Generally speaking, even if you have a family background, it is absolutely necessary to form a private armed force if you want to promote your title.

Moreover, having an elite army will also give more words to the aristocratic lords in the House of Representatives.
Marquis of Lu Se listed Surdak’s private armed forces in his own army. For Surdak, even a noble Lord took a good first step in this regard.
Marquis of Lu Se recognized that the commoner was born in Surdak, and he had no family background. He was a low-class baron, and his wealth could not afford private armed forces. Only then did the expensive army tell Surdak that he could help in the process of forming a private army.
Nobles have territory and private armed forces are called lords.
The former Surdak was only the squadron leader of the barren cavalry squadron of the Hailansa City Guard Battalion. The Hailansa City Hall entrusted him to form the barren militia battalion. Surdak was a part-time militia battalion chief.
He won’t be a real Lord until he has a private army of his own.
At present, the title of Surdak is somewhat low and the territory is not vast enough. Only sulfur mines may not be able to support private armies.
Marquis of Lu Se let go of his knife and said to Surdak, "If you are worried about the initial stage of the military talk, you will need your merits in exchange for your title. Of course, you can also make a few mines in my place. I still have a few undeveloped copper mines and iron mines, which are not far from the town."
Surdak immediately said, "At present, I am building my territory and I will make good preparations when I return to Wall Village."
Lady Marianne glanced at the Marquis of Lu Se with a gentle look of understanding in her eyes.
There is probably a Marquis of Lu Se in the restaurant who can see Lady Marianne Bai, and then she hinted to him that’ young people will have some ideas of their own, so don’t always impose their ideas on each other’s heads. Rebellion often comes from this’.
The Marquis of Lu Se stopped talking about the promotion of the title and the mine. He hesitated for a moment and changed the subject and said, "You can recruit some hands from the Advanced War College. I know several prestigious college deans in Bena. You can go to their college and choose at will. Before you say that those students are willing to join your private army."
"Lu Se’s adult, I don’t want those newcomers who just graduated from college." Surdak touched his nose and refused the Marquis of Lu Se.
The Marquis of Lu Se asked in some surprise, "What do you think?"
Surdak expressed his understanding of the formation of the army. "I want to recruit some veterans who continue to be willing to stay in the battlefield. Many veterans are experienced in war but forced to return to the countryside because of battlefield injuries. They have no life skills, so many people are very embarrassed. I want to find such veterans."
The Marquis of Lu Se took a look at Surdak again, and he remembered that Surdak climbed out of the heavily armored infantry battalion step by step, so he had a deeper understanding of these lowest-level veterans, and it seemed that his prejudice against the academic new army and these stereotypes led him to have such an idea.
The Marquis of Lu Se said, "But they haven’t received formal knight training. I think you can form a cavalry regiment or a swordsmen regiment. Spring is the graduation season of the Advanced War College. Don’t miss this good opportunity and let me know when you think about it."
Surdak nodded and said, "OK, I’ll think about it."
The Marquis of Lu Se then said, "But if you insist on choosing some retired veterans, although I don’t agree with this, you can still have some convenient conditions. I know many lords who retired from their army. Veterans always have some other days. I’ll have these lists taken to you."
Surdak discovered that a problem that troubled him could be solved with a slight move of a finger before the Marquis of Lu Se.
"That’s great," Surdak said with delight.
Marquis of Lu Se motioned Surdak not to sit up straight every time he spoke, but to relax and have a good meal. He said kindly, "I still have some expectations for you. I hope you can form a new army as soon as possible and don’t miss my annual ring defense. This will be a rare opportunity to practice the army."
Surdak quickly promised, "I will do it as soon as possible."
There was a rush of footsteps at the entrance of the restaurant, and then everyone’s eyes fell on the door of the restaurant. Hathaway and Beatrice came in from the cloister wearing exquisite long skirts. They also followed four maids into the restaurant, and their eyes fell almost at the same time in the mountains of Surdak. First, they slowed down and walked to the Marquis of Lu Se to salute the Marquis of Lu Se and Lady Marianne, another lady.
Then my eyes fell on Surdak. Surdak was also very polite at this time, and she looked at Hathaway gently. Hathaway bowed her head shyly.
Although it is winter in the castle, Hathaway is still very bold, wearing a long low-cut dress with a tight waist, so she is squeezed, and a white greasy deep groove, exquisite clavicle and long neck appear in her chest, which makes a large area of skin in her chest even more dazzling.
Lady Marianne nodded to Marquis Lu Se, and then Marquis Lu Se said to Surdak, "Well, I have some business to deal with, and I should leave it to you young people."
The two ladies left the restaurant arm in arm with the Marquis of Lu Se.
Hathaway raised her white bar slightly. Her slender figure, white neck and delicate collarbone made her look like a beautiful white swan.
Her lips were slightly blue, and her eyes were staring at Sudak Hathaway. She put her hands behind her and stood tall with her chest. Neither of them spoke, but they looked at each other silently in the restaurant.
They kept compressing each other until they clung to each other. Surdak put his arm around Hathaway’s waist and held her neck with one hand and kissed her deeply.
It was not until they were a little breathless that they separated from each other.
Beatrice will beat her to it. Hathaway squeezed a pair of bold and enthusiastic eyes and looked deeply at Surdak’s round face. Beatrice’s eyes are light brown. She looks a little bold and bold. When gypsy woman laughs, she always shows two teeth, while her skin is another dazzling white, and some are as smooth as brocade.
She didn’t wait for Surdak to come and directly incarnate a gorgeous butterfly and jump into Surdak’s arms to kiss Surdak.
The heat in the restaurant kept rising until a row of middle-aged housekeepers came to the door in the direction of the kitchen with a row of cooks holding plates in their hands. Beatrice withdrew from Surdak’s arms to resist some impulse. Hathaway and Beatrice sat opposite Surdak and made eye contact.
After a while, Hathaway and Beatrice took a sip of cold sweet wine to ease the atmosphere.
Surdak finished the plate of Marie Laure Gigon chicken breast, and the middle-aged housekeeper added a little pie to him. These exquisite foods can’t be eaten in Wal-Mart.
It seems that the two young ladies have no appetite. They ate two pieces of white bread with some jam and drank a little sweet wine, and then hurriedly ended their breakfast.
The three of them were not in a hurry to leave the back of the restaurant. The cook removed the plate and the housekeeper ordered someone to bring a tea mixed with vanilla and lemon honey.
Hathaway walked to the window of the dining room with a warm cup, pulled a heavy curtain and shone a bright sunlight into the room. Suddenly, the magic wall lamp in the room was eclipsed, and the snow in the garden was full of thick snow. A large group of gardeners were cleaning the snow in the garden.
The whole Marquis House in Lu Se is a busy scene. Every steward is in charge of various duties and a group of maids and servants are cleaning and decorating the garden.