"It’s a little different here. You’ll know when you come."

Brolin wrapped in a bathrobe and led by his assistant came to a shop.
Meet with the words "custom-made woven fabric". A few beautiful young ladies and sisters happened to be smiling at the crowd at the door.
These young ladies alone give people an impulse to go in and get rid of it.
"Uzhi customization?" Brolin’s brow wrinkled at once. He was a high-end person. He didn’t know how much he had done through customization. He had tried both the old tailor in Midi State and the new brand in Nut State. He was sure that he had never heard of this brand.
"Are you sure here? Why haven’t you heard of this card? " Brolin frowned and asked him that his taste was high-end and very picky, but ordinary clothes could not get into his eyes
But now there is no choice but to do so.
Brolin went to the door and several young ladies greeted him. "Do you want to order clothes, sir?"
"Where are your tailors?" Brolin frowned.
Although several young ladies are really super eye-catching, almost all of them have nine points in appearance, but he came to make clothes, not to see beautiful women.
"We are tailors." The young ladies smiled brightly.
Brolin is a black face turned to go outside.
Do you think I just walked out of the slum and bought a dress to wear?
All the top tailors he met were white-haired grandfathers and grandmothers, all of whom had customized suits and soaked a generation of old tailors, so that they had enough experience and skills to make the clothes they needed.
Skill is not technology or knowledge, but it needs precipitation and practice. Perfect, talented and talented tailors are not without it, but what brolin has made seems to be almost nothing
Are these little sisters twenty years old? You dare to call yourself a tailor
"Sir, don’t go." Seeing that brolin is so dissatisfied, the young ladies are crying. "Do you have so little confidence in us?"
"Why don’t you try and see if you’re not satisfied?"
Looking at these young ladies, it’s like a little girl who was robbed of lollipops. brolin is also ruthless at the moment
"Then what fabrics do you have here?" Brolin asked, "I need a formal suit. I need a formal suit. Is there any diamond powder fabric?"
Brolin’s personality is rather dull, but he likes the strange texture brought by the addition of diamond powder to the fabric, which makes him shine.
"No, sir," the young ladies shook their heads, but said it with a face of course, as if they didn’t think anything was wrong.
"What about 24K gold?"
"No, sir …"
Brolin’s face is black again. "You have nothing here. What clothes do you want me to make?"
"We have our own woven fabrics here. You can choose one by yourself." The young ladies looked at brolin tearfully. "Choose one, ok …"
"People really want to make clothes for you!"
"I really want to see you wear clothes made by others …"
Brolin can’t help it. How can you refuse to face such a pathetic little sister?
Looking at Miss Sister taking out all kinds of fabrics, brolin’s eyes lit up.
These fabrics seem to be no worse than those top luxury models he has seen before.
It is perfect in luster, feel and weight.
And the price is reasonable.
Uzhi? This card needs to be remembered
Hey, wait a minute. Think about this name carefully. Where does it seem that I have heard the feeling?
Where is it? Can’t remember.
"By the way, I wonder if you have bulletproof and stab-proof requirements?" Next to the young lady, she added, "Sir, you are going to work in Fusang Prefecture. The public security in Fusang Prefecture is not very good now. Would you like to try our fabric? Feel almost the same, the price is slightly higher, but it can protect your personal safety. "
At this time, Brolin suddenly remembered something.
Uzhi, isn’t this the protective manufacturer?
They even make high-end ready-to-wear clothes? The two don’t match at all!
Think of each other’s expertise in the field and then recall their own Fusang state encounter with brolin immediately moved.
"Then do you need shirts and ties?"