That’s it, demon queen speech? Tone than casually say and incredibly don’t even have your respectful name add Moya think of is a cold sweat.

However, it’s not surprising that Lu Li did not care. Therefore, it’s convenient for him to talk with the demon queen. Although the demon queen is the demon domain owner, it’s not necessary to be at home and call him at will.
This is a special demon, and you can freely enter and leave the demon domain without saying anything.
No, he just said that a heavenly demon order will be able to command the demon queen to mobilize the demon domain army, and only the demon statue is qualified to wear it in addition to the heavenly demon order demon domain.
Mu Ziyin, who came back from the land to save two people, didn’t say much. The other person was Zhao Suyun.
Previously, Zhao Suyun was seriously injured. Although Zhao Suyun was temporarily saved by the method of reincarnation, it was still quite difficult to wake her up.
But if compared with MuZiYin Zhao Suyun injury is dwarfed.
The chosen demon domain is therefore relatively stable. Many demon guards need to worry about foreign enemies for the time being.
The Demon Queen in the Demon Domain Yingyue Cliff has ordered the digital demon to decorate a statue of the Demon King to save people from the land.
Of the two, the first choice is easy. Although Lu Li really wants to save Ziyin immediately, it is really difficult. It is still the first to try to save Zhao Suyun.
Zhao Suyun’s body is the jade platform that emerges and falls. This purple jade platform is not placed on the cliff reflecting the moon, but also by the demon queen.
The whole body is made of a rare and unusual purple jade stone. Although it is not defective, it contains the purple jade stone force, which can make the true yuan gather but not disperse, which is of great benefit to the monk’s healing. If you save people, you will get twice the result with half the effort.
After the demon can do so far away naturally very grateful.
Looking at Zhao Suyun’s dead cheeks, he was almost lifeless, and he was thinking about what to do.
Before that, he also came up with several ways to really save lives, but he still needed to think carefully. He also thought about asking people like Yunzhong and the side door to scatter immortals, but it would be even more difficult if everyone did not agree and even had serious differences.
The practice of reversing the Heart Sutra, combined with the mysterious right eye view, can clearly see Zhao Suyun’s various injuries, and he has suffered various injuries. At this time, being away from home can be described as a long illness and becoming a doctor. Generally, monks are not necessarily able to heal compared with being away from home.
Zhao Suyun’s three souls and seven spirits were sealed by Lu Li, but it was relatively difficult for her internal organs to be reunited by Lu Li.
For example, it is difficult to dissolve the curse before death and heal the injury at the same time to avoid the curse. After Zhao Suyun died because of his own weakness and exhaustion.
Chapter 57 Suyun left
"Hum piss me off!" Xiangyun ceiling mutters constantly.
Beside him, Ye Guhong comforted, "Alas, Sister Xiangyun needs to fight for this emotional matter. Don’t be angry. I believe that Brother Lu is not that fickle person, just like I have always secretly liked Sister Yun. Can you also keep it in your heart?"
Xiangyun smell speech looked at Ye Guhong and nodded slightly.
"School sister, you are pure in sex, but I believe that Teacher Lu is a smart person after all. I believe that he already knows your mind, and his eyes are just thinking about it. After all, even for monks, such feelings are no joke." Ye Guhong regrets that there are some heartbreaks.
Xiang Yun didn’t know that Ye Guhong had been secretly fond of clouds if it rained, but Fang Yunhan had already fallen in love with each other and would form a Taoist couple. Ye Guhong naturally couldn’t tell the story before even telling Xiang Yun and asked her to keep it a secret.
But this time, when I came back from my hometown, I went to Yingyue Cliff to save Muziyin, as if there were more and more women around me.
No wonder Xiangyun is so jealous.
However, she has never been able to say for sure that she has never said anything, but they have not done anything with each other, even if she is far away from her, it is better for her to say something.
Xiangyun knows that her heart seems to be hanging from the ground and she will be jealous at this time.
Reflecting on the cliff, we are far away from each other, but we have also reached the bond.
It seems almost impossible for outsiders to dispel the dead, inject vitality and awaken three souls and seven spirits. Even if the strong in the cultivation of immortals see this, they will probably realize it.
Zhao Suyun’s cursing power is somewhat complicated, but it is not resolved.
However, it takes a lot of work to resolve this curse, and it is even more difficult to keep Zhao Suyun’s soul together when this happens.
You know, Zhao Suyun’s eyes are almost gone, and there is a trace of pure spirit left, plus a life-and-death transformation. Her healing is simply one-minded.
The spreading speed of dead air is ten thousand times that of life, which is also difficult. One person will die. The rules of heaven and earth are just like the tidal fluctuations of the sun and the moon. Many things are determined by the rules. If you want to reverse them forcibly, you need to pay a great price.
The solution of the curse has also met with great obstacles. The curse seems to be a rare blood-breaking curse. Once triggered, it will inspire several curse filaments to expand into the blood of the monk, causing the soul to dry up and die.
Even if you try your best to get rid of the cocoon, you will generally peel off the curse silk, but once you come into contact with the curse root, it will make it soar again. It turns out that this curse has been connected with Zhao Suyun’s heart, and it is Zhao Suyun’s own strength that is so far away, and the more it is injected into the real yuan, the curse force will have a stronger meaning.
When the eyes pass by, I can’t drag my feet any longer. I chose the method of attacking poison with poison and released the blood curse of heaven to deal with this blood-breaking curse.
Both of them are curses, and the blood curse is more overbearing than the blood curse.
Several blood lines skyrocketed and abruptly swallowed the curse silk differentiated from the blood-breaking curse.
Followed by the blood curse of heaven, the overbearing force is a part of the body that erodes and breaks the blood curse to melt itself.
Seeing that the time has come, I suddenly took back the power of the blood curse of heaven. At this moment, the strange light flashed from the right eye, and a purple light flashed. With this purple mountain, I just took out the living creature that broke the blood curse and ingested it into the right eye.
Five-fu force suddenly emerges, and three closed external forces protect Zhao Suyun’s three souls and seven souls layer by layer.
"destroy the species!" Drink lightly in the mouth, put out the seeds, start and stop the birth and death, reverse the manipulation of life and death, reverse the cycle of life and death, and generally force Zhao Suyun to infuse life. The rich dead breath suddenly turns into life, and the mighty torrent of life melts into Zhao Suyun’s body
There are not only some demon-domain demon guards outside, but also some masters of good and evil who have not left are waiting.
One of them is out of curiosity, while others are out of self-interest, such as Xiangyun, Ye Guhong and others. Although Xiangyun’s heart is full of jealousy, she is not directed at Zhao Suyun. She is mainly blaming others.
However, they are also far away, mainly because they don’t want to disturb the land.
"It’s been more than half an hour. Why hasn’t there been any movement?" Xiangyun anxious way
Ye guhong smell speech also shook his head slightly, but he expected that if he chose to rescue at this time, it would be understandable that Zhao Suyun’s situation would be a little tricky and take longer.