Think of undeserving crazy brother Xue Yiren not only clenched his hand.

There is no sword in his hand because his sword was collected by him ten years ago.
No one is worthy of his sword.
Maybe there was one, but he never found it.
He remembered the incident many years ago.
On that day, Zuo Qinghou of the Cup Throwing Villa invited him to duel.
He didn’t want to promise.
But he is Xue Yi and has to promise.
What’s more, their hatred is so strong that it needs blood to resolve it.
The best time to kill people is when the moon is dark and windy.
It was windy that night.
Just outside a small forest.
The wind blows his black clothes, but it can’t move his heart.
His heart has long been as hard as stone.
But Zuo Qinghou didn’t want to kill him like this.
Because Zuo Qing Hou Shi is a rare hero.
If his surname is not Zuo Xueyi, people will be willing to make friends with him.
He has few friends and few enemies.
It happened that Zuo Qinghou became his enemy.
He will never forget this day.
When he was about to pierce Zuo Qinghou’s throat with a stroke of wind and snow, a flying knife actually hit the body of the sword accurately, which made the sword aim sideways.
Therefore, Zuo Qinghou’s life was saved.
He was already a real swordsman at that time, but he was still cracked by that flying knife.
At that time, his swordsmanship was not as good as his, even though Ziyihou, a great master of swordsmanship in the past.
Zeng Jianchi made tea to try his sword, and Li Guanyu himself admitted that his swordsmanship was unique and invincible.
He is not complacent, but he doesn’t believe that anyone can stop his sword.
Of course, throwing a knife was a sword that defeated him when he met Zuo Qinghou.
But if the target of that flying knife is not a sword but his throat, I’m afraid he can’t flash either.
He didn’t fail, but he was even sadder than failure.
But if that fly knife, he can’t further reach today’s realm.
His greatest wish in this life is to find the owner of flying knife and have a fair fight.
But I’m afraid this wish is difficult to realize.
Xue Bin act quickly away from a large field outside Xuejiazhuang.
This is all their Xue family property.
Zuo Zhu has been really unhappy for a long time since he lost his face in front of him and lost the heart of a beautiful woman.
But it’s easy for aristocratic men to find a beautiful woman.
But he is a man of taste, and he also met a beautiful girl.
They made an appointment to meet in the morning.
The beautiful girl sang a ditty leisurely by the stream.
Even more graceful than Oriole, the songs floated on the surface of the stream, and the graceful notes fell into Xue Bin’s ear. He was almost drunk.
He shouted, "Soo Yun, I’m coming."
The beautiful girl turned around and whispered, "Xue Lang", but her soft eyes flashed a wisp of resentment.
It would be a pity if Xue Bin could go to such a beautiful wife if she didn’t come from humble origins.
It’s a hundred times stronger than that unruly lady Zuo Zhu.
He felt hot when he remembered that beautiful women were always submissive.
Today, if you talk about it, you must do it.
Let her enjoy the most wonderful things in this world in this wilderness.
Boys and girls love each other deeply and soon snuggle together.
Suddenly the teenager grabbed the girl’s throat and held a sharp knife in the other hand.
Holding the blade and bleeding all the time
Xue Bin said, "What?"
The girl sneered, "What have you done yourself? You know you killed me, and I won’t spare you if I become a ghost."
Xue Bin said, "You’re just a little poor girl. If you hadn’t seduced me, we wouldn’t have known each other until now. What kind of hatred can we have?"
The girl spat at Xue Bin’s face and Xue Bin was very angry.
Xue Bin Shirley laughed. "Didn’t you say I was morally bankrupt? I’ll show you the conscience. "
He threw away the dagger and lit the girl’s acupoint.
His martial arts is not very high, but it is easy to deal with an ordinary village girl.
The girl shed crystal tears, and Xue Bin’s look has gone crazy.
But suddenly his whole body flew up and fell into the grass.
Chapter 57 Cause of death
Shi Xiuyun’s uncle’s house is a very ordinary farmhouse.
Have her second aunt’s house
For a strange young man like Li Zhichang, her second aunt is still very wary.