So he was confused.

So he wants to ask this man himself what’s going on?
But obviously Feng Ying Mo didn’t want to talk to him.
Still sitting there motionless as a stake.
Wise as this man, maybe he has seen it. Tonight it’s all a game for him.
Will be so callous to him.
He must hate him at the moment, right?
But who knows that he hates him ten times and one hundred times more than he hates him?
Apart from his infidelity and disobedience.
It is only because of this man that he once liked women and he later loved women that the Ministry betrayed him.
Yi Min, he is willing to jump from such a high moon-reflecting building and be disabled for life.
Night away from him is desperate to protect him for weeks.
He hates him for that alone.
But now it’s called
Anyway, he has lost the game
Whatever he or his uncle san huang.
Father or not.
Even if you don’t hang this piece of Yu Pei at all, it is a smoke screen to deliberately make him doubt his uncle san huang’s head.
Whatever he does with Yi Min, whatever he does with the night.
It’s all gone
Fornication, concubines, murders, wives, and criminals wanted by the imperial court …
All are capital crimes.
He has no chance to turn over again.
He no longer shakes in front of him arrogantly.
He’ll never be guarded by the night’s escape again.
Heh ~
Devoted to thousands of feather chuckle also no longer care about phoenix shadow ink disregard will Yu Pei gathering into the sleeve turned and strolled out.
The next morning, a group of people packed their bags and headed for the snow-capped mountains.
Afraid that Feng Ying Mo and Yi Min will escape, and afraid that his companions will come to rob people, let them follow the big army.
However, Yi Min changed from riding a carriage to walking.
Phoenix shadow ink used to ride a horse but also walked, not only walking, but also locking hands and feet with heavy chains.
Neon spirit in the carriage stretched out his hand and lifted the window curtain and looked at the back of the team.
Put the window curtain at the same time, she frowned and looked at it. Since the car, she has been leaning against the car wall and gently closing her eyes at night.
"The emperor is really cruel."
The night away from the cilia quivered and slowly opened his eyes to look at her.
Neon spirit shook his head and sighed slightly.
"Anyway, one used to be his right-hand man, and he had no credit and hard work, and the other one was his favorite concubine, who said that he turned against his feelings."
Realize that neon spirit
Say who left at night and closed his eyes again.
Ni Ling looked at her, but she didn’t intend to stop. "Yi Min’s legs and feet are inconvenient to walk. What’s the difference between letting her follow the big army and letting her suffer?"
Neon spirit said while carefully wind the night away from the reaction to see the night away slightly cu cu eyebrow she sighed again.
"And you didn’t see the phoenix shadow ink that almost didn’t recognize it, but just overnight it was just like once he was totally changed. He was so high-spirited and imposing. Just looking at him, he was like Woodenhead who lost his soul, and his hands and feet were all so heavily shackled. How can he get there? Now Pinglu is fine. What can you do with the snowy mountain later? "
"Is there …"
Ni Ling was about to continue to say anything when she was interrupted by the sudden opening of her eyes at night. "And what do you want to say?"
Neon spirit Zheng saw that her mind was seen through. She squinted at her eyebrows and smiled. "Sure enough, nothing can escape my sister’s insight into everything."
The night leers at her, but she still can’t help bending her lips.
I haven’t seen her talk to her so wittily for a long time, and she has a feeling of being suddenly separated from the world.
"Come on, what do you want to tell me?"
Neon spirit dropped his eyes and was silent for a moment as if he were organizing language.
"Zhang Shuolai came to see me last night …"
Night away from the "well".
Neon spirit sip sip lip continue "he let me talk to you want you to talk to the emperor for phoenix shadow ink sermons …"
As he spoke, he looked at the night and found that her face was too surprised. I don’t know if it was already expected or indifferent.
Although she flatly rejected Zhang Shuo last night, she later thought that Feng Ying Mo had saved her and her sister more than once, which is a fact.
And she knew that her sister loved this man, and although she was deeply hurt by him, it was definitely not her sister’s wish to let him die, whether it was hatred or resentment.
So she decided to sound out her elder sister’s tone.
"Then what?"
The night leaves suddenly
Neon spirit dazed.
What then?
"Then the emperor is good to my sister and may give her this face to forgive him for death …"
"No, that’s not what I’m talking about." Night frown.
"That elder sister is …"
"I mean, even if I intercede, what do you think the emperor that kind of person will easily change his decision? I begged him to take back your marriage and give it to Feng Ying Mo. Later, I asked him to forgive Qiao Dai for her death. Later, I didn’t want him to pursue the crime of cheating on you with Zhang Shuo. I also begged him. You, he didn’t directly promise Qiao Dai. He asked me to exchange Phoenix Shadow Ink and Zhang Shuo, and he even asked me to choose a princess that day and decided not to have any objection to him … "
Night away from said indifferently neon spirit is shocked.
She knew that her sister had been carrying everything silently by herself, but she didn’t expect that she had carried so much.
"Do you think your sister and I have anything worth exchanging with me now?" Night away from looking at her tired asked
Finally, I remembered something and added, "Besides, even if the emperor changed his decision, so what? You also said that now Phoenix Shadow Ink is like a Woodenhead who has lost his soul. No one can save it except himself. "
Neon spirit is not very white. The meaning of her last sentence was just about to ask, but she closed her eyes and leaned against the car wall again. "Don’t do this again."