The great swordsmen of quintus went directly to the backyard of the manor this time. Twenty members divided into five groups and scored five magic towers in the backyard of the manor respectively.

Surdak, the captain of this assault squad, rushed into the second magic tower on the west side of the backyard with Gulitem, Samira, Thea and a Lu Se Army second-turn swordsman.
The double-headed ogre Gulitmu adopts the most direct way to break the door. When he is 100 meters away from the magic tower, he will run up. When it is 30 meters away from the magic tower, the ogre actually jumps up high, and the whole person turns into a white light, just like a shell directly hitting the door of the magic tower.
The armor piece on his shoulder broke in an instant when it touched the magic tower gate, and then the magic tower gate broke into several pieces in a hollow and rumbling sound.
On the first floor of the magic tower, several black wizards were preparing to run upstairs. Because the tower came up, Lord Lukaz shouted, but at this time, a three-meter-high double-headed ogre broke into the house and scared these black wizards to hide behind the test bench.
They held the staff in one hand and took out the magic scrolls from their pockets to sing magic spells. The magic scrolls were broken into protective energy shield.
Samira and Surdak then broke into Samira and stepped into the magic tower, and shot three arrows, one of which just penetrated the eyebrows of a black magician without energy shield, and the other two arrows shot energy shield and energy shield with strong distortion.
Hiding behind the test bench, the black magicians also quickly fought back. They didn’t sing a spell at all. They just tore the magic scrolls in their hands, and their feet lit up with complex magic lines. A series of black flames and fireballs flew towards the door.
Gulitem and Surdak rushed side by side. Surdak held the Goethe shield a little forward, and when he opened the knight’s seal, he chose the’ ancient oath’ at the first time, covering the Goethe shield with a light shield, as well as a sacred shield and a blessing shield.
Gullit, the ogre, was covered with a layer of ice armor, and Surdak rushed to the front as far as possible.
Several pieces of black flames and fireballs exploded in front of Surdak, and the Goethe shield suddenly burst into colorful brilliance. The big stick in the ogre’s hand has crashed into the cast iron test bench. In the boom, the cast iron test bench was divided into two sections, and the tracking magic experiments were scattered all over the place. The glassware was crisp and broken, and some magic potions were mixed together to emit pungent smoke …
Surdak didn’t stay in the building, followed by two turns of swordsmen and Coultham, who had firmly controlled the black wizards, and he rushed along the spiral stairs.
Samira and Surdak are holding a bow with an arrow in their hands …
It was Gensoul Ducker who didn’t expect it … When he climbed to the top of the tower, he found a wizard with a weak breath at the top of the tower. His body was still warm, but there was an egg-sized blood hole in the eye socket of his left eye. Blood gurgled from it, so it was impossible to save his life.
At the top of the tower is a round room of almost tens of square meters, surrounded by walls and covered with shelves and some books and magical materials.
In the center of the circular room, a black demon door is slowly disappearing, and the huge magic pattern circle is slowly losing its magic luster. Just next to the demon door, a face with a demon horn looks extremely ferocious, and the demon falls into purple blood.
It still has a faint breath, but from the right shoulder to the left rib, it was cut into two ends by something sharp, and a lot of purple blood flowed out of his body.
Although this demon has half body, it can still be seen that it is extremely big and strong, and it is born with some magic lines.
There are some damaged organs in the cut-off body wound that come out with purple blood. It seems that it still crawls a few steps on the ground, and a long blood trail is dragged out of the floor, even the intestines and stomachs flow all over the floor.
When Surdak saw it, his eyes had completely lost color, as if he had no soul.
On the platform of the high tower, a young magician pushed the window in a hurry, but unfortunately he didn’t keep his balance well, slipped and fell out of the high tower.
When Surdak ran to the window, he saw that the young wizard had pulled out a magic whip during his fall, and the young wizard turned over with his body and rode the magic whip directly into the night.
Samira sensitively drilled out of the window, grabbed the tile eaves with one hand, turned over and stepped on the magic tower, aiming at the young wizard who had drilled into the night and hastily shot an arrow.
The young magician shook the magic handle of the arrow in his shoulder violently, but he didn’t fall and flew to the northern valley in the distance.
At the same time, black wizards rushed out of his magic tower one after another riding magic paddles …
This kind of tower-fighting sorcerer can’t be the opponent of this group of two-turn swordsmen, especially the suppression of crossing equal-order forces makes these black wizards have no room to fight back.
Flying to the middle, the magicians hold the magic scroll to fight back at the second swordsmen exhibition that was chased out.
Several magic towers were ignited one after another in the fireball explosion.
Six black magicians riding magic handfuls were shot down at the top of Samira Tower one after another, and these black magicians realized that they were not comfortable riding magic handfuls, and they were raising their heights.
But in this way, when they throw fireballs in their hands, they also have no power.