I heard that although the bodhi old zu of Styx was excited in his heart, he still resisted the patience to speak and waited for Fengdu Emperor to tell the reason.

It was then that Fengdu Emperor suddenly asked him, "Do Taoist friends remember those two chaotic fiend confrontations?"
Although he didn’t know this question, the bodhi old zu of Styx replied, "Naturally, I remember the chaos in the outer space and the first world war, and I got a glimpse of the heaven and the earth, and the first world war officially confirmed the current pattern of the three realms."
These are earth-shattering events. I can’t forget them if I want to. The bodhi old zu of Styx naturally remembers them.
"hey!" With a long sigh, Fengdu Emperor naidi said, "Friends of Styx, these two battles were your chance to become a Taoist, but you missed them one by one."
? ? ?
Feng du’s remark that the bodhi old zu of Styx didn’t dispel doubts, but he was even more puzzled. How did he feel when he became a Taoist?
I couldn’t help asking the bodhi old zu of Styx, "Dao you mean this?" Is it possible that these two battles have been delayed by being poor? "
The fifth chapter wants to kill the holy Styx
Instead of answering the question of the ancestor of Styx, feng du asked, "What is the Taoist monastery?"
The bodhi old zu of Styx blurted out "the way of killing is congenital blood"
Nodding his head, Fengdu Emperor replied, "What are these two avenues like?"
This time, the bodhi old zu of Styx wanted to think, but he answered, "In terms of lethality, the top three are also the reasons why the war is harmful and difficult to achieve."
"Congenital blood can be traced back to the beginning of life, and the true drop of life can also be evolved by blood. It is also difficult to build the best road in the wild."
Feng du Ghost Emperor agrees, "Yes, whether it’s an war or a congenital blood channel, it’s a first-class road in the wild. Once it becomes a road, it is bound to bring unimaginable transformation to Taoist friends."
"But as Taoist friends said, these two avenues are too harmful and heaven is unwilling for anyone to achieve this, which makes the conditions for enlightenment extremely harsh."
Speaking of which, the ghost emperor of feng du suddenly got up and looked at the bodhi old zu Shen of Styx and said, "According to the results of being original for many years, those who practice war must slay a statue of mixed yuan Luo Jinxian if they want to become a Taoist."
"In the same way, those who practice congenital blood channels have to swallow a statue of mixed-yuan Luo Jinxian’s blood if they want to become Tao."
"So Daoyou ever said that those two chaotic fiend battles were Daoyou’s chance to become a Taoist?"
Fengdu Emperor’s words were like a bolt from the blue. The heart of the ancestor Styx exploded and he didn’t speak for a long time.
It was really shocking that the ancestor Styx never thought that the two innate Tao he practiced were so difficult to achieve.
If I had known today, he had …
Well, I’ll still choose to practice congenital bloodletting and say goodbye. It’s too strong to ask anything.
A long time later, the bodhi old zu of Styx just said with a wry smile, "So that’s it. No wonder Taoist friends will say that those two wars will be my chance to become a Taoist."
Yes, it was a chance of enlightenment and a chance of omission. At that time, nearly 20 chaotic fiends were beaten to death by a group of mixed yuan strong people.
If the bodhi old zu of Styx was cruel enough to seize the opportunity, then he would make up a sword for the chaotic fiend at all costs, so now he would have become a Taoist and would not have delayed the breakthrough in the realm of mixed elements like this.
I don’t know how long it took before the bodhi old zu of Styx suddenly said blankly, "Daoyou said that there is still hope for being original?"
At this moment, the bodhi old zu of Styx was really desperate and felt that the future was dark and there was no light.
If we defeat the ancestor of the Styx, we can still be sure that we can slay a statue of him. He really can’t do it.
It’s not so easy to slay when the strength reaches the mixed yuan realm, even at all costs, the winner can be divided and the life and death can be divided by law.
Don’t say it’s a mixed-up pick, even slaying a statue of the great avatar of the same level, the bodhi old zu of Styx, may not be able to do it now
The higher the realm, the harder it is to slay this statement.
Looking at the face of despair, Fengdu Emperor, the bodhi old zu of Styx, also missed two enlightenment opportunities in succession. This is no one.
According to the situation of the ancestor of Styx, it is really difficult for him to become a Taoist. After all, the first two situations are rare in the ages, and it is difficult to happen again for the third time.
How can there be so many chaotic fiends lying for the bodhi old zu of Styx to kill!
Fengdu Emperor opened his mouth and wanted to comfort the bodhi old zu of Styx, but he didn’t know what to say to make him silent.
Silence for a long time
Just when the heart of the bodhi old zu in Styx gradually died, feng du’s ghost emperor suddenly jumped like never before.
At the same time, a picture of the future has emerged one after another in the sea of knowledge in Fengdu Emperor.
It was a terrible war, and the place where it happened was the underworld.
I don’t know when large tracts of bright golden light suddenly emerged in the dark underworld.
Where the golden light is peaceful and overbearing, everything that is illuminated by the theory of life is a peaceful expression after the previous expression.
Although this golden light has never appeared in the wild, feng du Ghost Emperor recognized it as the purest Buddha’s light at the first sight.
Will there be Buddha’s light in the underworld?
Feng du ghost emperor suddenly looked up and saw several figures shrouded in bright Buddha’s light at the end of the underworld besieging a crowned emperor.
And the statue of emperor impressively is feng du ghost emperor.
Turning to another place, feng du Ghost Emperor saw that the ancestor of Styx was him, and the situation was very bad. He was already on the road, and the confrontation between Zhenyuan was suppressed by the other side. It is estimated that it will not be long before he will end up in a suppressed field.
Continue to observe the battlefield, and then feng du Ghost Emperor found that almost all the masters of the underworld were targeted
Wait, no, not all the empress Xuan Ming’s ancestors. No
After reading this, Fengdu Emperor scanned the battlefield, and then he saw the figure of Empress Been in the depths of The six great divisions in the wheel of karma Plate.
But at the moment, the situation of Empress Been is very bad.