chaotic order, and a large number of light artillery pieces and boxes of ammunition were temporarily requisitioned by zhèng fǔ ǐ. Young soldiers were carrying heavy bags with Li Enfield rifles, and Li was busy walking in the carriage, and passengers were eager to travel outside the square, waiting anxiously for the end of military control.
Military control does not include preventing passengers from getting into the train and stopping the train. The Liverpool travel-stained Ri, the British shipbuilding supervisor, packed up his information and documents, picked up his luggage and followed the surging people.
Kikuo was shocked when he got on the train, because the huge train was crowded with British soldiers wearing khaki Se twill serge uniforms, light and heavy weapons, ammunition and other materials. They occupied almost all the passages in Liverpool, only passing the train and adding water and coal.
Although Teng Kikuo is not a professional soldier, every citizen of that island country far away from the Asian continent is born with a talent for espionage. Teng Kikuo really wants to stop and observe the state and training level of the fallen allied soldier J Ο ng, but he can’t stop because the crowded people always push him forward.
The fork in the road between import and export is from the south of Scotland. Passengers are about to enter the north. Army soldiers meet unexpectedly and then cross their shoulders by mistake. It is only a moment, but it is enough. Indo Kikuo is keen. From the age, equipment and J Ο ng state of these soldiers, we have drawn intriguing things.
"It seems that the European war has reached the moment when the bayonet is red, and it will hurt your vitality to go to Europe again."
Difficult to move out of the car rattan Kikuo put his luggage aside and chartered the car to find his old friend in the crowd.
It is the easiest thing for the white world to find out the "heresy" with yellow skin and black eyes, but Teng Kikuo turned his body slightly and found his old friend Ri’s naval attache in London, Yukichi Yanzawa.
Yukichi Yanzawa, who was familiar with the Ri standard naval forces, made Kikuo, a wandering overseas rattan, feel a different emotion in his heart. Fujita suddenly missed his hometown Miaoli Temple and his sweet wife.
On Europe, if you have equal wealth and wealth, you should have yellow skin and black eyes, then you will never want to enter the white world. Europe is so arrogant, even if you have taken care of yourself, even if you want people, Europe will never change. They have infiltrated into the bone and despised them.
"The situation of Yanzejun is not good." Teng Kikuo handed his luggage to Yanzexing and introduced his experiences in the south while bending down to sit in the passenger seat. "I saw no 12 north military vehicles all the way, which means that the British shifted their focus to the soil instead of the European battlefield."
"Fujijun, I saw a neighbor’s diplomat outside the Liverpool car." Later, when the navy invaded China, Depth Charge’s old Ri naval aviation minister, Yukichi Yanzawa, was still an unknown major. He did not continue the topic of FujiKikuo, but started the car and drove the car out of the crowded car.
"Oh?" Kikuo Fujita, who was in the passenger seat, frowned unconsciously and asked, "Is it from Lucia?"
Ri anti-Russian sentiment is quite common. Although the Ri Russian War Empire defeated the huge Lucia in 194, a note from Portsmouth Port made the victorious side Ri return to her blood.
"It’s not a Lucian, it’s a diplomat from China, Gu Wei Jun." Yan Zexing pointed to the cigarette case on the bridge of Ford and frowned. "The seven-month European War Rao is the British empire with deep pockets and can’t stand the ravages of war. If you don’t guess wrong, the British are hungry. After seeing China’s huge human resources, they want to clean up China’s war!"
"China war? !” Close to the cigarette match, the vine Kikuo put out the cigarette avenue. "We must stop all this, which will affect our China’s expansion of interests."
As early as Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s time, the Ri shogunate formulated the North Korean springboard mainland policy. After the reform, Ri "was not willing to stay on the island’s borders", which was further developed and perfected by Yamagata Aritomo, Toyotomi Hideyoshi and others. He advocated taking the springboard of North Korea, Taiwan Province and China northeast Mongolia to gradually encroach on China and rely on China’s resources to conquer the world.
It’s a pity that the rise of Ri is the transition period from European and American powers to imperialism. Every step of Ri’s expansion is threatened by the powers. When the European War broke out in 1914, European powers took time off to look at the lack of strength in the Pacific region of the United States. This is a godsend opportunity for Ri to expand China’s interests. Once China participates in the war, its expansion plan will inevitably encounter additional resistance.
"Fujitsu, we don’t have the resources to wage war." Yukichi Yanzawa slammed the horn of the car angrily. "Damn it, the army and the Second Fleet have had too many waves in Jiaozhou Bay. Britain and France have already produced jǐng admonitions for us. Even though the Indian Ocean war is tight, the strength of the Chinese fleet in Hong Kong is not falling but rising."
After the outbreak of the European War, Ri Li was forced to send a large number of troops, the second fleet and the first southern detachment to the German Far East colonies. Qingdao and Jiaozhou Bay were the most valuable sites in the German Far East. Ri Li sent troops including the first division of the Army dú lì, the 24th reinforced infantry brigade, two field artillery wings, and four siege heavy artillery brigades despite the fact of financial difficulties. Two dú lì engineering brigades, with a total of 50,000 people, landed in Shandong with 72 naval vessels and a heavy artillery team, while Germany and Austro-Hungarian Qingdao had two planes, 125 guns of various kinds and 47 machine guns, including 17 armored cruiser warships. More than 10,000 people flatly refused to send only a south detachment composed of old warships to perfunctory, even if it was better than the south detachment, it was not just that the equatorial north left Papua, and almost all the colonies in the German Pacific were surrounded by Ri people.
The battle of Qingdao lasted for more than two months, and defeated Qing and Lucia in succession to get the last ticket for the great powers. In front of the Qingdao fortress, the big Ri empire was well defended and suffered heavy casualties. A total of 5,621 officers and men were killed, and one second-class old coastal defense ship and four other ships were lost. Although the empire occupied Jiaozhou Bay, it also exhausted the imperial finance and the limited support of the allies.
Faced with the shortage of troops, high-alert allies and the rise of constitutionalists in the United States, Ri finally stopped the pace of military expansion
"Yanze Junshao, we have extended our tentacles to North China, and we are still the winners." Teng Kikuo sighed and immediately shifted the topic to his note.
"Summing up the naval battle in Shazhou, Dogel and the naval battle in Scarborough Gerakl Strait, the British wartime state was investigated. The shipbuilding industry occupied too much J Ο ng force, and I didn’t pay much attention to the performance of the second fleet in the war against Germany. In the naval battle in Scarborough Gerakl Strait, the Germans created a wrench aircraft to attack the ship and named it’ decisive wrench’. It is said that the carrier of the Wakamamaru aircraft also participated in the war against Germany. How did it perform?"
Kikuo, a young rattan who visited Europe, is proud. He does not deny the gap between China and the world’s first-class maritime powers, but he firmly believes that the gap between Europe and China is not as far as imagined, with two river-class crossbow warships (Ri), two King Kong warships, two Tsukuba warships and two pommel horse warships (Ri).
In the winter of 1914, Fujita Kikuo arrived in England. When he got the first-hand information of the Dogel Shazhou naval battle from Portsmouth Shipyard, Fujita Jun was shocked. You should know that just the "battle cruiser’s Peak Battle", Dogel Shazhou naval battle won three super crossbow battleships, ten ocean-going battleships and a quasi-ocean-going warship that could surpass Tsukuba. Fujita Kikuo finally saw the profound industrial heritage of European powers.
In March, 1915, the largest naval battle in the history of mankind broke out. More than 50 capital ships in the North Sea spread out in formation game, which was more than the sum of crossbow warships of other sea powers. The battle lasted from Ri to the next afternoon. The melee, midnight battle, random battle, torpedo battle and great battle line appeared in almost all forms of naval battle in age of steam.
The best commander, the strongest sailor, the closest calculation, the most efficient damage, the staggering number of nine capital ships sinking and destroying, and those blood gushing! Kikuo, a proud vine, finally saw what a real navy is and what a real naval battle is!
Fujita Kikuo realized that it was difficult for Ri to defeat the European Navy from the front because of the lack of resources and industrial background. The genius designer who had designed the snow-blowing destroyer, the most advanced treaty cruiser and the Canglong aircraft carrier in his previous life and conducted extensive research and experiments on emerging technologies such as welding and large diesel engines began to think about how to effectively shorten the gap between Ri and Europe.
"Ruogong Maru?" At the thought of the aircraft carrier Yanzawa, which has grown up like a state, she was so angry that she stubbornly refused to say more or less. "Fujijun, I mean to belittle the value of aircraft investigation, but please don’t expect too much!"
If Yukichi Yanzawa can be so resentful, there will be that ship that was intercepted in the Ri-farman War in 1914 and converted into a carrier with four French-made seaplanes.
Tonnage merchant ship
After the declaration of war on Germany, Ruogong Maru went into the Qingdao war, carrying four seaplanes and dropping 19 bombs on German positions, which started the first attack on the ground in the history of human war from the sea.
The honor is there, but the efficiency is terrible. Four planes carry 49 bombs converted from naval guns and shells into inches or 12 inches. In the war of simple bombs, 19 bombs hit the target … The result was the sinking of a small motorboat weighing several tons near the German s-9, which once sank the 3,000-ton second-class old coastal defense ship Gao Qianhui.
Rattan Kikuo slightly expected her eyes to dim, and Yukichi Yanzawa took the initiative to change the subject because he didn’t want his colleagues to feel uncomfortable.
"Fujijun, do you know what embassy called you from Scarpa Bay?"
Fujita Kikuo shook his head. Two days ago, Ri’s embassy in Britain suddenly took a newspaper to Scarpa Bay. He only asked Fujita to return to London as soon as possible to discuss something important, but he didn’t tell him what happened.
"Three days ago, Belfo, the British Secretary of the Navy, made a surprise visit to the embassy to ask if the empire had the possibility of selling or renting one or two King Kong-class cruise ships …"
"Sell or lease the King Kong-class ocean-going warships? !” Things the empire’s first-class name treasure-King Kong-class battleship Fujita Kikuo was surprised to jump up from the passenger seat. Fujita Kikuo also wanted to ask why this happened. At this time, the car had already entered the embassy of the Imperial Palace with the menstrual flag flying.
"Yanzawa Junteng Junjun …" Since 1913, it seems that the ambassador of Ri to the UK, Inoue Katsuke, has been wandering in front of the steps of the embassy for a long time. Just after driving the car, Yukiyoshi Yanzawa approached and stuffed a confidential information into Yukiyoshi Yanzawa’s hand.
"Austria, Britain, the naval battle of Flores, France, the naval battle of Osman Salonika, Britain and Germany, the second naval battle of Harwich Port, the situation in the European Sea has been a mess!"
Inoue Katsuyuki nodded and motioned for Fujita Kikuo to read confidential information, so Fujita Kikuo took the thin newspaper from Yanzawa Yuki and glanced at it in a hurry.
Three successive small-scale naval battles from the Mediterranean to the North Sea were enough to shock the world, but Mr. Inoue Katsuke, the heavy ambassador of Se, seemed determined to carry out the rock-breaking event in London at 6: 34 am on April 2, 1915.
"In addition, there is intelligence that another large-scale naval battle between Britain and Germany is brewing!"
The second gun Chapter 5 Everyone’s destination is the Thames (2)
H × moisture mass migrated from the North Atlantic covered the east coast from Walsh Bay to the English Channel. At 6: 03, it was still gray in Colchester, but when the bell tower near the church pointed to 7: 12, Colchester unexpectedly ushered in the first ray of sunshine.
Colchester Wharf is busy early. Don’t let Colchester become a famous rose garden. It also has the important flour, meat processing and shipbuilding industries in this war.
Wearing deep Se tax officials, shuttling back and forth between the sea, port berthing area and warehouse area, the port personnel are busy registering merchant ships entering and leaving the port, while several tons of heavy pilot boats guide the merchant ships entering and leaving the port, except piercing the sunshine of Y and N and slightly depressing the port area of Colchester. It seems that there is no difference in the morning. If the strange atmosphere in Colchester is filled with a little comment, maybe you can see some clues from the temporary deployment of the two A-type destroyers patrolling the mouth of the Cohen River.
After getting the certificate from the port bureau, the captain of the Aberton added a lot to his voyage. Five minutes later, he had already finished the coal and water adding work. The merchant ship Aberton blew its whistle and slowly left the berth.
The 5,000-ton merchant ship was full of large-scale machinery to split the harbor and sail to the departure channel. Five or six sailors gathered on the deck to watch the British Empire’s M-flag slowly released by the first mate and the American Stars and Stripes rose in Ran Ran.
Robert Fowles, the first mate of the merchant ship, who is the father of three children, carefully folded the M-shaped flag, let go and caressed it gently. The sailors stared at the flag that was about to be hidden, and their hearts were left with grief.
Once upon a time, the Mi flag was the powerful embodiment of An He, and a small gunboat flying the British flag shocked a country and a sea area. Nowadays, Qi no longer continues to write that the dignity of the British empire was severely trampled by his cousin Germany, and the royal navy’s prestige was defiled. The magnificent RuleBriannia gradually disappeared, while the Mi flag became a heavy burden.
Germany’s cessation of fighting caused Britain to lose millions of tons of civilian ships and a large number of light escort ships. At the end of 1914, it reached a small height. In December, German surface ships sank 56 British ships with a total tonnage of 430,000 tons, and German submarines sank 92 British ships with a total tonnage of 610,000 tons. Even the British Empire could not afford this loss. If it was not for the notorious "flag abuse of neutral countries" bill promulgated by the Admiralty and the accidental attack on the American cruise ship Lusitania, the Germans would not be able to break diplomatic relations. I am afraid that the overseas colonial alliance would have been separated
When the Mizi flag is no longer a symbol of strength, when the Royal Navy Law protects Zhou patriotism and national pride, it can give way to the law of "making the flag of a neutral country when necessary"
"I heard that the Germans attacked the Tyne River and Harwich Port yesterday." While leaving the port, the passionate waves just returned from the red light district and began to exchange gossip about each other.
"Tyne River?" The crew of the Aberdeen is about to jump up in surprise. Everything in the Tyne River Newcastle is the pride of the British Empire-Armstrong Shipyard is closely linked to it. The damage is that this country relies on the ocean and the country can’t afford the attack on Harwich Harbor. It is obviously forgotten by the crew of the Aberdeen.
Ridiculous. What can those guys in Harriet’s fleet who have broken their backs lose?
"Two German surface ships attacked the Tyne River and failed to be dispersed by the Royal Navy. The Harriet Fleet was fought by the Germans. The Germans lost a cruiser, two destroyers and four submarines, but the Harriet Fleet suffered heavy losses …" Robert Fowles, the first mate, was unaware that he broke the data and was full of traces of the British Empire’s propaganda machine "carving" and narrowed his eyes to express his personal opinion. "I am never afraid of naval tactical defeat …"
A harbor pilot came over to guide the Aberton out of the harbor. Robert Fowles watched the pilot ship play the banner "Watch out for German submarines and good luck" to continue his speech.