The regular net formed by the avenue the day after tomorrow spread rapidly and soon came to the galaxy to be included in the enveloping range.
Is the wind zichen and will allow this to happen? The galaxy star is self-contained and surely won’t let foreign forces get their hands on this place.
The mind moves, the wind moves, and Zichen urges the Milky Way to shine brightly.
All of a sudden, the stars turn into a vast milky way, accompanied by bright light flowing slowly, and the day after tomorrow, thousands of ways will block the outside of the galaxy.
At the same time, each big hole in the wild and the blessed land has its own strong breath rising.
That’s the great magical powers in the wild, and they will use their own means to form a rule for the day after tomorrow, and they will never let them get close to each other outside the road.
It is recognized that the day after tomorrow is far worse than the birth.
In this case, will those great magical powers allow ten thousand ways to enter their own Dojo the day after tomorrow? It’s easier for them to follow the rules of heaven and earth.
Purple star wind Zichen seems to have thought of it after blocking the day after tomorrow, so suddenly she separated a wisp of spirit and came to the vast land.
The incarnation of Zichen, a famous mountain and hill in the vast land, quietly emerged.
Then I didn’t see what he was doing. He just lifted his arm and listened to it. It was broken layer by layer.
"Sure enough, compared with before, the rules of heaven and earth have changed from innate to virtual, which makes it more fragile."
There the wind zichen said silently
This temptation made him determine that the universe was weaker than previously suspected.
It is also that the power of the acquired ten thousand ways is far less than that of the innate ten thousand ways, and the universe supported by the acquired ten thousand ways is naturally far less solid than that supported by the innate ten thousand ways.
It is normal for heaven and earth to weaken.
But it also represents that the strength of Taoist Heaven after cultivation is far less than that of Taoist Nature after cultivation.
And I’m afraid this strength difference is not a packet.
The later the realm, the greater the gap.
In particular, the gap between heaven and earth is even more obvious when the realm is reached after the pick of Jin Xian. No, he said that the pick of Jin Xian is immortal, which can not be done after the practice of heaven.
Because the innate Tao is too fragile compared with the post-heaven.
The immortal of Luo Jinxian can not die because they have branded their true spirit, which is the source of their testimony.
Therefore, the immortal monk can achieve immortality.
Since the innate ten thousand ways are crowned with innate names, it is said that they are innate and born, which is the real foundation of the universe.
Heaven and earth are not destroyed, and nature is immortal.
Then the innate Tao proves that Brother Luo Jinxian can be immortal.
But heaven can’t. The rules created by this man are really fragile and great. The magicians can crush them with a little effort.
It is even impossible to think that even the ten thousand ways after tomorrow are so fragile, not to mention that it is a great way to achieve immortality.
both sides
The root is not an order of magnitude.
Congenital Tao proves that Luo Jinxian is a big pick, but after being praised and respected, Luo Jinxian is a big pick.
Even the day after tomorrow, the pick of Jin Xian even achieved the goal of saying that they are pick of Jin Xian, which is really an insult to pick of Jin Xian.
Of course
After the change of congenital Tao, the strength of Godsworn Tian Dao will become weaker, but it will become easier to doubt when practicing.
If the heaven after simplicity can be obscure and difficult to understand, can the innate Tao be compared?
It is naturally much easier to comprehend.
When the avenue is deeply understood, it will naturally be quick if it suddenly rises.
There are all kinds of disadvantages after the congenital Tao changes into the heaven, but just because the heaven after heaven is easier to cultivate than the congenital Tao is enough to make the monks in the wild can’t wait to agree with him.
The reason he
Because the avenue becomes simple, the realm will rise quickly, and it is easier to achieve immortality if the realm rises quickly.
The most troublesome thing for all beings in the acquired era is that when they get immortality, they are willing to give anything, not to mention changing the heaven.
At this time, the wind Zichen vaguely understood what so many tianjiao could appear in the later generations to achieve cross-border fighting and even cross several borders.