They are Bi Meng Hart, Bi Meng Gale and the black scale dragon Sarah.

Facing these three guys, Bekele pulled his weapon out of the ground.
A large number of holy light forces once again gathered weapons in Bekele
In a short time, this rattan list turned into a big sword of light.
Bekele held the hilt in his hands and swung head-on toward the nearest Bi Meng Hart.
A holy light instantly flew out and flew to Bi Meng Hart.
Faced with this attack, Bi Meng Hart put his arms across his front.
The great light chopped Bi Meng Hart’s arm hard.
There was a harsh collision
Surprisingly, Bi Meng Hart actually resisted Bekele’s attack by relying on his horrible flesh.
On the other side, Bi Meng Gar and the black scale dragon Sarah didn’t watch.
Almost at the same time that Bekele attacked Bi Meng Hart.
The two of them also launched an attack together
Extraordinary fighting skill and heavy artillery boxing!
Dragon skills, black dragon breath!
See Bi Meng Galveston’s heavy artillery punch hitting Bekele hard. Because Bekele has just used his skills, he can’t defend well at this time.
I can take a heavy artillery punch from Bi Meng Gale.
Bi Meng Gale punched Bekele directly in the chest.
The heavy force makes Bekele go backwards in an instant.
It’s like saying yes. On the other hand, Sarah, the black dragon with black scales, also rushed to the rapidly retreating Bekele.
Black flame instantly covered Bekele.
Looking at Bekele wrapped in black flame.
Sarah, the black scale dragon in the sky, did not show a relaxed expression.
Because he could feel that Bekele was not hurt too much at this time.
If not, Bekele didn’t show any painful expression in the black flame.
This let people suddenly have a bad feeling.
At the same time, an amazing energy attack flew out from the rear.
The constantly rotating energy attack with the terror.
People can feel the amazing power at a glance.
And this attack is Tam magic Bijyudama!
It’s like Godzilla shooting the original breath picture in the shadow.
Bijyudama hurled magic from Tam’s mouth at Bekele.
At this time, Bekele seemed to have lost his ability to escape, but he was still and was caught by Tam Xianshu Bijyudama.
Looking at Bekele, which was submerged by the explosion, some soldiers in the wild, exotic and black seas suddenly cheered.
Because it seems to them that Bekele is a platinum-level strong man.
Can withstand this round of four half step platinum level after the strong attack.
Even if he doesn’t die, he will be seriously injured!
But the center of the battlefield, Bi Meng Hart, Bi Meng Gar, and the black scale dragon Sarah, did not feel the slightest joy
Instead, I have a very bad feeling in my heart.
And they don’t know what this bad feeling is.
At this time, the Bekele sound came from the aftermath of the Bijyudama explosion.
"Suffering and suffering … this is the true meaning of the bitter monk."
"Now … let you feel that I have suffered."
Words fall a strong holy light from Bekele.
Instantly covered Tam and Bi Meng Hart in the venue.
And Liu Yuan is the moment when this holy light appears, a spiritual barrier is erected in front of you!
Tied way … Scold!
A huge psychic barrier immediately blocked Liu Yuan.
Then the strange light illuminated the psychic barrier in front of Liu Yuan …
Chapter 549 Two-stage field: How can I help you? Big dark day!
Watched Bekele cast a strange light fierce attack.
Hiding behind Lu Yuan, Xiafa and Catherine, other students from Shuilu College, began to get nervous.
Although they are not as perceptive as Lu Yuan.
But they can still feel the amazing power contained in the power of these holy lights in Bekele
It is definitely not a good thing for them if they are hit by these holy lights.