SHEN WOO Xiandi immediately shrank his head and body, and his majesty dissipated. Hey hey smiled and said, "No, no, cheap goods are worthless."

Ye curled his lips with the wind. Look, it scared you.
This is just a virtual shadow in front of you, and it can’t be really picked up.
"Go ahead and find any clues." Ye asked with the wind.
SHEN WOO Xiandi paused and said, "It is a matter of promotion in the world."
"I began to investigate immediately after I returned to the celestial world."
"Later, I learned from my friend that there is indeed an ancient immortal force that is helping a certain world in its own territory to complete its promotion."
"So I quietly found that force and got an unusual key message after paying a lot of money."
"There is a great help for the promotion of the world to have an ancient instrument."
"Its name is the Tower of the Origin of Everything!"
He said that Ye Feng suddenly froze.
SHEN WOO Xiandi looked serious, "Tower of the Origin of Everything!"
He went on to say, "You should not know that it is a kind of Taigu Daoqi. I’m afraid the Daoqi of the same level is only a dozen in the whole celestial world!"
"This tower can produce all kinds of the strongest original solution of heaven and earth, which is an unnatural thing for all living things and the world!"
"And it’s the only one of all Taigu Road implements that can be completely copied!"
"I’ll give you a detailed description of it"
Seeing that SHEN WOO Xiandi was about to make a long speech, Ye Fengfeng hurriedly interrupted him.
Then I grabbed a tower of origin from it and threw it on the table.
"You said it was this thing?"
SHEN WOO Xiandi looked at the small tower on the table, and one of the postures was not set and rolled away.
His eyes are about to pop out
"Mama yeah! How can you have this! "
He can see at a glance that it’s exactly what he said!
"This stuff is all over the world."
Ye picked up one with the wind and said, "He does have the ability to promote world growth, but it’s not as exaggerated as you said, is it?"
SHEN WOO Xiandi swallowed a mouthful of saliva and looked away from the origin tower.
Then he said, "That’s because you are the nine-story origin tower."
According to the news I got, it is only from the tenth floor that the promotion in the world can really be significant.
Leaves frown slightly with the wind.
The origin tower of all things is not too secret for this world.
Almost most people with supernatural power have several buildings at home, but the floors are different.
But a fairy emperor should care so much about it.
And listen to him, the ninth floor does not seem to be the limit of the origin tower.
This has never been heard of.
"Can I ask you how these origin towers came about?"
SHEN WOO Xiandi asked. Now he looks more puzzled.
"Oh, I refined it."
Ye finished with the wind and suddenly remembered a thing that the old man once said.
The tower of the origin of all things was actually developed by the ancestors of Tianji Valley from an ancient artifact.
And that artifact was left from the ancient battlefield of ghosts and gods at the beginning of the world.
He told the story to SHEN WOO Xiandi.
SHEN WOO Xiandi suddenly sighed, "Sure enough, there is definitely a secret in this world."
"Taigu Road has actually flowed here!"
Ye Feng shrugged his shoulders. "Didn’t you say it could be copied? It must be copied."
"That’s great!"
The immortal emperor of SHEN WOO sighed, "Only those ancient forces can possess such Taoist devices. I have become an immortal emperor for ten thousand years, and I just heard about it."
Ye looked at him with the wind. "Well, have you ever thought about this possibility?"
"In fact, it is not unusual for the origin tower to be in the celestial world. You don’t know because you are relatively useless?"
SHEN WOO xiandi