However, it is also the thought of this way that Cao Jun adopted when he besieged Wancheng. Liu Cong felt that he could do the opposite, but instead of building earth barriers, he built wood and then set fire to it. However, Liu Cong was still not sure whether this way could damage the solid wall.

It would be much simpler if there were gunpowder, Liu Cong thought to himself. He wanted to make black gunpowder, but the smelting level is low. It is hard to say how much fear it can produce even if it can be made.
Only after listening to Jia Xu’s words did Liu Cong think of fire attack, but he felt that it was not enough. After his eyes lit up, it was obvious that Jia Xu didn’t just want fire attack.
After Jia Xu came clean about his ideas, Liu Cong could not help but nod, "This is a good idea!"
Jia Xu reserved smoothed her beard and said, "But it needs careful consideration and it will be successful once."
Bretz nods, "That’s why it’s still necessary …"
While walking, the two men said that they would improve the Jia Xu plan step by step, and even the method of Liu Cong was added. Although it is still impossible to say that they will succeed, it is by no means what Liu Cong wants. Only by breaking Yang’ an as soon as possible can they grasp the initiative as soon as possible. Jia Xu also agrees with this, otherwise they will not agree that Liu Cong will send troops to Hanzhong so soon.
After returning to the Zhongjun account, Liu Cong called the generals to assign the generals’ lives to prepare for them. Liu Cong also said to Jia Xu, "Is it possible for Sir to find a way to make Zhang Lu surrender after the break?"
Although it seems a little premature to say this now, Jia Xu still thought it over carefully for a moment before saying, "I’m afraid it’s not easy."
Liu Congsuo has this question because the sooner the Hanzhong campaign is over, the sooner it can run this place and pose a greater threat to Cao Cao’s development. If Zhang Lu can be forced to give up resistance and surrender through military threats, it will not only greatly reduce the losses of Jingzhou army, but also make Hanzhong suffer from the war disaster, which will be of great benefit to the subsequent governance.
"After all, Zhang Lu has ruled Hanzhong for several years, and the general has no sense of righteousness. Even if he can attack Yang ‘an, he can become more stubborn and is likely to ask Cao Cao for help." Jia Xu continued, "At that time, Hanzhong was afraid that there would be a dilemma in which all the people were soldiers and all the enemies were enemies."
Liu cong also thought of this. After all, he knows the religious power too well. What’s more, isn’t the Yellow Scarf Army Taiping Road? If Zhang Lu refuses to surrender to the death and mobilizes all the congregation to resist, Jingzhou Army will be dragged into the quagmire of war.
Of course, it’s not that there is no way to eradicate Zhang Lushou’s top-level Pentecostal Sect, and this force can be disintegrated from the organization. What does Liu Cong believe that it is necessary to crack down severely and at the same time, through the implementation of the New Deal, the people can live a stable life and eat enough food, and they can win the support of the bottom people. Although this process will be very long, isn’t it just that Zhang Lushou can stand in Hanzhong?
☆, Chapter one hundred and fourteen Don’t have tricks to build a mound.
Hanzhong is a basin surrounded by mountains. Although the terrain is dangerous, the area is limited. Even if refugees from all over the country flood in, it is only a few hundred thousand people. Although Hanzhong’s strength is not a problem for 30,000 to 50,000 troops, it is close to the limit. After all, it is impossible to pull all the young people into the army and a large number of people have to farm and produce.
In this situation, the importance of Yang ‘an becomes more and more prominent, and it is two or three days’ journey from Yang ‘an to Nanzheng, which is too close.
The news that Jingzhou army had arrived in Yang ‘an soon arrived in Nanzheng City, which made the atmosphere in the city suddenly tense. After all, Jingzhou’s title was too loud. In recent years, it not only annexed Jiangdong, but even Yizhou took it as its own. Now this evil neighbor is coveting Hanzhong to send troops to attack Yang ‘an. If it is broken into the war, it will soon burn to Nanzheng.
However, at this time, the benefits of the integration of politics and religion will become more and more obvious.
Although Zhang Lu killed Liu Yan and appointed Zhang Xiu and annexed many talents to gain independence, at that time, the imperial court had already been divided, and Cao Cao had been busy conquering Liu Zhang and Pang Xi and other Dongzhou soldiers. However, Zhang Lu’s Cao Cao adopted the policy of appeasement, wooing Zhang Lu’s troops, worshiping Zhang Lu’s soldiers, and leading the prefect of Hanning to establish a political Zhang Lu, so he took the opportunity to vigorously develop "governance" management units. There were 24 "governance" in the ruling area, and there were no long officials to offer drinks and manage administrative, military and religious matters.
This set of strict management system soon calmed down the commotion of the city people. However, the pent-up fear that Jingzhou Army would not withdraw its troops for a day broke out sooner or later. Zhang Lu decided to ask Cao Cao for help. After all, he is still a nominal court official and Cao Cao’s sworn enemy. It is difficult for him to persist in Hanzhong alone without the help of Cao Cao’s strength.
After sending messengers, Zhang Lu didn’t feel at ease, but paid more attention to the movement of Jingzhou army outside Yang ‘an, but he was puzzled that it was because Jingzhou army had been on hold outside the camp after a night attack.
It’s not that Zhang Wei didn’t send someone to Nanzheng to report the situation. In fact, he sent a messenger to Nanzheng to report to his brother almost every day.
It can’t be said that the Jingzhou army was on hold yesterday.
"Is Jingzhou Army crazy?" Zhang Wei was surprised when he learned the news, but the Jingzhou army surrounded a half-man-tall earthen bag all day, which made the defenders of Chengtou almost laugh their teeth off.
However, they will soon be unable to laugh. Although the terrain of the city is very narrow, they can’t hold the Jingzhou army close to the city a little bit. With these clods, the soldiers of Jingzhou army will have a shelter and archers will shoot arrows from time to time. Those clods are getting higher and higher.
"This is not the way to go. If you don’t end up leading the troops out to kill for a while?" Yang can’t see the past, so it’s not his style to wait and do nothing. Zhang Wei also thinks that if he goes like this, he will probably be built into a high platform by Jingzhou army and must be destroyed by the troops.
When Yang Ang led more than 2,000 people to file out from the door and rushed down the narrow mountain road of the city to the earth barrier built by Jingzhou Army, they were immediately shot by Jingzhou Army archers.
The terrain is narrow and the crowd is dense. Although the defenders of the city also shoot arrows, they still can’t stop the Jingzhou army’s arrows from rushing out of the city like migratory locusts. At the same time, the soldiers in Hanzhong are screaming and screaming, and they soon fall down in a row.
Yang Ang rushed to the front with a circular shield and a circular knife. If he hadn’t jumped into the moat quickly and conveniently, he wouldn’t be able to escape the arrow attack. The foot soldiers in Hanzhong followed suit and hid in the moat. If they couldn’t squeeze in, they would be covered with snow.
Seeing the city watching Zhang Wei, he quickly ordered the archers to suppress the enemy. However, the Jingzhou army archers had earth barriers to hide, and unless they kept throwing arrows at them, they would come out and shoot arrows at the road.
The most exasperating thing is that the Jingzhou army is even equipped with a large number of hard crossbows, and it is not necessary to lean out and set up a crossbow to shoot blindly. Anyway, it is so big that someone is unlucky.
Zhang Wei has no temper in the face of almost relying on playing, and he can hope that Yang Neng will improvise.
Good Yang didn’t let him down. After resisting the arrows of Jingzhou Army, Yang saw that the distance was not too far and simply made a determined effort. Rush! "
City Hanzhong soldiers also know that it is not the way to lie down in the trench. Only by approaching the enemy can Yang climb out of the trench and rush to the mountain road.
Zhang Weize Chengtou constantly urged archers to throw arrows at the city to cover Yang and others.
The dense arrow rain finally suppressed the Jingzhou army and Yang slipped and fell a somersault because of the snow. At the moment, the team was not dense and was not trampled into a paste by one of their own, so it was covered in snow and mud.
This short distance of hundreds of steps seems so far away at the moment. When Yang finally led his troops to a soil barrier, the city defenders stopped shooting for fear of accidental injury, but the soil barrier was already one person high and it was urgent and difficult to climb.
"kill!" As Hanzhong soldiers climbed to the earth base, Jingzhou spearmen suddenly appeared in the base, wrapped in cold wind, and suddenly stabbed out.
The soldiers in Hanzhong City were stabbed with guns, and dozens of people were poked. The hot blood quickly melted, and the snow was soon trampled on. The two sides immediately fell into a scuffle.
The bloated shirt made Yang feel very uncomfortable blocking the mountain road mound, which made him hold his breath. Why didn’t he think that the narrow mountain road also limited his own side? This mound blocked the mountain road and wanted to break it, so he could storm from the front, but every time he went into battle, there were only a dozen people, and the number of the two sides was different. It was obviously easy for Jingzhou Army to defend against the mound.
Chengtou’s support is limited, and it seems that it can fight the war of attrition.
However, this kind of attack failed the Jingzhou army’s tenacious resistance, and Yang was also shot in the arm with a cold arrow. The armor was strong enough and the injury was not serious. Zhang Wei saw that the long attack did not cause heavy casualties, so he ordered Ming Jin to retreat.