"What do you mean?"

"Because Miss Snow didn’t leave a legacy, she didn’t send a message or take any medicine before committing suicide."
Delphine sighed. "Do you think it’s like suicide? Even her happiness test a week ago set a threshold.
Accord to my experience, it doesn’t seem like a psychological state of a person who is going to commit suicide.
Even so, kingfisher is very cautious in his words.
"Not really" means "still possible"
Russell felt lost in her words.
This is obviously that Delphine thinks there is something wrong in this case, but more evidence proves that she is wrong.
"… then what is suicide?" Russell asked.
"Because the whole process of her suicide was recorded by the monitoring process, she didn’t jump off a building in a rare way, but the Tianen Park Department and the Tianen Observatory jumped to the rooftop.
"In the end, she died in the eyes of the public … many people in the class saw her, and several people closest to her were splashed with blood."
Kingfisher shook his head here. "Fortunately, there was no pressure on anyone, and almost one more person died."
Russell looked it up quickly, but he didn’t find the news of "Snow White committed suicide by jumping off a building"
Seeing Russell moving the kingfisher guessed what he was doing and shook his head. "There is no news about this at present, because fortunately, she is the Tianen Park Department. Since people still don’t know the news of her death, it can be blocked to a certain extent and can be investigated to a certain extent."
"But it won’t last long."
Russell frowned. "Since you see enough people, you will definitely go out."
"Soon, it will probably come out the day after tomorrow … these two days, his news popularity has been destroyed by the war, and the news has covered people’s abnormal excitement about the war … there is nothing to see."
Delphine, a half-witness, didn’t think there was anything exciting about the war.
She thought it was a massacre.
There are three figures of dead people who were bombed by angels. Their bodies can be filled with a street full of flesh and blood fragments. The total number of broken weapons and bodies is close to ten tons. Even two trucks are full of them.
That scene is quite shocking.
Whether the scene in the war, the scene after the war, or even the scene when their bodies were taken away for treatment, was recorded by ice water and Xia Honesty, and this record was completely completed. They were not able to go home and sleep until yesterday afternoon.
There are indeed a few people on the internet who lament this, but more people stare at the dried-up or flowing blood like thirsty mosquitoes and flies, screaming at cruel and bloody photos, screaming and venting their usual accumulated pressure.
In this carnival … they didn’t notice that Miss Snow had not appeared for two days.
"I checked the monitoring, Miss Snow, and the process didn’t stop."
Delphine frowned. "She took the ladder to the top floor and then went to the rooftop. She walked calmly without running or pausing …
"Jumping off a building makes me feel like a’ slip and fall’ or …"
"… sleepwalking?"
Russell guessed what Delphine wanted to say.
Samoyed girl hands chest some doubts and some confusion nodded "like sleepwalking.
"I wonder if this is a psionic crime?"
"You mean an illegal psionic or a newly hatched demon?"
"It’s all possible."
Delphine shook his head slightly. "The defeat of urban criminal organizations doesn’t mean the disappearance of evil, and it doesn’t mean that those illegal psions will disappear instantly … These two days, the’ middleman’ workers haven’t stopped. Urban areas are also urban areas.
"I think those illegal psionic people will spread to urban areas like transferring cancer, which is more difficult to cure.
"The same is true of newly hatched demons. Recently, the price and unemployment rate have risen sharply, and it is not impossible for someone to wake up because of this."
Delphine is always so cautious.
When we meet something, we will give all the possibilities after thinking about it, and we will not easily deny one of them. "If we come to work, we will all get into trouble."
But in that case …
Russell suddenly asked, "What about the loser?
"Has he had any problems recently?"
Smell speech delphinium first glanced at Russell with some surprise.
Then she immediately thought of something and looked at Russell’s pupil and suddenly magnified it for a moment.
Probably guessed it.
Russell thought.
After all, Delphine knows that the inferior is born.
"….. he is obviously not right these two days. He is often in the same place, dazed and sometimes suddenly laughs, but the laughter will come to an abrupt end soon, and occasionally he looks a little sad … he has not continued to go to the city or assisted the execution department in these two days.
"Just sit in the executive department every day, then get up suddenly, walk twice, and get up again immediately."
"Sounds like you just retired."
Russell vomited, "Is it so empty?"
It looks like the fairy was killed and it was completely hidden.