That is to say, this ugly general, Lux, is an enemy to him.

At the moment, Bai Lianxing is also worried about locking the silver eyebrow and phoenix eyes, looking at the ghost poor Lux’s bitter heart and sighing’ It’s a pity if my husband can compete with this …’
Thought of here, she looked at the left and right depressed, and the crowd immediately showed a touching faint smile. "This battle is a big star-loving thing. I would like to try my best."
With that, she ignored everyone’s dissuasion and wanted to fight before.
But at this time, a strong figure has blocked her front and she can’t step out. At the same time, she said coldly, "I’ll come."
They immediately opened their eyes in consternation!
"Two … two tigers! ?”
"Two tigers brothers what are you? Don’t kill me on impulse! "
"Hi ~ you call two tigers when you are really a tiger! Come back … Don’t make a mistake ~ "
Good. Now, those who stop Bai Lianxing from coming forward will face up to playing the cruel two tigers and Luo Yu.
It seems that the two tigers can compete with the accompanying animal cubs even though they have great strength.
But ….. that’s also the help of Mo Zhuang Gong. If Mo Zhuang Gong, I’m afraid these two goods have long been made into patties by accompanying animal cubs!
Besides, this Ding Chou will look very fierce. Can you compare it with your little strength? This is comparable to the Templar dzogchen! That hammer had to be smashed from head to toe!
At that time, everyone looked at the’ volunteering’ and stepped towards the door. Two tigers were overwhelmed with despair!
Especially after the comparison of the two people’s bodies, it is even more sighing …
"Finished … finished it is better to let the sun road?"
"Dao Ye, I’m hi ~ Let’s first calculate how much Shou Yuan we can have left."
"Oh, my god, if you are old and widowed, you will not be far away if you receive armor again!"
"This ….. this two tigers missed my wait ~"
But at this moment, Mozhuang is unique in waving his fan and showing off his manners, threatening, "Oh, don’t talk nonsense. It’s public will!"
Then he looked at Bai Lianxing and Gongsun Sheng. "You can rest assured that Gong has seen through this!"
"Oh ~!" Gongsun Sheng was pleasantly surprised.
Bai Lianxing saw that Mozhuang was not what it used to be, so he was so confident that he smiled and nodded. "Dare to ask Mo Gongyou for your opinion?"
When they heard that Mo Zhuanggong, the incarnation of wisdom, was so sure, they followed in shock and seemed to ask for truth in succession.
Seeing Mozhuang, he shook his head mysteriously and said, "The secret is … I can’t say anything, and I just need to wait for good news."
I have to say that Mozhuang dialect is still very good, especially because of his mysterious appearance, which makes people feel a little expectation and believes in whispering to each other.
"I think it must be Mo Gong’s critical eyes that really see the way. This is the second tiger’s battle."
"The two tigers are strong and add Mogong’s secret plan to win!"
"It’s reasonable!"
At the moment, I am looking at a confident Mozhuang White Love Star, and I will look at the back of the two tigers.
I don’t know
Although this figure is very weak compared with Ding Chou’s general Gao, he feels inexplicably familiar and full of security.
At the moment, the two tigers entered on their own. Although there is a soul figure in Mozhuang who affirmed it, they are still uneasy in their hearts because of a Shou Yuan bet.
Two tigers glanced around.
This ghost gate, like Wengcheng, is neither big nor small, and it is more like a competitive circular arena.
However, there are many yin soldiers in the pass, and the ghost chess hunting ground is dull, and the Xuanshipu still leaves traces of the previous round of fighting.
At the moment, the last decisive battle is still open, and the door is still open.
When everyone saw that the man was as tall as a small mountain, Ding Chou turned his hand lightly, and both his iron and skull hammers stood on his shoulders. Looking down at the two tigers in front of him, he said surprisingly, "You … are very strong!"
When this statement comes out, two tigers lock their brows slightly.
His heart andao this Ding Chou will be able to see my strength?
But this audience is quite surprised!
Because in the previous five matchups, even in the face of the winning wood, Yan, Xie and Liu Ding, I didn’t say this!
Can the strength of the two tigers in Shanmeng be stronger than that of the black knife and wood? Or does Mo Zhuanggong really have any clever plan to make the strength of the two tigers soar?
But they can’t control these at the moment.
Shaoding Chou will say that the two tigers are very strong at the moment and then say that they may really be able to turn the tide!
At the same time, the jade barrier that suspicious eyes also to the two tigers back.
Seeing that Erhu is still cold, "Lord Ding Chou’s eyesight is amazing. I wonder if adults can see how many people are behind me … stronger?"
When this statement came out, most of them were startled, but even more so.
How many fucking people are there in their hearts? If you want to be stronger, you have to be two tigers.
Ding Chou will stuffy hum a "want to test the poor eyesight? Let it be ~ I’ll let you see if I haven’t seen anyone for a long time. "
Suddenly Ding Chou scanned the crowd with a pair of cold eyes.
Cold eyes keep changing directions, and the fire flickers for a moment.
He looked down at the front of him again and said, "One person is stronger than you, two people are extremely strong and two people are unfathomable."
"ah! What …? "
At that time, the two tigers have fried the pot behind them!
If Ding Chou is right, wouldn’t five of them hide their strength?
At the same time, Jade Barrier should suspect that Erhu’s eyes flashed to the crowd.
He still has some doubts that the two tigers are a secret in front of him, but Ding Chou’s words made him immediately dismissed the idea.
I don’t know that he originally recognized Luo Yu, but I don’t know that he is sure that Erhu is not Luo Yu!
Chapter 31 The five strong intentions are dormant and the two tigers fight Ding Chou
At this moment, Jade Barrier will suddenly change his mind?
Because if there are five people who are stronger than the two tigers in front of them, the two who are "extremely strong" should be their own swords and the array.