As soon as Zhao Li disappeared from the metal door, the old warden’s face showed a smile. "It seems that honest children will get angry!"

Reaching for the mailbox, the message sent by Lieutenant General was hit right in the middle, but it was in the recent news investigation of Zhao Li’s parents.
All letters in the prison are to be checked, and Zhao Li is no exception. At the moment when Zhao Li came to the prison to report for duty, the email was already in the mailbox of the old warden. When Zhao Li saw it, the old warden had arranged to help Zhao Li trace the matter.
In anger, how could Zhao Li know that the lieutenant general just reported these news? Even if he knew, he would never believe that a school could casually instruct a lieutenant general to investigate the family situation of a sergeant. Is the military intelligence resource redundant enough to be consumed at will?
Looking at the intelligence, it shows that the old warden didn’t even move his eyelids. "No wonder he was in such a hurry!" Stretched out his hand and touched himself, frowning and thinking, "I’d better not solve it for him first, but it’s a good opportunity to see if he still has blood?"
Zhao Li doesn’t know how he got back to the dormitory, but he feels as if there is a raging flame burning in his chest, and no matter how hard he works, it will become more and more vigorous.
The more the flame burns, the more annoyed Zhao Li’s chest is. It seems that the gas in his chest has exhausted this flame. He is forcing himself to breathe and want to shout at the sky, but he finds that his throat seems to be blocked by something and he can’t make a sound.
Everything I did before was correct. I didn’t expect that I couldn’t get even a little help in front of a small emergency. My belief in life seemed to be completely defeated in an instant, and my insistence in my mind also collapsed into a pile of broken walls.
The attitude of the old warden towards him gave Zhao Li a great stimulus, but his enjoyment of peace also gave Zhao Li a greater stimulus. It turns out that if you have the strength in your own hands, you can have that kind of life and attitude. You can let others do your own errands and decide whether to give alms to a guy who is nothing in your spare time according to your immediate mood. This feeling should be good!
A man should be born like this, but he can take his place! I don’t know how these two sentences seem to have been churning in Zhao Li’s mind for a long time, but I can’t calm down and feel the meaning contained in these two sentences. My eyes are shining like two bright black pearls, and even Zhao Li’s forehead seems to glow faintly in this dark dormitory.
"Sergeant, you have found information in your mailbox. You can have a look." The old warden’s words came from the elevator and awakened Zhao Li, who was immersed in a strange atmosphere.
When I looked at it, I found that three hours had passed, and in just three hours, there was news from the old warden. Such an intelligence search force must not be so simple
Parents don’t know what’s going on now. Zhao Li is eager to send an email and read it carefully. The information search is perfect in all aspects, which also saves Zhao Li a lot of things
Speaking of it, it’s very simple. Zhao Li’s father didn’t take the means of transportation that day when he came home from class, and he was seriously injured by a magnetic energy car. However, due to the rescue, Zhao Li’s father’s body was repaired with seven levels of martial arts, and the injury was quickly controlled. There was nothing too big a problem. When he needed a hospital to recuperate for a while, this was also the reason why his mother wrote that it was not so serious. He was afraid that Zhao Lijun would know about the post-French peace of mind service.
Besides sending Zhao Li’s father to the hospital, he also took the initiative to bear part of the burden. The transportation department concluded that Zhao Li’s father violated traffic regulations, which would lead to such consequences. The press praised the perpetrator twice.
However, this is a military intelligence organization that the public can see, but it is not so simple. The investigation is very detailed, and all the feelings are attached to this email.
In fact, the real culprit is the "kind-hearted" perpetrator. The real situation is that Zhao Li’s father was injured that day under the control of the drunk driving law.
But the identity of the perpetrator was a well-known politician, a chief executive of a local key department, and all the cases were immediately turned over into what the press now announced.
Chapter 32 Ambition and Anger ()
Just after the old warden’s "set-up", it seems that Zhao Li has calmed down a lot. generate didn’t immediately get angry with this kind of situation, but calmly accepted it.
The family’s financial situation is not so bad that the law can be maintained because of his father’s injury. Even if that guy doesn’t pretend to bear part of the medical insurance and his family savings, he can support his father to tide over the crisis safely.
It is this incident that makes Zhao Li even whiter. It seems that this thing is a panacea. If it is black, it can become white and ugly, and it can also become beautiful. If you have the warden of his school, you can enjoy those top luxury schools, and the warden can boss around a practical commander.
Zhao Li, the guy who turns black and white upside down, doesn’t seem to be interested at all. Even if he jumps into the eyes of the old warden, he is estimated to be a little better than Zhao Li. That is the real potential in the hands of the mysterious old warden.
Zhao Li did not forget the confident and arrogant words of the old warden when they first met. This is my prison! Zhao Li didn’t forget that he came here after getting the transfer. Less than a day later, the old warden had investigated all the people he had contacted from childhood to adulthood and analyzed the closest facts according to those intelligence. Zhao Li also didn’t forget that the old warden promised to investigate himself. Three hours later, he received this, together with the detailed information of all the traffic police who handled the problem at that time and the reporters who were responsible for reporting the truth. Almost all the biographies of the ancestors were listed in the perpetrators.
After seeing what happened to his parents, the flame in his chest not only didn’t weaken, but burned more and more brightly. The flame made Zhao Li have to mobilize the basic fitness skills to balance, but this time he didn’t know what a panacea was. This time, it was a way to eradicate the exercise, so he could feel better, but the flame burned violently as soon as he gave up the exercise.
The next day, when Jiang Hao saw Zhao Li, he couldn’t help but be shocked by his blood-red eyes. His colleague Xin Jiang Hao asked 1, but Zhao Li politely answered no questions.
The duty was still arranged yesterday, but this time Zhao Li was not afraid to look at those sarcastic eyes and smiles directly. Looking at those guys who were slowly gathering around with fierce eyes, they shouted coldly, "Stand back or don’t blame me for being rude!" This time, Zhao Li seems to be suddenly emboldened. It seems that after what happened yesterday, Zhao Li never wants to escape or keep a low profile and want to vent.
It’s been a few days here, but it’s the first time I’ve seen Zhao Li, and I can tolerate how provocative I am on the first day, but the next day I hate not to take the initiative to provoke them, just like a different person.
"Why don’t you dare to do it?" The most burly guy walked slowly forward, pinching his fingers with both hands and rattling like a short piece of music.
"Brother Jiang, what should the prisoner do if he tries to attack the manager?" Zhao Li’s eyes seemed to flash red, but there was no horse to shoot. Instead, he turned to ask Jiang Hao not far away. So far, Zhao Li has not met his colleagues. The only thing that can be questioned by Jiang Hao and the old warden is Lieutenant Jiang Hao.
Jiang Haoshi is too familiar with this scene. He himself was as fearless as Zhao Li, and he was still a master of the gendarmerie. But before these grandfathers, Zhao Li just came out of the recruit training center. Can he be better than himself?
"There is nothing to say about snoring and confinement!" Although some people are in the same boat, Jiang Hao knows that if he is bullied without this attitude, there must be someone else who can’t help it. What’s worse, he has done his best to wake Zhao Li several times. These guys are extremely dangerous.
"Very good!" Zhao Li licked his lips and seemed to feel a little dry in his mouth. Looking at it, the big guy yelled again, "Sir, please step back or I will accuse you of trying to attack the manager!"
"Ha ha ha ha!" Zhao Li’s serious words and serious faces make a group of people across the street have two, and it’s a pity that they were robbed by that big guy, otherwise it would be their own pleasure.
Zhao Li, who was laughing wildly, suddenly moved his face with a slight smile, but he rushed out like an arrow. He had already shaken hands and waved to the big guy.
Zhao Li’s kung fu is not shallow, and even Xiao Qiang’s instructor is no match. This time, it’s quicker to be angry than usual, as if to vent his anger from this small turn.
The big fellow is not an idle figure. Although the combat achievement skill is blocked, the basic body-building technique is still the basic body-building technique. Decades of practice have caused changes in physical quality, and the reaction speed is first-class. Zhao Li’s body has just moved here, and he has already assumed the attack posture, and he is not afraid of it with his bare hands.
As soon as the attack posture comes out, it seems that there is a chill and a cold breath coming out of the big fellow and rushing to Zhao Li. The body also seems to be excited and trembling, and the big fellow’s mouth is also a bit more smiling.
"Bang" Two people attack each other almost at the same time. The difference in the body is that Zhao Li has a weapon in his hand and one end is heavily smoked by the big fellow. The big fellow wants to hide without hiding, and Zhao Li also gets a heavy punch in the chest.
The two men attacked so hard that the onlookers didn’t believe it. It seemed that both of them were trying to kill each other. Jiang Hao had already stepped back a few steps, so he didn’t want to get involved in a one-on-one fight, no matter who won, he would fight with him
Chapter 33 Lien Chan’s winning streak ()
Although hit each other at the same time, but the effect is not the same, Zhao Li-type turn to hold the middle horizontal body speed plus Zhao Lishen’s true qi to bombard each other’s soft belly.
However, the sound is a bit like hitting a tough rubber blunt instrument, which makes people feel that the roots are sore. Is this the toughness that the human body can achieve? Zhao Lili’s blow didn’t seem to bring any substantial harm to the other side. The big fellow took a step back and continued to rush.
At the same time, the big fellow just punched because Zhao Li avoided the head and actually blasted Zhao Li’s chest without carrying the true qi, but the muscles and speed alone brought up the strength, so Zhao Li couldn’t live with the two steps back, and the instantaneous gas was vigorous and concise, and the true qi was immediately dispersed to the pulse.
It seems to be evenly divided, but Zhao Li still takes a little advantage. After all, armed hands and unarmed hands are two different things. Even if the big fellow is strong enough, it is physical strength and strength. There is no way to protect the body.
When he paused, Zhao Li-jiao suddenly bounced forward as if he had installed a spring, and so did the other party. He responded with a heavy blow, but it didn’t hinder his power jump at all.
The other side’s body is too strong. This time, Zhao Li didn’t continue to play hardball with him. What he is best at is to subdue his opponent. Zhao Li won’t give up his advantage and won’t dodge the hook and elbow. A set of tricks to capture the enemy makes him extremely skilled.
Although the other person has a high motor and moves to kill, it doesn’t seem to adapt to Zhao Li’s attack power. Although it is amazing, Zhao Li’s turn is methodical to block the body against this kind of steel and engineering plastic mixture. Naturally, it is not cheap to want to snatch the hand into the blade. There is almost no chance for this type of turn to hold the other person, and it will always be interrupted by Zhao Li’s sudden attack.
A careless arm was immediately hooked by Zhao Li-type, and Zhao Li didn’t even want to be able to press the lever principle, which caused the pressure to be several times greater than Zhao Lishen’s force. Although the big fellow’s physical strength is strong, he can also resist this kind of pain and strength from his own body. The body can’t help but lie down.
Zhao Liren’s big fellow is skilled in a whirling knee, and he hits the big fellow’s back hard. Before he can react, his neck gets hit again with a heavy palm, and he climbs black at the moment. Zhao Li conveniently presses the big fellow to be subdued. Unless Zhao Li is lifted, the big fellow will never turn over.
The conflict between the two people happened soon, and everyone was still watching the excitement. Zhao Li had subdued the big man here and ended up. Next to them, people were planning to watch a good show of being bullied by a familiar newcomer, but suddenly they saw such a scene that surprised everyone. It seems that everyone’s eyes are full of glasses fragments.
"If you didn’t have a guy in your hand, you wouldn’t be my opponent!" The big fellow is not so easy to lose. The guy’s arm is pressed against his mouth, but he is not angry at all. His whole face has been almost pressed to the ground by Zhao Li, or he has expressed his dissatisfaction.
"It’s good not to be angry!" Zhao Li’s face never smiled again. Just as everyone was talking about turning over to the big fellow, Zhao Li jumped up neatly and retreated to one side.
The big fellow stroked his shoulder and looked at Zhao Li with some doubts. Others were strange and didn’t know what Zhao Li was going to do.
"Chief Jiang gave him your police turn!" Zhao Li, who is holding the crutch, shouted at Jiang Hao that the crutch is another name because it is often called the crutch by the police.
You!’ Jiang Hao doesn’t know what to say. To tell the truth, Zhao Li just behaved much more beautifully than when he came here. This guy doesn’t seem to have blowing power. This is what surprised him. What surprised him even more is the bruiser across the street. He knows his identity, but there are not many people who can put him down face to face. Even though his current skill is blocked, his physical strength and killing skills are not something that an ordinary recruit can learn.
He is more and more surprised at Zhao Li. Did he really just come out of the recruit training center? Jiang Hao is not the only one with this idea. Even the guys watching with a smile across the street have the same doubts.
"Give him the policeman!" Seeing that Jiang Hao seemed to be in a daze and didn’t hear him clearly, Zhao Li couldn’t help shouting more. This also woke everyone up from a daze and gave the policeman to the prisoner? And Jiang Hao, who is also known as a military terrorist, believes that he is not tired of living. Even if he has been familiar with these prisoners for such a long time, who knows if they will take the opportunity to kill themselves?