The five captains looked at each other and finally turned their eyes to Baron Sidney. As we all know, the selection of reserve knights is to replace Baron Sidney, the old York squadron leader of the Sixth Squadron of the Fourth Brigade.

Sidney stood up in a straight suit, adjusted his clothes and said seriously
"Count Mondego, I think the best way to test whether they have such ability is to throw them into the battlefield. Only when they face evil spirits can they show their ability. We can set a time limit to see who can lead their soldiers’ teams to hunt the most evil spirits in the battlefield, then who will be the winner of this knight selection."
As soon as Baron Sidney’s voice fell, the squadron leaders whispered to each other, and everyone agreed that it seemed impossible for infantry soldiers to kill evil spirits.
"How can this be done?"
Some people in a group of mid-team leaders whispered that although these mid-team leaders are one grade behind Baron Sidney, they lack due respect for Baron Sidney because they are no longer in the same brigade.
Count Mondego seems to have known that Baron Sidney would say this and asked the three young people directly without consulting others.
"What do you think? Are you willing to participate in this assessment? "
Laurent Goss, a young aristocrat, came out and took the lead in asking, "Baron Sidney, did you just say that you could lead your own team to participate in the hunting of evil spirits?"
"Exactly," replied Baron Sidney.
Laurent Goss replied with a smug look in his eyes
"if that’s that case, then I have no problem!"
Baron Sidney’s eyes fell on Kerry Abbe, a big man who was obviously inarticulate, as if he had something to say in his throat for a long time before saying a word.
"I’m fine, too."
Baron Sidney walked up to Surdak, stretched out his hand and patted him on the shoulder and said with a smile, "Don’t let me down by preparing for a three-day hunting period for evil spirits …"
"We will do our best," Surdak bowed his head and said to Baron Sidney.
Surdak didn’t expect that the assessment topic of the reserve knight would be hunting evil spirits. It is obvious that Baron Sidney only saw that the second team had repeatedly paid the evil spirits’ heads recently and decided that their team had the ability to fight evil spirits.
Laurent Tegos, a young nobleman who came to the barracks and was gilded with gold, did not retreat from hunting evil spirits as everyone imagined.
On the contrary, some people are eager to hunt evil spirits this time.
Carey Abbe walked out of the camp with his head held high without fear.
Surdak came out of the camp and there was no sign of a fight. The second group of soldiers’ hula’ went around.
Compared with the lively scene in the second team, Carey Abbe looks a little bleak. After walking out of the tent, she is alone and has no friends to talk to.
Garcia of the Red Sox asked Surdak, "Captain, when are you going to play?"
"Now it’s probably early in preparation. The assessment topic is to lead the team to hunt evil spirits …"
The red Sox looked a little excited and waved their fists and said, "Oh, it seems that we are good at this!" "
"Don’t say that, let’s go back and get ready again," said Hu cautiously.
When leaving the tent, Bo Qiang happened to see the young noble Laurent Goss, the captain of the second brigade, talking and chatting at the door of the tent. It seemed that they were very familiar. When he saw the captain of the second brigade patting his chest and saying something, Laurent Goss’s face was filled with a bright smile. Bo Qiang felt that it seemed not that simple …
Chapter 1 Sacrifice
A small aristocrat in a branch of the Sangos family.
Although Lorenz Goss has no ability, he has made many close friends with Count Mondego during his military career in Warsaw for more than a year. He not only knows several knights, but also is close to the captains of the first and second brigades, and occasionally sees them drinking together.
Knight assessment, if it is a separate challenge, can’t harm his own strength. Laurent Goss knows that there are not many opportunities for reserve knights to select himself, but I didn’t expect Baron Sidney to go out to hunt evil spirits and lead a team, which made Laurent Goss have some hope in his heart.
Lorenz Goss’s idea is very simple. With these high-level people in the 57th Heavily Armored Infantry Regiment, they get along so well. Everyone secretly transfers the elite soldiers in the infantry squad, and with these elite soldiers, they can probably get along smoothly.
I should be a baron and nobleman of Goss family.
Lorenz Tegos thinks so, and the effect is amazing. Several captains have promised to send the strongest fighters to help Lorenz Tegos finish this task. If there are not 12 places for a team, Lorenz Tegos would like to mix a team of 20 people to kill, so he may be more sure.
After the appointment, Lorenz Tegos returned to his tent early in the morning to make some necessary preparations for this three-day wild hunting operation.
Laurent Goss made preparations in an orderly way. Unlike Carey Abbe, he came out of the tent and went straight back to the 13 th team camping tent. The death team veterans will not miss this rare opportunity to rest. They usually sneak out of the camp to have some fun.
Inside the tent, there are a few recruits with little money in their pockets, who are gathering around to wipe their weapons and swords. These maintenance weapons and death squads are usually the work of recruits.
Seeing the captain coming in from outside the tent, seven recruits got up nervously and waited for Abbe’s instructions.
However, Abbe was not in the mood to lecture these dull recruits at the moment. He found a chair to sit there and was silent for a while before he asked, "Where have they all gone?"
I didn’t wait for the recruits to answer. Abeban waved his hand impatiently and said, "Go get them back quickly before sunset!"
"yes! Captain "
Recruits also dare not ask why they ran out of the camp and looked for it in the temporary commercial street.
Carey Abbe thinks in his heart that there are only five veterans in the death squad. This kind of action of hunting evil spirits can’t bring these recruits’ eggs. It’s definitely not enough to want to hunt evil spirits. Think about the veterans who have some friendship with themselves in the military camp. It’s really not much to count, but they have a holiday with themselves.
After thinking about it for a while, Abbe lifted her feet out of the tent and decided to ask the veterans she was familiar with. If they were willing to help the hunting, the evil spirits would belong to them, and if they didn’t, they could divide it equally, even if it was a reward for helping.
Towards the end of the evening, Abe returned to the tent from outside with a gloomy face.