But I saw two arc-shaped ravens coming out of the left and right oblique blades of rage, and they passed through their team of more than 30 people in an instant.

Suddenly the man went belly up and screamed.
Wei Shang and others were surprised when they looked back and saw blood shed splashing like fog on the surface. At once, more than ten people were killed and beheaded!
And the ghostly two raven blades have flown back to the shade in front with lotus flower interspersed!
Yan feixue woke up with a drink, "be careful ~ there are strong people ahead!"
Dragon Hill and Flying Emperor also scanned the rear.
"The left and right people in the rear are very strong!"
Chapter 96 Waste Emperor Lixin Jun North Bridge is in danger
"Be careful ~ There are strong people ahead!"
Yan Feixue woke up with a big drink, and the emperor Qiu Feihuang had scanned behind him. "The left and right people in the rear are very strong!"
They immediately formed an array to prevent the party from protecting Luo Yu and Mu Yan from evil.
"Ha ha ha … heretical ants don’t know whether to live or die"
Dark evil smile suddenly sounded.
But I saw a night watchman with a crescent moon blade in each hand appeared in front.
And I don’t know when there are two tall blood shadows on both sides behind them. It is the bloodstained garment E Lai gens and the strong.
Obviously, they have been blocked from front to back!
The night guard will not talk nonsense. This cover is to force the turning knife to point at Wei Shang and others to "kill!"
Suddenly, the two blood shadows behind him smashed the huge blade and broke the wood!
Seeing the strength of the three men, Yan Feixue, Longqiu Feihuang and Wei Shang met each other at a glance and hesitated to drink back. "I’ll go after the break!"
In a flash, the three men have split up their magical powers and rushed to the three evil practitioners!
In the array, Mu Yan’s evil spirit has sunk and shouted, "Go around to the left!"
Say less than twenty people have detoured to the left into the forest.
After a while, the roar behind him lasted for a long time
Obviously, Wei’s three wounded people have had a fierce battle with the three powerful evil spirits.
Just as they went deep into the tree-lined, a person in charge in front of the Taoist temple had suddenly stopped practicing in the early days. He spread his arms and glanced around. "No!"
Brother Ning Xing noticed behind him and asked, "What’s the matter? Isn’t it just ahead? "
In the array, Mu Yan evil can be keenly aware and wake up in a hurry. "Be careful!"
The voice did not fall, and the roar on the top of the head was like a brotherhood of the Wolf. The canopy was worn out and suddenly exploded
Everyone looked up in surprise, and the pupils were splitting with surprise.
South barrier of overpass
At the moment, the refugees are yelling and orderly entering the south like a long queue.
But can a million people do it all at once? At the moment, most of them are still not in the south.
And the barrier Zhao Xuanzheng’s hands are standing behind the steps, and the left has just arrived soon, and the right five thousand cavalry generals of the state have arrived.
He looked at Zhao Tianpu, who was surrounded by officials and guards. Obviously, this day Zhao Pugen was not the capital but nearby.
Zhao Jun bowed down to the mountains when he saw the sky.
Zhao Tian turned a blind eye and smiled and saluted Zhao Xuan respectfully. "I heard that the bodhi old zu was worried about the war and came to visit the border. I wonder what the bodhi old zu called me here urgently?"
"yes?" Zhao Xuan heavy chuckle "positions! Today, although the northern land is tilted, there are still Li Shu’s remnants. You should bear the responsibility of this mountain and river in peril in autumn, misty rain and rain pavilion. Outside the mountain, all the noble men fought bloody battles in the northern barrier, but they didn’t send their troops to the north to fight the evil spirits to the death. It just stopped the refugees and slaves from slaughtering Bai’s family at will! Dare to ask for heaven! This … is the truth? "
Day smile slowly disappeared, he solemnly said "day? Oh ~ yes! I, the ancestors of Zhao, made great efforts to seek this holy Buddha; Several generations of the first emperor, this Lu, tried his best to cut the northern land several times out of the overpass, and it was also the day of setting one. "
With that, he implicitly pointed to the north with a hint of hatred. "But Yan in the north didn’t know the general trend. Ignorance and stubborn resistance have led to evil spirits and chaos. How many men and women have spilled their blood on the battlefield? How many people have lost their spines? Even though the sky has solidified, the people in the north have not forgotten their past. How can Yan Xin’s body and sky not be a country for ten thousand years?"
He looked at Zhao Xuan "bodhi old zu! Now you ask me, the soldier of Zhao, to save the Yan Man’s adherents who don’t want to leave their native land. How can I repay this hatred, this hatred and this blood? What should I do this day? "
Zhao Xuanwen exclaim "you are a day! Not the corner king of Zhao! Since it is day, you should have a mind to embrace heaven and earth! One trillion Li Shu in the north is in the sea of purgatory. They are all your people! Is there a hatred in the past in your eyes that you want a generation to retreat to the south and forget the legacy of previous emperors? Answer the king! "
A folded drink scared all the officers and soldiers se se did not dare to look up.
But Zhao Pu laughed with it. "~ I can’t forget it and I dare not forget it! But ….. I want my son Zhao’s life to save the barbarian who eats the ancient and doesn’t understand the north? I’m just looking at those barbarians wailing and waiting in pain for evil spirits to be in danger. Won’t I send troops to help the people again and win the hearts of the people once and for all? "
Zhao Xuanwen is frightened!
He closed his eyes and sighed with pity, "What a wonderful plan you have this day!"
Then he smiled at Zhao Pu. "Ah ~ Zhao Pu, Zhao Pu, you … don’t deserve the name of heaven."