"There is still some progress. She should join us," Elizabeth said with a smile. "What about you, Ed? Have you agreed?"

Sitting opposite Elizabeth, a psychologist in Yide visited a small clinic called Flo Psychological Clinic.
Still sighed heavily, his delicate face with his head propped up in his hand was full of melancholy, and he said, "No result, that guy didn’t say anything without necessities."
Yide looked at Elizabeth and said, "You shouldn’t have let me go. I don’t have any friendship with her. It’s better to let Yechen go. It is said that they are both good."
Elizabeth thought for a moment and said, "Let’s talk about Ye Chen first, and then ask her to make sense when she agrees, but it is estimated that it will cost a little to get that guy to agree."
"Why!" Yide raised his eyebrows and said, "It’s good for her to have a new student in Xiling District."
Elizabeth rubbed her eyebrows and said, "But time waits for no one. We must finalize it as soon as possible. She is very important to my future plan."
Yide muttered, "Why didn’t I feel that girl was so important?"
"Ed," Elizabeth said seriously, "have you not thought about what is in the paranormal research laboratory?"
"What’s the matter?" Ed said, "It’s not that I haven’t seen a four-story building without design sense. It’s not like a laboratory at all, but similar to an old office building 70 years ago."
Elizabeth couldn’t help but roll her eyes and point out, "Where have we put our ghosts’ sustenance in recent years?"
"You mean …" Elizabeth made it very clear, and Ed couldn’t help shivering. "Is this appropriate?"
"What’s wrong?" Elizabeth’s eyes were cold and she said, "This is a life-and-death world."
Ed didn’t know what to say. He took a sip of coffee in front of him and almost spit it out. "What is this? Why is it so sweet?"
Elizabeth thought for a moment and said, "This is the night when Chen made us talk. She put seven cubes of sugar in it but didn’t drink a bite."
Recently, Tang Jian was very full, a little too full. On the eve of Chen’s special training, Tang Jian’s will was almost washed away by a ghost sustenance with the property of "gluttony". He bit several pieces of meat from his arm abruptly, although he could not die, but he was definitely not slightly injured. As a result, the next day, Tang Jian was called to Chen’s office. At this time, she realized that the so-called "having a good rest for a while" meant taking a rest for one night.
Once again, facing the disposable lunch box, Tang Chen felt goose bumps all over her body. If it weren’t for the night, Chen forced her not to continue any special training.
But I have to say that this kind of high-intensity training really helps the soul strength and quality. I tried it three times and finally insisted on it in front of the disposable lunch box.
Before I came to catch my breath, I had a meal at noon. At noon, Tang Chen was called to the office again and looked at the night. Chen took out a cotton pillow from the receiver and almost fainted without special training.
In this way, Tang chan had a painful experience that she didn’t want to recall for a generation. all kinds of strong emotions that could drive people crazy and forced them to death bombarded Tang chan’s spirit in turn, and her soul world was devastated.
Emotions, sorrows, sorrows, fears, hunger, pain, drowsiness and suffocation make Tang Jian’s soul almost collapse, but she has deeply realized various emotions. Playing Girl magazine helped her to experience a burning sensation.
However, what Tang Jian likes best is a scroll of paintings in which a beautifully dressed lady is dressing in front of the mirror, but it is a spectre reflected in the mirror.
Chapter 10 Fear arrival (4)
This painting inspires fear, while Tang Jian’s talent is terror. This painting and her talent just complement each other.
And from this painting, Tang Jian got an inspiration. Before she was gifted at terror, she always thought about how to better scare the enemy, whether to adopt a shocking scene to build a strange attack mode or spy on the fear … Although these methods are exquisite, they are all "techniques". They are very good for ordinary people, and even the effect of scaring a living person alive against the tester will be discounted. At this stage, Tang Jian is facing or the first-level tester is behind. What should I do with the higher-level tester? All the people who can survive are climbing out of the sea of dead mountains and blood, and their hearts are extremely tenacious. By then, these means may be completely ineffective, let alone greatly discounted.
This painting gives Tang Jian a different feeling. Although it is a horror painting, it is not so terrible. The spectre in the mirror does not move and grimace at herself. But the strange thing is that when Tang Jian looks at this painting, especially at the spectre in the bronze mirror in the painting, she will feel a very strong fear from the heart. Of course, Tang Jian received special training and all spectre objects have this emotional characteristic. Perhaps it is because she is specialized in terror that she can stimulate fear and spy clearly in the painting.
It would be great if I could directly arouse a fear of people like this painting, not through any strange means of horror scenes! In that case, no matter how courageous, people will be scared to death by themselves.
As soon as this idea appeared, it lingered in Tang Jian’s mind for a long time. During this time, she has been studying and visualizing this painting to experience the source of fear.
"Tang Yan!"
"ah? !” Immersed in the painting, Tang Chen got a fright and turned around to see that it was Ye Chen behind him.
"Miss Chen," said Tang Chan, stroking her chest, "You scared me to death."
Night Chen came over and looked at the painting in front of Tang Jian and said, "Still look at this painting? It should have no effect for several days! " The special training method that Ye Chen gave Tang Jian was to temper the soul through strong emotions. If the soul has adapted to a certain strong emotion, it will not have much effect. At this time, it is necessary to replace his ghost sustenance.
Tang Chan hesitated-she didn’t want to tell Ye Chen her secret, but she couldn’t continue to study this painting without Ye Chen’s consent. Tang Chan said honestly, "Well, I feel a source of power from this painting."
Tang Chen said it was very obscure because she didn’t want Ye Chen to know her true intentions, but the accumulation of the world between them was very different. Don’t take a look at the painting at Ye Chen and say, "Fear … terror?"
Night Chen looked at Tang Jian smiled and said, "Do you want to have this kind of terror? Real terror? "
Tang Chen bowed his head slightly and said "yes" in a slight voice.
Ye Chen considered it and said, "Well, since you have this opportunity and Linghui, I will give you a hand."
Night Chen went out for a trip and soon came back with a test tube in his hand. There are more than ten milliliters of red liquid in it. It looks very sticky, but it contains strong but moderate power, which is a bit similar to … Xuan Soul Sugar.
The painting was laid on the table. At night, Chen hit the test tube stopper and carefully tilted the test tube. A drop of red sticky liquid dripped the painting.
It’s like a drop of water in a hot oil pan, and a scorched white smoke rises
What the hell are you doing? I finally found a ghost sustenance that will help me upgrade my terror. Is Yechen going to destroy it? Tang Chen wanted to question but didn’t have the guts to shout in his heart.
The smoke gradually dissipated. Night Chen took a close look at it and seemed dissatisfied. Two drops of red liquid were dropped again … One drop after another. Night Chen dropped a total of the red liquid and nodded slightly to plug the test tube again.
After the smoke cleared completely, Tang Jian looked surprised that the table painting had disappeared. Looking at a table of paper ash, I guessed that it was indeed destroyed by that red liquid, but strangely, the painting was destroyed, but a small bronze mirror appeared on the table.
Night Chen put the test tube in his pocket and said, "That painting is an object of E-class spectre. I added something to upgrade it. D-class Nuo is the bronze mirror."
Seeing that Tang Jian wanted to gather together, Chen woke up at night and said, "If I were you, I wouldn’t gather together, let alone look at it in the mirror. This is a D-level spectre. Are you sure you can suppress it?"
Tang Jian hurriedly stepped back. She really can’t guarantee that although she just broke through the D-level and became a C-level awakened one a few days ago, Tang Jian didn’t forget that she was a D-level awakened one and almost died here when facing an E-level disposable lunch box.
"I’ll put it away for you first, and then face this D-class spectre sustenance when you consolidate the strength of the Class C Awakener" soothed Tang Jian, saying that Chen herself picked up the bronze mirror and took photos.
In modern society, bronze mirrors are often unearthed, and cultural relics appear in front of the public, which is covered with thick patina. This is the impression of ordinary people on bronze mirrors, but the surface of bronze mirrors has just been polished, so it is really bright and can be used as mirrors after learning.