"No problem, but your safety is very problematic. Tell you what, I’ll send two ninjas to you and let them help you come in!"

"ah!" Ueda opened his mouth and looked at the people coming in strangely.
"Hey big miss we meet again? I told you we would be together. "
"But …"
"It’s okay. It’s enough for the teacher to have Xiao Li there. Besides, there’s no shortage of people there. Adults Watergate alone can cover our whole class. So I discussed with the heads of families and asked me to protect you. After the heads of families won the consent of adults Huo Ying, they arranged me here, and I will become your full-time escort every day!" Ningji simply introduced to
"Well, then, teacher, are you ready to let us drift independently from the whole battlefield?"
"Well, it’s a good plan. Lu Maru came out. He said that you guys would definitely not follow the big army honestly. It’s better to let you become a special medical team on the battlefield. At that time, I was hesitant. At this time, I found the chief of the clan and said that there were not too many people in the surprise attack troops, so he asked me if there were any people missing. He wanted to plug Ningci in!"
"Plug it in! ! !” Ningji is full of black lines.
"Well, that’s the truth. I didn’t agree to the plan of Lumaru! The medical captain of your team is you, KINOMOTO SAKURA, and the action captain is Ning Ji. When Ning Ji is the key, you can directly order them to be taken away! "
"I know!"
"I won’t go into details about his players one by one. You all have to obey the captain’s arrangement. Besides, if you meet the special operations team, just give it to them. This is what I wrote early in the morning and gave it to the ferret. He will know!" Gang Shou took out a letter from his arms.
Wait until KINOMOTO SAKURA they all went out and Gang Shou sighed.
"Is there no one here?"
Chapter 361 Go to their respective battlefield troops (2)
[the first unit meets]
"Lord Lei Ying, they are all here. Can we start?"
"good!" Leiying hung his cloak on his shoulder with a wave of his hand and took the lead out of the tent.
"Well, since everyone is here, let’s go!" Leiying grabbed Chirabi in the middle of the walk.
"than you have to come with me, this is your agreement with me before the battlefield!"
"Ahahaha brother!"
Lei Ying took his troops to the place where they were going, which was close to the side of Lei Guo, so he was handy when he drove.
Than honestly with LeiYing several times behind my mind flashed the idea of escape, finally said he let him honestly with LeiYing behind the real main or tail also felt this thing is not general, and I don’t know whether the fruit has been brewed, he actually can’t feel the fruit, so it will be a long time before he wants to restore the strength of the year, so now the tail interest is not high, so he didn’t agree to it than he asked.
[The Second Main Battle Force meets]
"Lord Tu Ying and Lord Lei Ying have already set off!"
"Ha ha, he is still the same. Are we ready? If we are ready, let’s start at once. I can’t wait to go to the battlefield! "
"The old man before you don’t want to battlefield how can a changed his mind? Who said anything to you? " Black soil upturned her head and looked at her old man, but she knew him better than anyone else. If there were no benefits, would he really start?
"Ah, ha, ha, nothing. Let’s go!" Tuying chose to play dumb.
Tuying flew out of the tent and flew to the sky. All the people looked at him.
"Since Lord Lei Ying’s first army has already started, we announce the start of the second army!" The goal of the second army is to be close to the sea, which is due northeast and at a 90-degree right angle to the base of Leiying Army.
Deidara also clay birds look at the crowd and guide a group of people in the future.
[The third army surprise attack troops]
"Feng Ying’s adult is about to enter the boundary of Konoha. After crossing the boundary, it is the boundary of the wind country!"
"Well, in that case, you can rest in the back now and I’ll go to the front to find out!"
"I love Luo. You’d better stay in the army. I’ll just go and have a look." Kakashi said directly.
"Then please, everyone has a rest in place!"
"Nothing!" Say that finish kakashi figure directly disappear forward line.
The surprise attack troops were not the first to set out. They set out at the same time with the two main battle troops, but the two troops didn’t stop for a long time to have a rest after coming out of Konoha. They wanted to ensure the physical strength of the combatants, even if the soldiers were expensive, it was also completed by the vanguard. The most taboo of this battlefield was that Lei Ying and Onogi chose to rest directly.
I love Luo, but I don’t know these things. Of course, others told him once, so I had this rest. According to my love Luo’s consistent style, it wouldn’t be like this. If I go to him, I will definitely rush all the way and return to the country directly. The third battlefield will be opened by him, right there.
Kakashi and several other ninja figures are almost out of the konoha boundary, and you can see the end of the forest not far ahead
[Support troops]
"Four generations of adults, his troops have already set off. Are we really not going yet?"
"Ah kay, I think you sit still? Is it because Kakashi has set off again? "
"No, absolutely not. I am. I just want to get to the battlefield quickly!" It took Kai a long time to find a lame reason.
"Don’t worry, the nature of our troops doomed us to encounter hard bones that others can’t chew off. When the time comes, we’d better keep our strength!"
"Really?" Kai was overjoyed to hear the news. I’m afraid that’s what he wanted to hear most.
"Do you want to be such a thing? Don’t forget that we are support forces! If they can chew it, they will leave it to us? You think Kakashi is a battlefield now, but in case he waves to us when he meets a difficult bone, we can take over his bones directly. Wouldn’t it be better if you went now?
It’s definitely not enough to meet all the small fish and shrimps first. Where can we meet our needs if they plug their teeth? "
"It seems so!" Ah Kai was fooled by Watergate and couldn’t find the southeast and northwest immediately. He turned around and left the concierge directly.
"You still like this, but also the battlefield is really nothing? You know, their goal is you and your son. If you can’t, it won’t be meaningful for me to live, will it? "
Jiu Xin Nai came on her own initiative. According to the rules, she didn’t have a battlefield like a red sunset. They all didn’t have a battlefield, and Jiu Xin Nai also had such characteristics. But she still insisted on discussing with Shu Mao behind Watergate and the three generations, and finally agreed to her decision.
"No, I left our mark with Shu Mao and Sasuke, and asked them that the mark was triggered, so there would be a small team, Shu Mao, in that place and I would rush to that place.
Besides, Nai Nai, you have to believe that Naruto is no longer a child. He has been watching Naruto from the bottom of his heart. He has grown up, hasn’t he? "
"Well, you’re right, so I won’t talk about you."
"By the way, did Nai Nai see the water stop?"
"My Lord, you wanted to see me?" Nine Sinatra hasn’t come to talk yet. Stop water and appear directly behind Watergate.
"Well, I want to tell you that it’s about Sasuke!"
"Adults don’t have to. I already know the truth, so I won’t entangle this matter. Now my enemy has one, that is, Spot has brought cholera to Konoha several times. uchiha madara!
I really want to have a real fight with him! "
"Haha, there are many people who think like you, but there are really few people who can say this with confidence like you!"
"Thank you for your praise!"
Chapter 362 Go to their respective battlefield troops (3)
[Intelligence Department]
"Please give me more advice!" Uncle Hai took the lead in putting out his palm to Qing.
"Please advise Captain Hai Yi!"
"Well, don’t ink here either. Did some information just come from the front?" Lujiu asked.
"According to the latest frontline information, the ghosts of the former covert warfare players are now the leader of a group of investigation classes. Butterfly replied that she found a powerful enemy out. Strangely, the enemy did not stop their team, but deliberately dispersed it. Butterfly method detected their specific actions. According to the butterfly report, he was divided into groups. Someone had been killed for following those strong people, and the butterfly made them temporarily shrink."
"Did she say anything about him?" Haiyi is still a little confused. This information doesn’t seem to exist, does it?
"No, that’s all," Qing said.
"Haiyi, it’s not that she didn’t reach the surface, but that she came with so much information. It’s really worthy that Shu Mao trained people without any nonsense. You don’t understand the meaning of this information now, so I’ll analyze it for you. After all, I’ve been in the dark!" Lujiu collected his thoughts.
"Send a message back to Butterfly, telling her to continue to wander outside, don’t go deep, and send a message to her surrounding teams to hide them. The big army will arrive soon."
"Yes!" Haiyi didn’t get an answer from his old friend, but he knew the importance of information delivery, so he directly reached the butterfly first.
[butterfly group]