It’s not easy to hold on to a few moves.

Ye Fan did release water once, and the so-called 12 strokes in the confrontation with Wang Bo also contained a lot of water. Ye Fanli should not be able to beat Wang Bo that time.
However, although the water was released this time, Ye Fan discussed with Lu Chenyin that it is estimated that it will take ten moves to defeat Wang Bo, which is already an improvement.
The main thing is to play twenty strokes. It is Lu Chen’s thick face that asked Ye Fan because he didn’t want to appear that he taught his disciples badly.
If Wang Bobo can still play twelve strokes with Ye Fan and has been taught by himself for a thousand years, Ye Fan will be challenged by ten strokes and Wang Bo will doubt life.
Ye Fan can’t help it. He still wants to let coach Wang practice with his junior again. He just wants to take care of coach Wang’s mind.
"Master, where am I now?"
Wang Bo deathless mountain asked Lu Chen for advice.
"Not enough realm, not enough mood, not enough combat experience, nothing is enough."
Lu Chen said bluntly that he was telling the truth.
Although Wang Bo is a congenital chaotic body, even if Wang Bo’s attributes are the same as Ye Fan’s, it can’t beat Ye Fan. At most, it’s just a day of fighting.
Because Ye Fan has not been as bloody as the original in these years, he has been practicing with himself and has accumulated a lot of fighting skills and experience.
From the perspective of learning talent, Lu Chen feels that Ye Fan is even stronger, and he can rise every time he confronts himself, which is a little worse in Wang Bo.
In addition, the gap between the realms is absolute. Wang Bocai II wanted to challenge Ye Fan VI. I really thought too much.
After a moment of silence, Wang Bo’s eyes burst out again. "Master, I understand that I should now realize that the immortality method can only break through itself if it is alive!"
Lu Chen? ? ?
Do you understand before I make a final statement?
But it’s also true that what he wants to say is almost the same. Wang Bo is really clever and thorough
He nodded. "Yes, you are not young. If you can’t understand the longevity law, you will be defeated. Let’s talk about the fight between the teacher and Brother Ye."
In Wang Bo’s heart, Master Wu and Ye Fan have overcome the years, but they are still fighting for it, which is just a level away.
The real strong should not only overcome others, but also overcome themselves and the years.
The next day, he won’t die, and Shan Wudao won’t go out anymore.
Occasionally, I will come out from the divine source to breathe freely, and I will learn from Lu Xiaoxiao. Now he has two emperors, and his opponent’s realm is lower than his nature, so he is not his opponent.
This makes Lu Tian and Lu Xiaoxiao very unhappy before they can draw, which makes two women have the impulse to become emperors.
And Wang Bo also experienced the realm of pressing people and quickly realized that he was so passive in the battle of the Emperor of Heaven because his true foundation was too poor
Lu Chen did not interfere in his eyes, but let his two younger generations give up the idea of becoming emperors and say that when they become emperors in the future, they should bear it first.
On this long day, Lu Chen rarely travels and secretly does a big thing with Ye Fan.
A barren ancient star burial pit stretched out a hand and a fat man in a cassock climbed out of it
"Alas, more than 100,000 years have passed. I have slept for a long time this time. I am afraid that time has really buried everything."
Duan De sighed that when he figured out, if the universe had been extended to Emperor Wu, it would have been Emperor Wu’s calendar for 250 thousand years. He did sleep for a long time.
And this world should be full of people, 250 thousand
He felt that the aura of heaven and earth was declining, as if a golden age had just passed, and there was a strange repression in heaven, which was not familiar to him.
"Someone became emperor! ?”
Duan De choke refers to a calculation, then he is shocked, and then his face shows faint sadness.