If Zhao Li had a well-trained team at hand, Zhao Li would attack the surrounding areas immediately. Unfortunately, Zhao Li can also think about it and then slowly accumulate strength to nibble away from one area to another.

Communication with general Lucas Zhao Li was once again guaranteed. Although the government forces temporarily guaranteed to give Zhao Li assistance, it could also ensure that the rebels could not get any support. With this guarantee, Zhao Li could be sure that it was a problem to recover the lost land on the marginal planet.
The rebels have invested less than 40,000 troops in the entire marginal planet to control as many as 20 independent areas, each of which is about 2,000 people. Now it seems that the rebels have also found that the situation is very bad for them, consciously staying away from Zhao Li’s control, leaving a base in some areas to control the situation, while several areas bordering the Coalition government have relatively increased their garrison.
Everything seems to be solved when necessary. Zhao Libai, the rebel, is equally white. However, the rebels seem to be shocked by the results of the two consecutive battles against Zhao Li, and they are not familiar with the jungle war. They easily dare not fight against Akara and Saipan, and Jin Wuxing is even more impregnable.
In this kind of situation, the right place, the right time and the right place do not occupy the situation. The rebels can know their information if they move Zhao Li, but in turn, the rebels seem to be blind and deaf, and they are increasingly confused about Zhao Li’s situation.
"What are you doing here this time?" Zhao Lizheng paid attention to military intelligence, only to see that Kang Hongyuan seemed to wander leisurely to the military camp. He couldn’t help asking, "Aren’t you going to be busy with those hotels and roads?" Jin Wuxing, almost the whole city has been building recently. Kang Hongyuan should be very busy.
"Those are trivial things." Kang Hongyuan shook his head. "I came here to help you solve a hidden danger first."
"hidden danger?" Zhao Li spent a "what hidden trouble?"
"Let’s wait until everyone is here!" Kang Hongyuan doesn’t seem to want to say "I have informed them to come over" again.
It’s still a small group meeting. No one is absent this time.
"What the hell is it?" Zhao Li didn’t say much when he saw that people had arrived. Ask Kang Hongyuan directly.
"Rainforest mining is a big hidden danger", and Kang Hongyuan didn’t go straight to the point. Everyone turned to Kang Hongyuan when he heard Kang Hongyuan’s words.
"The energy additive we produce is now a unique product, which makes our sales worse, but this is also the problem." Kang Hongyuan looked at everyone’s attention and pointed out the problem in particular
"What’s the problem?" I’m anxious at night. Rainforest mining is, after all, a hidden danger for him and James. How can he not be worried?
"Anti-monopoly law case!" Kang Hongyuan once said the crux of the problem: "Now the edge planet of rainforest mining is high in the sky and the emperor is far away, and those guys can naturally say what they want, but once our free trade port is established, they will definitely come up with this difficulty."
"We are legally independent here and don’t recognize their anti-monopoly law?" Night arrival is nothing.
"They can do it in other ways." Kang Hongyuan shook his head. "After all, if our products are to be sold to the Federation, they can impose a high punitive tax rate or directly confiscate them. We can’t help selling our products, can we?"
"What shall we do?" There is some reluctance at night, but since Kang Hongyuan has spoken these words, there must be a solution.
"Very simple" Kang Hongyuan smiled "Split!"
"We directly split the rainforest mining industry into two industrial companies, one James and one James selling the same thing and different brands. What else can they say? Let’s do it in front and let them talk."
Chapter one hundred and ninety-three Trinity
Kang Hongyuan said it was really simple, and James and Yelin had done their homework on commercial things before they planned to do rainforest mining. Naturally, they knew what he said about antitrust, but isn’t it a bit opportunistic to solve it so easily?
"Speculation, of course!" Kang Hongyuan made no secret of the fact that he was going to be opportunistic. "But within the scope permitted by law, we have done everything before and they can talk to anyone."
Rainforest mining production is the key to the post-marginal planet Federation, especially once the rebels and government forces reach the short peace agreement, the two sides will spare no effort to expand their forces and prepare for war, and then this energy weapon necessity will become a top priority.
This is indeed a hidden danger. Now that Kang Hongyuan has come out and found a solution, it is really too simple to implement it. Two sets of warehouses and production vehicles have been built in the same place, so it is too easy to separate at this time.
With Kang Hongyuan’s help, rainforest mining is almost rapidly divided into two companies, one is also called the original rainforest mining, and the other is changed to five-star mining. One of the owners of the two companies is James and the other is Yejin, but at the same time the mysterious gold owner is their respective major shareholder. Of course, this share is recognized by James and Yejin, and others can’t see the name of the gold owner.
Anyway, it’s a rainy day, and everything is done in a seamless way. I believe that even if the federal government sends a group of inspectors, they can’t see any problems in it.
Zhao Li is very surprised that Kang Hongyuan is so sure that the war can end in a short time. But this time, he didn’t ask anything, but he learned to analyze it from all aspects of information and intelligence.
Because of a period of leisure, Zhao Li finally sometimes analyzes intelligence and notes his own practice, which is the root of Zhao Li’s foothold on the marginal planet. Sometimes Zhao Li will practice diligently
Summing up the previous ambush, James had some doubts about Zhao Li’s outflanking tactics. He said that when he faced the enemy with a heavy hammer, he should put out his strongest strength and break through the enemy front in one fell swoop, so that there would be no such thing as Zhao Li being forced to go through the rebel camp to meet the outflanking detachment.
Although it is aimed at tactical advice, Zhao Li has gained some experience from it. If we need to do our best to defeat the enemy in one fell swoop in war, does it also need such strength in personal combat?
Zhao Lishen can be said to have three abdomen, and each abdomen controls a stream of true qi to flow in batches. Although this method produces true qi and has unparalleled benefits for meridian training, it will also cause another disadvantage, that is, when attacking, the forces are scattered and cannot be centered.
According to James, this is the kind of wave that belongs to the law to defeat the enemy at one stroke. Although three waves of true qi can be used to attack three times, if each power is not enough to break the local defense, Zhao Li’s attack can also be a victory in the previous battle. That is because Zhao Li has never met an enemy who is stronger than himself. Once the enemy develops like this, it must be Zhao Li himself who suffers from a strong enemy.
No wonder those people in the genius school gave up this method when they laid the foundation stone and made the three abdomen practice their own unique skills at the same time.
The experience of genius schools is at least hundreds of years, and I don’t know how many generations of geniuses have worked hard to crystallize it. Even if Zhao Li boasts that Britain and SHEN WOO are self-taught, it is impossible to compare with so many spiritual talents. Since genius schools have not adopted this method, there must be something wrong with practicing in this way.
When Zhao Li thinks about spiritual practice, he seems to realize the problem too quickly. Zhao Li’s first reaction is to solve the problem.
Before the three demonstrated fields, Zhao Li tried his best to coordinate the complementary interference of the three qi, and finally the three qi were cycled into their own meridian energy, but they had to be reunited.
Fortunately, to Zhao Li’s relief, it is not more difficult but easier to reunite from one abdomen to another. After all, the pre-practice method has been going on for several years, and it is really easy to get used to meridians.
However, Zhao Li still has an extra mind’s eye. The problem is that Zhao Li is gathering the true spirit of the famous martial arts together, but the practice of basic fitness is still carried out in accordance with the simultaneous circulation of three abdomen. After all, even the genius school adopts the foundation stone method, which is definitely not a problem for Zhao Li’s physique.
The famous achievement method has transformed a little problem. Now there are two choices for Zhao Li. One is to combine the three abdomen qi parts into the abdomen, which means that it is exactly the same as the original way and the easiest way to master.
However, there will be a disadvantage in this way, that is, when Zhao Li practices basic body-building exercises, he must divide the true qi into three parts and fill the three abdomen areas respectively, so it will be quite hard for Zhao Li to reply.
Another way is to adjust the three abdomen control three qi operation intervals so that the three qi can just meet in the abdomen every time the name qi is transferred.
This method is the easiest for Zhao Li at present, and it will not interfere with the basic fitness practice. It is the least change method, but it will disrupt the flow order of qi. Zhao Li needs more practice and habits to control it more accurately
Zhao Li was a little undecided, so she specifically asked Li Mengdie this question. After Li Mengdie learned that Zhao Li taught advanced foundation stone practice blindly, she refused to give advice to Zhao Li for fear that Zhao Li’s careless practice would lead to physical problems. These genius schools have detailed examples, and Li Mengdie never wanted Zhao Li to follow in the footsteps of those experimenters.
But now Zhao Li intends to return to the unified method, which is something that Li Mengdie can’t ask for. However, Zhao Li said that she also doesn’t know how to choose these two situations, which makes Li Mengdie wonder how Zhao Li can think about practicing basic fitness instead of her own professional fighting skills.
Of course, Zhao Li can’t elaborate on the reason, but he still humbly asks Li Mengdie for advice. Li Mengdie has no experience in this field, but after all, he is also a top player. It is estimated that he can compete with Li Mengdie in the whole group, and James can barely give Zhao Li a reference according to his own experience and guess.
According to Li Mengdie’s analysis, these two methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. First of all, the first way is to return to reunification, which is the safest and safest way. But at the same time, Li Mengdie also pointed out that since Zhao Li wants to practice basic fitness at the same time, it is not a good way for Zhao Li to have one abdomen for a while and three abdomen for a while.
The second way is to change the least, and at the same time, it is also the most demanding way for Zhao stereoscopic qi control. The advantage is that the three dantian fields don’t waste the fighting skills and basic fitness techniques, and the disadvantage is that Zhao Li needs to constantly improve the degree of qi control, which is also a disguised way to improve the qi control.
Some students in genius schools will have some extreme situations. If their practice requires strict control of body qi, they should choose multiple dantian fields to exercise the control of qi. If Zhao Li wants to choose this way, it will be a good way to exercise.
Li Mengdie doesn’t understand Zhao Li’s practice of two methods at the same time, but he doesn’t object to the basic body-building technique. Although it doesn’t seem to be anything, it has been scrutinized by several experts and has gone through a few billion people’s practice bases without any problems. Moreover, according to the data of genius school, the basic body-building technique is the best way to recuperate Du Er Meridian except for its low efficiency. Zhao Li didn’t say the reason. Perhaps it is that his practice of fighting techniques will have a certain impact on meridians and needs basic body-building technique to neutralize it.
Li Mengdie’s words gave Zhao Liyou a choice. Zhao Liqian had never heard of the statement of controlling the true qi, but Zhao Liyi understood that the higher his control over the true qi, the better his practice. Obviously, the second way is a good choice.
Zhao Li also figured it out that if the true qi can be controlled to converge in the abdomen, then whether it is basic body-building exercise or famous achievement method, it can be done at the same time, or the original way is to change the power to release it once. What Zhao Li needs to do is to change the flow frequency of the true qi and make the three true qi consistent.