That’s it. It’s bleeding a little too much

It is reasonable to say that Norman cut his wrist, and his physical bleeding will not stop soon, but I don’t know if it is caused by the curse, and the blood on his left wrist keeps pouring out and can’t stop.
But now Norman can’t control this many.
After solving the problem of the source of magic, this unknown spell should be completed, but in the end, Norman’s emotions were dragged by the spell, and it turned out that the right hand was stretched out and the blood was constantly flowing. The left wrist was connected by a blood.
Then he held the blood and stretched it forward as if someone were raising a glass. Finally, his wrist was reversed and the blood was poured down.
Chapter four hundred and seventeen Great pyrolysis
Norman’s reverse wrist movement did not slow down deliberately.
According to him, the blood in his hand should be pouring, but the reality is not the case.
These blood seem to be held by something, but they can’t fall in solidification. Some of them are rolling, as if they want to break through the invisible barrier. At the same time, the dozen sea families around Norman who are closing their eyes are all shocked together, as if they had been impacted. As these blood rolls, the body vibration of these sea families is becoming more and more intense.
These sea tribes are generally stable in shape, but at the moment they are involuntarily swaying in the wind, and their floating posture is becoming more and more messy with the blood rolling more and more violently.
Similarly messy, there is emerald green, which is colorful and gorgeous
Those who will be divided into ribbons are dancing wildly at the moment, and the emerald emerald is so bizarre and colorful that it will blind people.
If it was a storm just now, then this violent scene is the end of the world.
Aoye saw this scene, his face became more and more serious, his eyes were dignified, and Norman’s head was already showing signs of fatigue. The sea god beast suddenly boosted his spirits and struggled to spit out two bubbles.
After these two bubbles were superimposed on the original bubble, the already deadlocked situation finally changed, sinking by two points, sinking into the colorful eggs around Norman and approaching Norman!
Aoye’s eyes flashed with a smile when he saw this scene, but before he was happy for a moment, his eyes were instantly startled.
See as the ten through bubbles sink into Norman’s hands, the rolling along while also makes blood drop, and there is movement.
I don’t know if it is the help brought by these ten bubble traps. Norman’s hand has been rolling for a long time and blood has finally fallen.
One drop, two drops, three drops.
Several drops of water were pulled into a line and fell quickly. The top drop almost fell to Norman’s soles in a blink of an eye.
Norman’s feet are trampling on a thick colorful carpet, which was just triggered by the madness of all the sea people. Layer after layer, the world used to be light and ethereal, and the ribbon has now become a thick colorful carpet, which can hardly flow.
After this drop of water fell to the surface, the multi-layer world, which was almost solidified, suddenly oscillated sharply, just like water burning to a critical point!
The red world on the top layer of this colorful carpet changes at first, and then it fades and becomes transparent, and then it is superimposed. The second layer of green world becomes transparent immediately in violent shock, and then it goes to the third layer of yellow world, and all colors fade and become transparent …
This speed is very fast, almost in the blink of an eye, the thickness of the colorful carpet superimposed by Norman’s world is reduced by half, but Norman’s blood is not the enemy. After half of the colorful carpet melted, Norman’s drop of blood evaporated.
But then the second drop of blood followed.
The difference between the power of the second drop of water and the first drop of water quickly melted the colorful carpet of Norman’s feet.
But at the same time, the ten bubbles on Norman’s head are getting closer, and the front one is still a fist away from Norman’s forehead.
At this time, a drop of blood appeared horizontally before this string of bubbles-it was a drop in a string of blood drops that looked like it was falling for a second before it crossed the strangely "falling" side.
Aoye observed this scene from a distance and consciously wanted to control these bubbles to bypass and directly attack the Norman body, but he couldn’t come.
When the blood drops are pressed through the bubbles to the "falling" roots, they immediately collide with each other.
This bump is like a bubble in front of it. When cold water meets red-hot iron, it seems that you can still hear "bursts" when you look at this scene-that’s a bubble whine.
However, this bubble seems to be more powerful than those colorful worlds, and many of them don’t melt so fast, until the first bubble melts, the drop of water evaporates
More than nine through bubbles continue to press, and new blood drops continue to appear on Norman’s head to "fall" and face these through bubbles …
Norman’s blood seems to be the rule of complete vision, except that they also "fall" in all directions to wrap the layer around Norman’s body tightly in thick and colorful, which is constantly eroded and melted away.
At the moment, Norman is like a colorful preserved egg, but now these blood drops are attacking, and the eggshell of this colorful preserved egg is peeling off at a high speed with the naked eye.
"Well, pinch!"
Aoye saw this scene from a distance and swore at himself instead of Norman.
He vaguely felt that he had just broken the original balance with a blow to strengthen the offensive. If it weren’t for him, he vomited two bubbles again. Maybe Norman’s blood in his hand would not fall at most after all, and he would be tied with the three thousand worlds.
But now that everything has happened, there is no regret.
Aoye also stopped thinking about her eyes, made a determined effort and closed her eyes directly. The whole person suddenly froze.
He doesn’t move in suspension, that kind of solidification, that kind of solidification will move with himself and flow with the surrounding gas, but Aoye is now solidified without any displacement.
He seems to be embedded in this piece.
With the strange change of Aoye, the huge sea beast above Norman’s head has also changed.
It was dark with a sudden shock, and its brightness rose a little, and its eyes became more vivid, and its original face was less tired, and it regained its vitality. Then its big mouth continued to spit bubbles out of its mouth one after another, but it was no longer superimposed on the original nine bubbles, but its own camps fell towards Norman from different angles. But no matter what angle these bubbles came from, when they were about to fall in front of Norman, there would always be blood drops, and their routes stopped them.
Around the hot war, Norman, the party, is more leisurely than
It should be influenced by the forbidden spell. He is now detached as if he is not at ease. He is watching everything in front of him as if everything is the same as him, and he does nothing. After those blood drops, he will automatically and naturally look for their enemies.
Finally, these blood drops seemed to melt everything, and the thick layers of colorful eggshells around Norman, a powerful power, completely melted away.
Norman’s side was clean, and there was no color to restore the original color of the world.
But Norman’s blood is still flowing.
Some of these blood drops fall to the sea beasts and spit them out, while others spontaneously fall in all directions.
A drop of water fell to Norman’s left not far away.
There is a green color with Norman, a drop of water. After falling, it will melt completely like the fierce sun melting ice and snow, and with the melting of this green world, a huge body appears.
It’s Qin Hao. He’s holding his head high and arrogant. He’s stretching his neck to see what he’s about to do, but all this interrupted his thoughts.
He doesn’t seem to know why he suddenly appeared here. His expression is dumbfounded, his eyes are full of doubts, his mouth is wide open, and he can’t scream. He just looks at everything around him.
A drop of blood fell to the east side of Qin Hao, purifying the purple world there, and then a slightly smaller body appeared.
It’s Ji ruoxi
Suddenly, like Qin Hao, she doesn’t know how she suddenly appeared here. The expression was puzzled at the moment
Then Zhou Chengzhuo Fang Xiangru …
Four dragons dragged into the 3,000-year-old world, Norman’s blood drops melted their world, and all of them reappeared. With one exception, the four dragons were very shocked. At that time, they got out of the 3,000-year-old world, and the Chinese side was suspicious and it was the fastest reaction.
On the one hand, the dragon prime minister is the most powerful in spirit, and on the other hand, he is the first of the four dragons to wake up and recall everything when he enters the three thousand worlds.
When Fang Xiangru recalled the cause and effect of the incident, his eyes flashed a bit of terror, and at the same time, he scanned the surrounding scene roughly. Finally, he turned his attention to Norman’s body for a long time and his eyes were full of shock.
It is not difficult to judge the eye scene. Obviously, this human saint saved them from that horrible world. In addition, Norman was casting this spell, and he guessed a thing or two by looking at the form and the effect.
"Great lysis …"
Fang Xiangru’s voice is so low that he can only hear it himself.
The Great Cracking is generally called mordenkainen Cracking as a very powerful incantation. Like many incantations, it has lost a lot of aspects. As we know, this incantation has not appeared for more than a thousand years. Like the three thousand worlds, it is a powerful incantation in history.
This entrance guard spell is powerful because it can split everything, especially for spells. It can be said that it is almost the natural enemy of all spells. It can be seen from the scene that the world that makes Fang Xiang completely helpless has easily cracked before it.
It is also because I guessed that this spell may be the result of the Great Cracking. Even if I react, I don’t intend to help. This Great Cracking claims to be able to crack everything in the sky. What if he casts spells to help and is accidentally injured by this Great Cracking?
Fang Xiangru doesn’t know much about this spell, but he can’t guarantee that it won’t happen. If it’s unfortunate, his magic effect will be small, which will reduce the power of the Great Cracking, and as a result, the situation will change. Then it will be a big deal. Don’t go looking for trouble to win the game again, and then you will regret it
I’m cautious, but I’m still not going to stand by and watch. The dragon prime minister is so cautious that he even gave Ji Ruoxi a few dragons to warn them to stand by and never cast spells to help.