Zhao eyes light up to look high.

His figure instantly disappeared in situ.
Zhao Ling rose behind him, and the black wings spread open, and the deathless shroud instantly covered Zhao’s body, and the force of heaven and earth gathered in Zhao’s body for several days than the bright light.
Everyone looked at Zhao and felt Zhao’s breath and couldn’t help but feel a thrill.
This kind of breath is only weaker than sword fight and bone fight.
Zhao’s strength has far surpassed them.
How old is Zhao now?
"It’s a little interesting." Looking at Zhao in surprise, he could feel how strong the armor of Zhao suddenly appeared.
The fourth soul ring of Jian Dou Luo didn’t travel slowly, and quietly lit up a powerful firm but gentle wave towards Zhao.
"The fourth soul skill is murderous."
Jian Dou Luo said that he looked at Zhao. He wanted to know Zhao’s current strength.
"Black Dragon Sword"
Zhao eyes raised his arm and a black light flashed a black sword in Zhao’s hand.
Ye Zhao was split with a sword.
This sword with one hundred thousand fierce beast momentum crashing down towards the sword fight against the firm but gentle collision.
The black dragon roared, mingled with the dragon king’s Long Yin, and at this moment, it collided with the firm but gentle sword.
"Bang" a violent sonic boom sounded waves of huge energy and went away.
Zhao figure stood motionless with a sword in this energy wave and looked at the sword with a smile.
Seven Killing Sword is a well-known sword with double attack power, but his black dragon sword soul bone soul skill is not weak at all.
"Is this a soul bone?" Dust heart eyes look at zhao has a little hard to believe.
Although his soul skill is not particularly strong, the general title of Douro may not be able to resist, but Zhao actually resisted
Zhao now really has a strength that is not equal to ordinary titles.
Moreover, Zhao Gang’s points are soul bones.
What kind of soul bone can be so powerful? Is it a hundred thousand-year-old soul bone?
Dust heart can’t help but shock and think that the soul of a hundred thousand years is precious, and not many people in the whole continent own it, even he didn’t own a sword, but Zhao owns a piece
Dust heart still doesn’t know how heroic Zhao is. If he knew Zhao’s soul and bone configuration, I’m afraid it would be even more shocking.
"I’m mistaken. I’m going to get serious." Dust heart said his eyes were a little dignified. He will be interesting to see how long Zhao can hold on to his hand.
Sword fights against the body, murderous look reveals, and seven sword repairs are murder. Nine swords behind him condense out and go towards Zhao Hong.
And Ye Zhao was not idle. The energy of ice and fire condensed from the eyes of two instruments directly broke these swords, which were broken before they got close to Zhao.
In high school, Zhao and Chen Xin fought fiercely without falling into much wind. Instead, the sword fight moves were repeatedly resolved by Zhao. Although the sword fight did not make him really powerful, it also fully said Zhao’s strength.
Square silence
Everyone gawk at Zhao eyes already dull.
They imagined that Zhao might be strong, but they didn’t know that Zhao was so strong now.
Zhao actually persisted in the sword fight attack for so long and it seems that he can continue to persist.
Sword fight is their patron saint of Qibao Liulizong. How powerful sword fight is among the best in the whole continent. In the field of single-handedly killing, even the strong who are stronger than him are afraid of three points.
And so the strong ate karma in front of Zhao.
Although Jian Dou Luo is stronger than Zhao, he has no power to make moves, but a senior has broken his moves in front of the younger generation, which in their view is eating karma.
Zhao is young and terrible. What will happen if he reaches the age of Jian Dou Luo? At that time, maybe sword fight won’t be his enemy.
"Zhao’s strength is even worse than I thought. I’m afraid it’s not far from me. Maybe I won’t be his opponent in a few years." Bone banyan looked at high school somberly and could not help but sigh.
"Zhao is really a uber," said Gu Rong.
He is a strong man of the generation. He was also a famous genius in mainland China when he was young, but he didn’t look good enough in front of Zhao. If he was 100 years younger in Zhao, he would not be Zhao’s opponent.