The Story Of Diu Sim, they are all holding down the enemy to see if it is a matter of time before The Story Of Diu Sim wins. Niu Mowang is secretly impatient in his eyes, but Ma Sanzhi is clinging to the law to save his younger brother Niu Yao.

Niu Mowang and Ma Sanzhi fought fiercely. It was a terrible and protracted tug-of-war! Ma Sanzhi’s 7-word cage trapped Niu Mowang but dared not have the slightest carelessness
Niu Mowang is strong, which surprised everyone. The Story Of Diu Sim and others are chilling, and their faces have changed. They are worried that Ma Sanzhi will lose.
Niu Mowang, the Golden Monkey King’s Soul Palace, shows a sign of shocking the world. What kind of sign? He stuck a stick in his heart, still alive, and still capable of fighting Ma Sanzhi for a long time! This is really a real Uber. It’s too powerful and unbelievable!
"Hey!" Niu Mowang’s devouring power is too fierce. The virtual space outside the 7-character cage is shattered and the cage is shaking violently! Is Niu Mowang horse about to break through the cage? Fortunately, it shows no signs of collapse! Amitabha, the seven ancient characters are motionless, as steady as Mount Tai, flashing to the extreme and firmly holding everything. Niu Mowang is too tired to vomit blood, but it is not easy for Ma Sanzhi to maintain the terrible power of the seven ancient word cages. He is also full of sweat.
The cage is shrinking constantly. Niu Mowang is struggling hard not to shrink, but the contraction force of the cage is still slightly better. It has been slowly collected, although it is slow, but it is unstoppable! On the verge of strangling Niu Mowang Town, did he really save the day?
In the seventh round, Ma Sanzhi kept the 7-character cage firmly suppressing the devouring power of the black hole in Niu Mowang, Niu Mowang. As a result, Niu Mowang broke through the cage and still slowly contracted! Did Ma Sanzhi eat beef smoothly? Amitabha, the seven ancient words "Mo Mo Da" made Niu Mowang feel headache and angry, but it was tolerable!
Niu Mowang’s life seems to be in danger at all times in the wind, but this big monster is not anxious or dry, and he still never forces himself to deal with Ma Sanzhi’s attack. This concentration is really extraordinary
Black hole devouring force method breaks through the "7" cage, and Niu Mowang will sit still and die. Is there no counterattack? No!
Niu Mowang gathered the black hole to devour the power and sat in the center of the 7-character cage! His human body is hazy and vague, revealing a mysterious atmosphere that makes people feel palpitation!
He is tall and powerful, sitting on a fixed plate, paddling and waving with his hands, sometimes as fast as flashing and sometimes as slow as snail, sometimes with golden light flashing and sometimes colorful! Niu Mowang, what the hell? No one knows, but it is certain that he is not insane. He must have tried his best to break the cage of seven words to form a small world!
Ma Sanzhi couldn’t understand the law to stop his mysterious behavior. He steadfastly maintained the terrible power of the seven-character cage and decided to kill this powerful enemy with this move.
His ever-changing hands keep making mysterious marks. It seems that he has become the embodiment of heaven and earth! Niu Mowang looks more sacred and inviolable than Gao Yuanling’s man-eating fireworks.
Chapter 12 Who knows it’s really hard to eat meat on the plate?
Although Ma Sanzhi was sweating profusely, he still teased with a smile, "Sacred beef? Novelty What a novelty! It is estimated that it will be delicious. I am looking forward to it. My mouth is watering! "
It’s called psychological warfare, so it’s necessary to stir up Niu Mowang’s seal casting!
Niu Mowang ignored the words and became deaf. He couldn’t hear what Ma Sanzhi said. His concentration was super strong and his roots were undisturbed. From his surface, he couldn’t see that he was disturbed
Ma Sanzhi’s persistent belief in evil and the Dragon King’s secret method played two ugly calves before his eyes, just to disrupt his fighting style of tit-for-tat, cunning and cunning.
The first calf was covered with pustules of different sizes, and said happily to Niu Mowang, "Husband, dear husband, am I good-looking? Honey, come and see me! Niu Niu is the most beautiful and Niu Niu is the most lovely. Come and see me. "
The calf with pustules danced and sang all kinds of love songs to attract Niu Mowang’s attention.
There are many maggots crawling around on the surface of the second calf, crawling in and out of the cow’s mouth from two eyes and ears. That’s not enough! This little cow head has a bunch of black and wet things! Is that enough? It’s not enough or worse to see this calf crying and crying, "Husband, don’t you want me? Why don’t you talk to me?" I am so beautiful, how can you abandon me so cruelly! You heartless bastard, I’m so kind and gentle to you. How can you treat me like this? Have I done anything wrong to you? You said you said it! " Woo-hoo, the calf is crying and sad.
A heart to stir up a sad to disturb two calves so Niu Mowang eyes dangling!
"A flower!"
I haven’t seen anything for a long time. Niu Mowang finally spoke! There are only four words in saying that flowers are actually nothing! Four ancient characters emerge one by one, and every word is sharp, such as a sword and shadow, like a sharp sword. The weapon contains a peerless murder! Na Wei can be horrifying and swallow mountains and rivers with great charm!
"Two thoughts fall!"
Niu Mowang’s four words are just like four violent tornadoes whistling in the wind, and the earth-shattering domineering Lingyun arouses several flying sands and stones, litters! Overbearing and incomparable strength ratio
"Three thoughts and flowers fall!"
Seven ancient characters emerge one by one, such as seven towering trees, which seem to break the shackles of heaven and earth and make people suffocate and chill!
"Four thoughts are spent all over the sky!" Still no flowers! There are words, one by one, with mysterious power words!
Six ancient characters, such as six Wang Yang seas, are crashing against the coastline, raging forever and roaring forever!
"Five thoughts on conan the destroyer!" Like the explosion of the underworld, arrival of hell!
The exquisite pagoda keeps shaking, and the cage of Ma Sanzhi’s seven words vibrates even more violently, but the cage is so tenacious that it still does not collapse, so it slowly shrinks and slowly moves! Amitabha, these seven words are still as steady as Mount Tai!
Ma Sanzhi heart drama jump "this Niu Mowang must have a great chance to get such a terrible bearing. I don’t know what else he has to guard against all kinds of signs that Niu Mowang has a great opportunity! This bull demon is so lucky that he has hit all the good things and found all the powerful magic! God takes care of him too much! This monster is not easy to deal with. It’s not easy to eat a piece of beef. Oh, killing cows is sweating at noon. Who knows that Chinese meat is really hard! "
Niu Mowang suddenly opened his cold eyes and still sat in the center of the 7-word cage. His fists pounded all the ancient words and rushed up so many words, all of which flowed uniformly and regularly! Niu Mowang’s strong iron fists drive Wei neng to be strong and powerful, and the ancient words destroy this cage that has trapped him for a long time.
Both the enemy and the enemy have ancient words. Ordinary and ordinary ancient words are against the terrible and mysterious ancient words! Colorful ancient words are inseparable, and ancient words are fiercely entangled with rage against the earth-shattering cry!
The Story Of Diu Sim little miss looked stunned and muttered to herself, "That’s terrible! Ordinary words are so scary that I can’t read them later. Do you play like this? I have a heart attack, will you stop scaring me? "
Each of dozens of ancient words is strange and unpredictable, and each one is powerful and compelling, and it is born again and again, and it is constantly changing!
What kind of life-and-death showdown is this? Both of them have a variety of magic skills and try their best to kill them! Is it evenly matched?
The fierce war continues, and both sides have a feeling that they can’t end this terrible tug-of-war immediately!
A dull noise Niu Mowang foaming at the mouth as fast as lightning finally got rid of the seal.
But tall and fierce, he couldn’t help coughing up a few mouthfuls of blood. His face was pale and his injuries were not light. There was no scar on his body surface. This cowhide defense ability was super strong. What was the injury that damaged Niu Mowang today? Maybe it’s because of excessive consumption and injury, or maybe it’s because the ugly calf is so angry that it vomits blood or both!
All the ancient words faded quickly, and finally disappeared, leaving nothing, as if they had never been to this world.
Did it really never appear? Those words have been deeply engraved in everyone’s hearts, and it is impossible for them to be forgotten because they have disappeared completely.
In the second round, Ma Sanzhi kept suppressing Niu Mowang in a "seven-word" cage, but it was broken by Niu Mowang’s big killing move. As a result, Ma Sanzhi was slightly better than Niu Mowang in vomiting blood, but Niu Mowang still had terrible fighting capacity and would not be so easy to die.
On the other hand, Ma Sanzhi’s quiet and calm appearance doesn’t seem to be a life-and-death battle. He doesn’t have the slightest injury for the time being. Can’t you see from the surface that it will be easy without injury? No, no, no! Ma Sanzhi looked at Niu Mowang’s big belly and weighed how much meat he could eat. At the same time, he secretly glugged, "This beef is really not delicious. It seems that he will be very hungry tonight! It’s not easy to eat food these days, especially eating like me! "
"You little bastard, there are really two tricks that force me to die. My trick is your blessing!" Niu Mowang, who is taciturn, seldom talks like an honest black cow! But is this Niu Mowang really wussy and easy to bully? You can’t judge a man by his appearance!
Pig ring "What, do you want to change your name in reincarnation or call Sun Wu Ma Sanzhi?" This name is too strange! "
Sun Wu "said you are a pig is a pig head! The monkey can’t be the boss of heaven, and the monkey can’t be the boss of heaven. Ma Sanzhi is my reincarnation. It must be kept absolutely confidential. Once my identity is revealed, I can’t be the boss of heaven! Let everyone believe that Ma Sanzhi is a human body, and his mind is also human, not a monkey! He is qualified to be the boss of heaven! "
Pig ring "is so complicated! My old pig is sleepy and wants to sleep. You can talk! "
Chapter 13 The Devil Becomes a Handsome Boy
"Since you want to fight! Then fight! If you want to die, I’ll become you. "Ma Sanzhi’s momentum has changed from just calm to sharp, and it’s amazing to enter the stormy combat state.
"Black holes devour stars!" Niu Mowang roar loud, it’s broad daylight at this time, but it’s like night arrival, the stars appear all over the sky, and the dreamy and elegant splendor comes to Niu Mowang, where he gathers to set off this evil devil in a magnificent and holy way.
Golden Monkey King "The king’s egg is really against the sky these days, even against the yin and yang! This fierce devil has become so masculine and handsome, and let people live? "
Niu Mowang took the initiative to attack Ma Sanzhi with violent devouring power.
The black hole devours the stars, a big killing trick of Niu Mowang, which once hit the 7-character cage, but in the end it failed. The big killing trick is more powerful and can break through the 7-character cage. What’s wrong with Niu Mowang? Because he consumed too much divine power, he vomited blood to the point where he was at the end of his tether. Despair is still not good. Niu Mowang is not a fool. Keeping a spare part in the tug-of-war is to increase the possibility of victory
Niu Mowang forward attack to raise my hand is a black hole, and the stars are even overbearing with every blow! Ma Sanzhi’s fierce confrontation with him is tit for tat!
It’s been knocked to the ground, and there are fierce fighting sparks everywhere, and there are collision edges, terror, strength, poverty and murderous look intertwined like a thrilling serial picture!
Niu Mowang seems to have been intact and not injured. He became more and more brave and powerful, and his magic was varied. He raised his hand and threw a giant tree, pinched and printed, and shook his hand. It was like being arrogant and overbearing. It was like repeating magic, which was overwhelming and dazzling.
It’s amazing. It’s just a big monster. There are so many terrible magic. How many human magic did Niu Mowang learn? It is estimated that the average human cultivator doesn’t learn as much as he does, and the three wits should remain unchanged. All changes are the foundation of the Five Dragon Fists, and the secret method of the Dragon King has evolved to counter everything, and the magical means of weathering and decay have really shocked the world.
Giant trees flew in, hard rocks followed, and then iron fists roared …
Ma Sanzhi’s face was cold as ice, his eyes were serious as fire, he broke the giant tree, split the hard stone and held the iron fist one by one, and he took it bravely to counter his fears.
Niu Mowang, fade away by all means, is determined to fight to the death! Cowhide defense is strong, immortal, tough and difficult to break. Niu Mowang tube attack is hardly defensive
Niu Mowang’s magic moves are all shocking. Today, he is overbearing and incomparable, stronger in the middle, stronger in the middle, and more powerful in the middle. He often punches and kicks, and at the same time, he comes to an attack from time to time, which makes people hard to prevent.
Ma Sanzhi’s pressure is getting bigger and bigger, and his look is getting more and more dignified. His heart vibrates and the other party finally completely throws away the bull’s rough and wild state, and completely displays the powerful magic of human beings. Every magic is a sacred magic, which is unique in the world.
All kinds of magical powers exhibited by Niu Mowang are mysterious and unpredictable, which can make Ma Sanzhi suffer several times.
Ma Sanzhi insists on the same and should change all the time. Punch after punch, punch after punch, storm after stroke, stir up a thousand waves with one hand, and kick out the weight with one foot!
The Story Of Diu Sim watched from time to time and was very surprised. He secretly glugged, "This unique skill of Niu Mowang is really ever-changing. Nothing is the same formula. This variety is dazzling. I really don’t know if Ma Sanzhi is so hard to carry."
Golden Monkey King "The king is the king. I’m going to fight Niu Mowang. It’s estimated that he will be finished soon. He can fight for so long without being hurt! The king’s moves are too simple, but everyone can understand them, but they are very efficient. Accurate and ruthless fists are powerful and deadly. Niu Mowang can be hard to attack if he attacks! "
In the ninth round of fierce fighting, it was a long time. Ma Sanzhi’s single five-dragon boxing and magic played against Niu Mowang’s ever-changing magical powers. As a result, the two sides were equally divided and evenly matched, and it was impossible to tell who was strong and who was weak, and who won or lost.
Ma Sanzhi’s secret method of the Dragon King with both hands is constantly printed, sometimes as fast as flashing and sometimes as slow as a snail making a light sound, branding the Avenue of Heaven and Earth and giving birth to an ancient wooden coffin!
Roar "Give you a coffin!"
Niu Mowang was so angry that no matter what silence is gold, he couldn’t help saying, "Why don’t you send a coffin before you die? Come and pretend to be yourself! " Niu Mowang looked at the coffin carving and was so angry that he felt heartache, headache, foot pain, stomach pain and body pain! There is a big bowl on the carving surface, which is full of cooked beef dinner with rice, clear soup, fruit and other foods that human beings like to eat. Obviously, Ma Sanzhi regards Niu Mowang as the source of beef and eats its meat!