"No, I’m not lying to you. It’s just trick or two." The black bear looked at the inspiration and flashed a strange smile in his eyes

Looking at the black bear, Aole turned to look at the inspiration. "Let’s go, don’t be ashamed."
"Aole" saw the inspiration. Princess Aole walked farther and farther, but the little white dragon couldn’t help it.
"Alas, dragon three is too hello. I hope you won’t betray the dragon." The Aole footsteps looked back at dragon three too quickly.
"Wu Zuo is going to Lingshan to entrust the law to suppress the west gale. Go and save your master." Bing Qin glanced at Wu Tou’s gold hoop without trace and scared Wu to jump in the instant long jump and jump over the clouds.
When the King of Spiritual Feeling left, he left thousands of miles behind. The sand monk rescued the pig, the ancestor Yu Duxiu, and the three disciples went on their way.
"Master is still a good little white dragon, and the white horse can be a dragon when it’s both land and water." Wu Fei quipped while watching Jade Duxiu ride a dragon across the river.
While the pig bodhi old zu hey hey strange smile "is extremely but the monkey king, why don’t you give me so much power now? The west wind almost braised me. If it weren’t for the fear that my old pig had become the belly meal of the spiritual king when Bodhisattva came, we could see each other for generations."
"The powerful west wind is even more difficult. If it weren’t for the Buddha’s heavy treasure to suppress a fear of this matter, it would still be endless. Although my club is powerful, I can’t kill the strong, but I can’t drag things away." Wu was full of regrets
In a certain country on Tongtian Road, I saw that there was a black and white judge sitting on the side of Yinshan Taitai’s chair and respectfully correcting the text there.
"Where are the four monks and apprentices?" The law of life and death in the eyes of the nether world is too fragrant to breathe, and a statue of Yamaraja is looming in the chest.
"It’s already passed that the psychic king has set up a disaster, and even it won’t be long before he will come to our site." White often said.
The netherworld’s wife heard that the aroma in her mouth instantly swallowed the divine light and burst out. "Hum will know that those losers in the four seas can’t stop the teacher and pupil from being almost beaten to death by the monkey for four times. This time, I have to retaliate."
"Too this matter still needs to be ventilated with the nine gates. We can’t always ask us to set up a disaster together to drag the nine gates." The judge looked up and his eyes were full of treachery.
"This is the last time that my nether world will stop the good thing as the saying goes, but three, if the nether world gives up this opportunity, it will be the first time to suppress the Buddhism in the future. After all, the nether world wants to invade me through the barrier Amitabha, and the nether world can also plant nails step by step." The nether world is too dignified.
Black often carefully said, "It’s too much that we only did it twice this time, but we still have a chance."
"Nonsense this matter I can not know? Don’t say so, how to pull nine large quantities of door water? "Yinshan was too angry and stared at Black Chang.
"Is too calculate heritage policy is too English" black often wry smile way.
Tai Yi Dao
Tai Yi’s ancestor looked at the worship post in his hand, which was eerie and revealed the meaning of life and death cycle.
"The nether world is too cold on Yamaraja Avenue. If I grow up, I’ll have one more trouble in the future. The old guy is not an easy generation. It’s still necessary to take the opportunity to make moves." It’s too easy for my ancestors to put their hands in worship.
"Taiyi, the netherworld wants to pull our water too much. What do you think?" Tai Huang jiao zu Dao
After a while, the ancestor Tai Yi closed his eyes and said, "It’s not necessary to win the task of sending Tai Yi’s younger brother, Tai Yuan’s younger brother and me too Yi’s younger brother, Qi Qi Mountain, which blocked the Tongtian Road. If it can be dragged on for ten years, the Tongtian Road will be doomed to dissipate, even if it is finished."
"Well, I’m too much of a brother mountain."
"I’m too old to be a brother."
In the void, there was the sound of Taiyi’s ancestor Taiyuan’s ancestor.
On the same day, when I saw Fa Zhao flying out, I saw that Tai Yuan Daodi was a younger brother, Qi Qi Shan, and that Tai Yi Daodi followed suit and left for Tongtian Road.
"Good rich doom" crazy gathering doom will be awakened by the sacrifice of refining Xuan Huang Qi Yu Duxiu. Looking at the constant gathering of heaven and earth, the doom suddenly surprised Yu Duxiu and almost threw away his rosary.
"The doom is monstrous and aggressive, and this doom is bound to be not simple." Jade Duxiu silently refines the Xuan and Huang Qi, constantly breeds and cultivates the wisp of will in the Xuan and Huang Qi, and constantly analyzes and deduces all kinds of information about the will in the Xuan and Huang Qi.
"Monkey, I’ll tell you a secret." The bodhi old zu pig looked at Wu with a tangled face.
"Tell me what the secret is," Wu said curiously.
"Alas, my old pig just can’t hide the secret. You know that famous one stands out from the rest, don’t you?" The bodhi old zu leaned in with a bass voice.
"These days, it’s like thunder." Wu scratched his ear.
"Do you know how that wonderful show died?" Pig bodhi old zu bit his ear to press the bass and looked at the immersed Xuan Huang Qiyu with a low track.
"Isn’t it driven by the strong people?" Enlightenment one leng looking at pig bodhi old zu expression eyes hexagrams.
Pig bodhi old zu hey a quick laugh, "that’s what the outside world said. Actually, bodhi old zu, I know clearly that this jade show died for another reason."
"What’s the reason?" Wu scratched his ear.
Pig bodhi old zu proudly said, "Although Brother Monkey is bigger than me, you are not as knowledgeable and knowledgeable as I am."
"Don’t talk nonsense," Wu Yi grinned.
"I’ll tell you if you don’t bully me later," said the pig bodhi old zu.
"Come on, don’t bully you." Yu Duxiu’s realization of things is really curious
"Good deal"
"Come on, don’t ink, just say it," Wu said impatiently.
"Well, tell you, don’t tell anyone."
"Don’t tell, don’t tell"
"Have you seen the Princess Aole?" said the pig bodhi old zu.
"See" enlightenment one leng don’t know how this matter to AoLeShen.
"That Aole is a wonderful wife. When Miaoxiu married Aole, she was sucked to death by Aole. If it weren’t for Miaoxiu’s monstrous strength, she forcibly suppressed the five failures of heaven and man, and even there was no such thing as saying later …" Pig bodhi old zu was full of regrets to please the strong man himself but even betrayed the Lord.
"What? Miaoxiu was sucked to death by Aole? " Enlightenment exclaimed this sound instantaneous out.
"You are smaller, you are smaller." Pig bodhi old zu quickly covered his enlightened mouth.
Riding a horse is thinking about the doom ahead. Jade Duxiu’s face suddenly turned black. It’s a slap in the face. He has always been the only embarrassing thing in the world, but he has been remembered.