Makarov * * * You Heng almost turned his back in fear. Here we go again!

It was two aircraft formations that threw bombs and then rushed forward for six or seven kilometers, and a roundabout descended on the Japanese-Russian Coalition fleet!
This time, Jiang Ruilin’s plane formation was replaced by Defeng Sun’s formation before, and the two formations came roaring towards the Japanese-Russian joint fleet in two geese formations!
Warships, naval officers and soldiers have been scared silly now. What should we do to wait for a beating? What a bully!
Both Japanese and Russian ghosts are desperately fleeing to remote and sheltered places, and neither of them wants to love bombs. If they can escape, then run quickly!
Makarov shouted "heavy machine guns, heavy machine guns! Give me the heavy machine gun to stand up and fire! "
It’s a warship with a limited number of heavy machine guns, and the maximum oblique angle of two heavy machine guns is only 75 degrees. How can you reach the sky? There are more than ten flames in every warship, but you still can’t even hit the plane!
Jiang Ruilin took the lead in throwing away the remaining four bombs of his plane.
Because the research and development time is too short, the bombs are still thrown manually without mechanized devices. Jiang Ruilin knows that there is an emergency development in the arsenal, but this war is not possible!
Gold bombs fell from the sky again. Jiang Ruilin laughed. "Grandsons always give you some pie! Let you eat enough! "
Well, no one likes pie. Not only will they lose their teeth, but even warships will be sunk!
Unfortunately, this time it was the turn of the Japanese warships to the Russian Pacific Fleet. Thirty or forty bombs fell on the warships of the Pacific Fleet, and a burst of smoke came up with the explosion, and people were killed or injured by the bombs.
Makarov felt distressed and stamped his feet when he looked at the constantly exploding warships. He also lamented that the loss of the Nai Pacific fleet was even greater than that of the Japanese fleet, because the Pacific fleet was mostly some old ships, while the joint fleet was mostly new ships. The protection force was slightly better than that of the Pacific fleet, and Cang Lang had the experience of bombing for the first time. When they came again for the second time, the accuracy of bombing was high. The oldest Russian ship was directly blown into the seabed, and hundreds of Russian sailors fell into the sea, and the warships quickly salvaged the lucky water army. In addition, two warships have suffered severe blows directly, and they have been faltering. One of them, like a Japanese warship, the steam furnace was blown up, which made the warship lose its maneuverability and stay in the sea alone.
Makarov roared.
"Order the Dogo to immediately release the rope and drag the two warships forward and immediately retreat!"
This matter * * * You Heng also ordered the signalman to retreat to the warships of the joint fleet. After running, who knows how many warships will be left in the bomb?
However, after this period, the formation of the tossing plane came back with an impact. This time, there was no bomb on the plane, and the co-pilot had to use heavy machine guns to madly’ shoot’ at the warship soldiers. Even if there was no bomb to hurt the warship, it would be necessary to give heavy machine guns to the imps and ghosts to see how to’ kill’ a group of them!
Defeng Sun’s in the mind is bold and thinking about constantly ordering Cang Lang around him to’ shoot’ and hit the mighty firepower to suppress the warships. Russian troops and Japanese troops dare not’ show their heads’!
At this time, makarov gradually recovered his composure. Why? They’re out of bombs. Heavy machine guns? Without the bomb, I’ll still be afraid of you?
Makarov roared, "All warships stop returning and turn to Lushunkou. They must always give a bad breath in their chests!"
Whether it’s makarov, together with * * * You Heng, it’s so special. I didn’t even see the movie in Lushunkou. Let people beat me and lose. If you don’t go to Lushunkou to find some face, how can you face people?
Two men commanded the undamaged warships to turn around and prepare to continue their attack.
They want to be good, but they don’t want to think that your warship has no ammunition.
Is it stupid to go to the military port to replenish supplies? Can’t you replenish’ medicine’?
At this time, Cang Lang’s look at the third round of attack only killed some naval soldiers, which caused a great threat to the warship method, and immediately ran a shadow department and returned to Lushun Port Military Base!
It’s only more than 20 kilometers away from Lushun Port, and the plane can reach the military base in less than ten minutes, and it takes more than half an hour once and for all!
Anger is monstrous * * * You Heng makarov but can’t care so much. Relying on the strength of the Ma Zhuang ship, the gun is strong and the gun is strong, and it descended towards Lushunkou again.
It’s their bad luck and addiction. Cang Lang Youzi won’t give up. Since you have the courage to come, the old people will send you more pies, whether you kill them or bury them!
Re-equipped with bombs, the plane took off from Lushunkou again and headed for the Russian-Japanese Coalition forces!
Here we go again!
The Russian army and the Japanese army are desperate to find a suitable shelter when they see distant planes. Isn’t it a death wish to find a suitable shelter?
* * * You Heng makarov’s incredible’ rubbing’ and’ rubbing’ his eyes is impossible. How long has this only passed? Less than half an hour! Now the fleets of the two countries have only just advanced less than 10 kilometers. Why are these planes back? Aren’t they not playing medicine weapons? However, the aircraft formation will not leave the two fleets with thoughts. When the aircraft approaches, a wave bomb is thrown again! This time * * * Hummaka
Love is completely desperate. Where is he in a hurry to be bombed? Two people are so stupid! * * * You Heng screamed "No …" It’s a pity that the bomb won’t fall into the sea or stop halfway because of his roar. The bombs fell on the warships and exploded one after another, which made the Pacific Fleet miserable and urged the Japanese Joint Fleet!
Chapter seven hundred and twenty-seven A snow in the navy’s war
Bohai Bay is narrower and narrower towards the inside. Besides, the Japanese-Russian Coalition forces are two fleets, and the two sides can’t avoid some conflicts. It is impossible to act in unison like an army. Even if two people in makarov are deadly, it is difficult to restrain their families. After all, no one wants to lose their lives or let their warships sink to the bottom of the sea!
The two fleets finally took their seats, and after the previous three heavy blows, the navy was even more flustered and tried to avoid the bomb attack. It was an aircraft formation, but it would not give them such an opportunity to escape.
Defeng Sun Jiang Ruilin commanded more than 30 planes to throw bombs at makarov * * * You Heng desperately commanded warships to flee for their lives.
Bombs kept falling on warships, causing several warships to suffer heavy losses, and two of them lost their mobility during the period.
When it rains overnight, makarov * * * Youheng is anxious to jump into the sea. Liu Buchan led the main naval force of the Republic of China to rush out of the Lushun military port and hit the two fleets.
If it is at ordinary times, even if Liu Buchan is conceited, he can’t lead the fleet to attack two powerful fleets like this. It is simply throwing straws against the wind.