Lin Youxian thoughtfully and suddenly said, "Is it true that Han Tianxin said that Li Gong is an orthodox royal family?"

"It should be true"
Wang Xiang wanted to think, "A few days ago, I heard that a surname Li Huang suddenly appeared in the Holy Hospital of Eternal Night, and his blood was pure. If I didn’t guess wrong, it should be Li Dashan."
"Very good"
With a wave of his hand, Lin Youxian coldly said, "Prepare the horse and you will come with me to the alchemist’s guild."
"Master, what do you mean?" Wang Xiang slightly surprised suspicious asked.
"Not bad"
Lin Youxian seemed to see through Wang Xiangxin’s doubts and shouted, "Li Gong has been kind to me, so I naturally want to report to Yongquan. Now the Queen of Heaven is soaring, that is, she wants to confer the title of Taitai. My limited ability can win over a few old friends to help Li Gong win the title."
"Master, are you crazy?"
Wang Xiang’s face turned crazy, and two sound barriers were placed around him. "The emperor’s hegemony is the most dangerous. If you are not careful, you will be beyond redemption. And now the big emperor and the seven emperors are like the sun. Aren’t you afraid of retaliation for supporting Li Gong?"
Lin Youxian gave a deep smile and said coldly, "How can the two of them be rivals with Li Dashan’s mind and tolerance? Believe me, Li Dashan is the future helm of Shuguang Empire. "
Chapter 169 Italy collision!
Chapter 169 Italy collision!
"Hey, did you hear recently that Leng Yuanxun was killed yesterday, and it was a mysterious pagoda?"
"Cold fathers? My god that’s LengYuXuan brother "
"I don’t know who is so bold that he dares to provoke the seven strong men of the Eternal Night Sanctuary and is also famous for his ferocity and ferocity?"
At this time, there is a little more noise in the Holy Temple of Eternal Night. When everyone meets, they will discuss the great events that have happened in these two days.
This is a frightening name.
Once killed each other’s homes because of a disagreement, and he was not only strong but also special in identity. Finally, Dean Sima personally came forward and was also punished for a month, so he could not.
After that, however, every student who meets Leng Yuxuan will take a detour.
If you accidentally offend this person, you will pay a terrible price.
However, no one thought that someone dared to slay Leng Yuxuan’s younger brother in such a fierce name, and heard that the other party’s identity was extremely special but the blood was extremely pure.
This whole sacred temple of the eternal night has been fried
Everyone secretly guessed whether Leng Yuxuan’s audacity dared to provoke the straight royal Li Dashan.
"Li Dashan, I finally found you."
Li Xuandao and Han Tianxin were stopped and dragged to a remote corner before they set foot in Yong Ye Sheng Yuan.
He looked intently at this man, who was suddenly prevented from killing Leng Yuanxun by the Xuanhuang Lingta.
"You’re in big trouble."
Fan Li looked around and found that people pay attention to this before he lowered his voice and shouted, "You killed Leng Yuanxun. Now Leng Yuxuan is looking for you in the full college. This Leng Yuxuan is powerful and vengeful. Although you are a royal family, you have not been canonized by the emperor. I advise you not to come back for the time being. Let’s find a place to avoid the limelight first."
"Avoid the wind?"
Li Xuandao eyebrows a young didn’t put Leng Yuxuan at ease lightly. "Why didn’t Dean Sima say that practitioners should not oppress his students with the help of clan potential? If Leng Yuxuan really wanted to avenge Leng Yuanxun, it would be a violation of Dean Sima’s rules. If I would slay him, I’m afraid Dean Sima wouldn’t blame me, would it?"
Hearing this, Fan Li felt a chill in his heart.
Boy, I know Leng Yuxuan’s ferocity. Instead of being afraid, I want to slay him.
However, he discerned Li Xuandao Xiu and shook his head gently. "Brother, with all due respect, this Lengyuxuan is a five-story master with extremely strong strength. At the same time, he is also one of the seven strong men of the Eternal Night Sanctuary. Ten million can’t be provoked."
Li Xuandao’s face showed a good expression. "I don’t know who are the seven strong men of Eternal Night Sanctuary?"
"This …"
Li Fan, with a full face of words, kindly woke Li Xuandao to stay out of the limelight for a while, but the other party actually gave him no intention of shrinking.
He really can’t imagine what a practitioner in the Golden State has the confidence to dare to look at the five-story Lengyuxuan.
"I depend on you to look at it."
"It’s Leng Yuxuan"
"When Leng Yuxuan comes, let’s run."
At this time, there was a sudden noise in front of the Eternal Night Sanctuary
See a few cold figures slowly coming from the depths of the sacred courtyard of the eternal night. The first person wearing a black robe looks extremely cold and looks seven points similar to Leng Yuanxun. His body is like having a place of air, and people everywhere automatically scatter to both sides and dare to block him.
"No, it’s Leng Yuxuan!"
Fan Li’s face changed slightly and he took Li Xuandao and wanted to leave.
However, before he could move, there was a biting smell, which was so strong that it frightened his heart. It was like being stared at by a poisonous snake and the frog was creepy to move.
Han Tianxin looked at Leng Yuxuan’s side with a low drink and said, "Look, that’s the Xuanhuang Lingta. It seems that Leng Yuanxun and that person were killed by you."
Li Xuandao nodded and said nothing.
He stared at the slowly coming Leng Yuxuan and others, and their bodies stood still and heavy as a mountain.
"Are you Li Dashan?"
Leng Yuxuan walked ten meters in front of Li Xuandao and stopped. He looked cold and his voice was filled with an unquestionable majesty. It was like a high king overlooking his feet.
"Not bad"
Li Xuandao spit out two words and said with a smile, "How can I find something?"
Leng Yuxuan’s eyes are frozen. It’s the first time I’ve seen someone dare to play dumb in front of him for such a long time. His eyes are cold and cold, and he says, "Don’t you dare kill my brother, you’ll kill me."
Said LengYuXuan hand to grasp.
Suddenly the wind and cloud change color.