This purple-black tiger flew out of the scope of the Holy Sect in a blink of an eye at a very fast speed and chased it towards the Su Ying ship.

At this time, Su Ying, a ship, was sitting cross-legged. Suddenly, he felt a violent fluctuation behind him, and his heart suddenly looked up to see a huge tiger flying from the vast mountains.
The tiger is carrying a young man with a black robe. His eyes are cold, such as sensing that Su Ying’s eyes are hundreds of miles away, so he looks coldly at him.
The purple-black tiger’s angry and roaring wings suddenly spread and fell together, and there were dozens of miles away and a few breaths, so the ship was getting closer and closer.
Su Ying, the building ship, frowned slightly and looked at the purple-black tiger getting closer and closer. He immediately ran the magic force and asked faintly, "Is this brother chasing me all the way?"
As he spoke, the ship slowly stopped to emerge, and the purple and black magic tiger also came across Su Ying.
"Brother Su, you have sinned against the wrong person. This just came to see you off." The cold young man looked at Su Yingsen with a sword in his arms.
"oh? Offended shouldn’t offend people? Who is it, please? Is it Gu Qingcheng? " Sue should sneer at her face and be secretly alert at the same time.
This person is definitely a master of kendo, and I’m afraid he is already a master of dragon and tiger territory.
There is another nickname for the so-called dragon and tiger territory, that is, falling dragons and falling tigers are dragons and falling tigers are white tigers.
Broad margin of will
It’s still the biggest change for monks to step into the dragon and tiger realm to cultivate mana. It’s just that their bodies have been enhanced to this point. It’s terrible to shoot hundreds of miles away and take people’s lives with one hand.
"Sue teacher younger brother, if you have a good stay in st don’t come out who take you can’t it’s a pity that you die to blame others! It is said that you can’t fix it well, but you are scheming. Don’t talk nonsense and die! "
The young man in black speaks and holds the sword arm. Suddenly, he shakes the sword and sings softly. Snow jumps out and is shaken by him.
"Remember my name, my name is Qu Mengchen."
Then he waved his sword and cut it out with another!
Su Ying’s face sank, and Qu Mengchen was definitely the Five Strong Men of Dragon and Tiger, otherwise he wouldn’t have given him so much pressure. At this time, when he cut out his sword, he saw that the firm but gentle wave was hundreds of feet long, like a sword mountain, hitting Su Ying.
Su Ying didn’t dare to run the Taikoo magic body carelessly and then angrily drank a "golden bell protector!" "
Hum, a big Yan Shen Zhong was summoned by him to directly cover his head. At the same time, Qu Mengchen’s firm but gentle pledge smashed an entire building ship and directly smashed Su Ying. The whole person was smashed by a meteor and smashed a mountain, and then crashed to the ground!
"Brother Su, it’s your honor to come out today after I’ve been closed for many years!"
Qu Mengchen is purple and dark, and he laughs. He is the sixth major in the Dragon and Tiger realm, and his strength in kendo is stronger than that of the peak person in the Dragon and Tiger realm.
"I forgot to tell your brother that he is also a solid sword repairer. Don’t think about running the streamer magic shadow technique. I am like a turtle crawling in front of me."
Sue should jump up from the ruins of rocks and come to the half-watch, and slowly come to Qu Mengchen’s heart.
This man is too tall, even if Sue should be able to leapfrog, he is no match for this man.
"Brother Qu, how dare you come and kill my younger brother? If you don’t die today, I’ll ask you to pay back ten times and one hundred times!"
QuMengChen smell speech was dazed but then laugh wildly "Sue teacher younger brother, are you dreaming? A nasal hell! "
Speak, the dark sword in his hand cuts out again, and it is a shock wave of terror hundreds of feet long!
Shock wave is not tragic, but amityville horror is really like a nose hell!
Su Ying didn’t dare to take a deep breath and laughed. "Can you know a sword?"
When Su Ying spoke, a dark red sword appeared in his hand, which was the skyfire red crystal sword obtained by the virtual world. At this time, he was held by him and immediately shouted, "Let you taste my East Pole!"
Poof! A golden shock wave came out from the skyfire red crystal sword * * * for as long as 100 feet, instantly bending Meng Chen’s nose sword and then crashing and exploding!
"hmm? Magic weapon? " When Qu Mengchen saw Su Ying’s backhand, he took out a long sword and couldn’t help but shine at the moment. "Teacher Su said that you are rich. It seems that this is the case. Give your long sword to my brother and leave your body!"
"Bullshit! The west pole is firm and firm! "
Sue should be angry again with a blue firm but gentle towards QuMengChen swept away again!
"Don’t bite off more than you can chew!"
QuMengChen cold hum a wrist jump a sword directly to Sue should be sword gas split to pieces!
Su Ying stuffy hum a pale face firm but gentle was shattered, and he was also shocked by the counterattack.
"This person is too strong, I am far from the opponent! Go! "
Sue should throw herself away from the ground and go straight to the distance!
"Su Shi brothers said you streamer magic shadow before me is a slag! Amityville horror! "
QuMengChen sneer at once again a dark firm but gentle toward Sue should * * * and strange speed than suddenly came behind him!
Su Ying was so frightened that she quickly roared, "Monty is hiding!"
Snow, he disappeared suddenly, but Qu Mengchen’s shock wave also hit him on the back!
Su Ying’s front foot just left Qu Mengchen and then his heel came to the place where Su Ying disappeared. His eyes looked around and he wondered, "What is this magical power? You can hide directly? I can feel it even if it is thousands of miles away, but now it is as if it has evaporated! "
At this time, Su Ying met Qu Mengchen in a mountain two thousand miles away. Suddenly, the air spread like a wave, and then Su Ying fell to the ground with a bang. His face was pale and his mouth was bleeding.
"Finally ran away!" Su Ying breathed a sigh of relief and cursed, "The strength of sword repair is really tough, and I am still far from being an opponent. If I don’t rely on Monty’s hiding technique, I am afraid I have a narrow escape. What is this place?"
Chapter 271 Terror girl
Sue should get up and look around and see that he is in a mountain. The terrain is dangerous and there are tall shrubs everywhere, which makes him look like he is in a primitive jungle.
He walked forward carefully and slowly, and when he walked four or five miles, he couldn’t help but be amazed.
"It’s strange that the creatures in this place seem to grow extremely strong, even the trees are different from other places. Isn’t this too big?"
There are some trees that have been growing for thousands of years in the primitive continent, but even those trees can’t compare with Su Ying’s eyes.
Su Ying was very curious, but he didn’t move forward immediately, but found a safe place to exercise directly to heal.
He made Monty hide * * and at the same time he was hit in the back by Qu Mengchen’s nasal sword. If he didn’t practice the ancient magic body, even this sword would have made him seriously injured and died.
Nasal sword spirit is a very strong evil swordsmanship. Practitioners need a ratio of mind and evil, and they have to sacrifice their souls to practice kendo and blend in with the Chinese side to cultivate nasal sword spirit.
The invasion of A-nose sword gas into human body will cause indelible damage to the soul, which may even lead to the monk’s soul becoming unstable and possessed. It is a real magic power to die.
Su Ying was sitting on a big tree and running the Nirvana Sutra. Suddenly, there was a loud chanting, as if there was really a Taoist monk chanting.