He has been eating for a long time with the skeleton left, but he still misses that wonderful feeling.

He put the teacup to his mouth and tried to smell the aroma coming out of it. Unfortunately, his five senses, taste and smell have all disappeared, and he can’t smell the tea at all.
There is a kind of aristocratic melancholy in the soul fire in his eyes. He sat on the sofa and looked around carefully.
Surdak smiled and explained to Count Funak, "This is Count Funak in Kieran Town, Bailin plane. This time, I met a little trouble and asked you to come and see if there is any way to help …"
Count Funak looked around cautiously. His middle finger bone with a inlaid red gem ring looked really gorgeous.
Surdak bowed his head somewhat dejectedly and said to Count Funak shyly, "I have recently encountered a trouble. At present, a magician is competing with me for a territory, and now I am in the wind. If the situation is not reversed, this territory will probably not fall into my hands."
The ghost in Count Fornak’s eyes flashed a bright light, which probably aroused his interest.
"So what can I do for you?" Funak earl twist a head to sur tak asked.
Surdak touched his nose and continued, "When we were in Wilkes City, we accidentally discovered some private affairs of that opponent, probably because he might have killed a young wizard."
"But I guess the young wizard has probably been killed by Christopher, and it’s the kind of death to prove."
"So I asked you to come here to ask you-will people all go to the undead world after they die? Is it possible to find his soul floating outside …"
Count Funak’s mouth was wide open, but there was no pleasant smile. The scene was awkward.
Count Funak put his glass on Surdak and said, "First of all, not everyone will fall into the undead world after death, otherwise the king in the undead world will not have anything to do and start a racial war."
It is said that a few souls of sages will be admired by later generations, so noble souls will ascend to the kingdom of God, and if there are enough believers, it is possible to seal gods in the kingdom of God.
"More people will enter the kingdom of God as believers after death, and they will become soldiers to protect the kingdom of God."
"There are still some people who will enter various prisons after death and become a part of it or simply be sucked by strange creatures there."
"The remaining people have to resist the soul plundered by the devil, and finally those souls who are still clinging after death will enter the world of the undead."
"Of course, it is not excluded that some souls have become ghosts or simply purified by the holy light …"
Surdak opened his mouth wide. I didn’t expect this to be death. It’s just a new life for the undead. It’s just that if the spirit is not strong enough before death, it’s likely to lose all the memories. If you don’t say it, it’s probably gone …
Looking at Surdak sitting there deep in thought, Count Fornak immediately comforted him
"But don’t worry if you want him to enter the undead world, I will find a way to find him."
Then count Fornak sat up straight and asked Surdak very formally
"Do you know his name?"
"Joel Singh" Surdak answered.
"Is he a magician?"
"Yes," Surdak replied.
"Has he ever eaten anything?"
Surdak shook his head and pointed to here and said, "No, but he lived in this room for one night."
Count Funak tapped his forehead with his bony arm and said, "Well, I’ll try this soul-harvesting technique. I know it, but I’m not very proficient."
With that, he almost kept the wooden table in his room covered with a magic sheepskin.