After staying up all night, Qiao Yunlai didn’t have the spirit, but when he heard Chen Feng’s words, he smiled, "The president of the basketball club is telling the truth. You are really tall. You almost want to play table tennis. All the balls are always thinking about throwing them into the distance and playing in the national team."

What is a bad friend Qiao Yun? This is it.
Chen Feng likes playing basketball. As we all know, his skill is also average. Today, it is enough to hurt his self-esteem by being told by the president about his height. Besides, there are so many girls at the scene.
How to make a foothold after 16 Chen Feng! !
"Qiao Yun! I strangle you! "
On the table, Chen Feng suddenly got up and picked up the neck towel and pulled the thick thigh to approach Qiao Yun steadily.
Qiao Yun reacted quickly and lost his pizza. It’s good to fight against his spirits with both hands. "Stop, stop, stop, stop. What about Liu Xing? Look, his state is worse than yours."
Liu Xing is another pillow to "the worst for me! Not because of you! "
Liu Xing invited Ai Yun to eat Pizza Hut and wanted to enter the dance club through the back door. Guo Ai Yun said that Qiao Yun’s limbs were not harmonious when playing together, and suggested that they set up their own game club.
This Qiao Yun thoroughly laugh awake "limbs uncoordinated? Dance club? You still go through the back door? You can think of it! This is really the funniest joke this year … "
Well, Qiao Yun offended both of them in one breath. Now not only Chen Feng wants to strangle him, but Liu Xing also wants to beat him with a carp fight.
Three scuffles in a piece of one-on-two drove Qiao Yun to hide and pull Xiao Nan in the direction of Xiao Nan as a shield
And this moment Qiao Yun also don’t forget to observe XiaoNan face.
But there is nothing strange about the gentle smile of the other party. It also helps Qiao Yun avoid Liu Xing and Chen Feng’s attacks.
Suddenly scuffle four people like being pressed the pause button.
Chen Feng and Liu Xing pinned down and pulled loose the neckline. Qiao Yunzhong put a Xiaonan Qiao Yun to resist his hands from both sides of Xiaonan, which was indecent and intimate
Is that they also saw the dormitory door condensation stranger but face without a gentle tight frown eyes glued to the four people.
"What are you doing?"
The cold face is enough to make people shudder. At this moment, his voice is so angry and too scared that the four of them hurriedly withdraw their hands and pull their clothes properly.
Everyone just fought and affected the stranger next door. So angry must be singling out the blame.
Four people are silent Qiao Yun is the atmosphere all dare not breathe out guilty.
Of the four people, he is the loudest.
Until Mo Ran walked into 54, Xiao Nan came out first. He panicked and broke the awkward silence. "Mo Ran, senior, I’m sorry I disturbed you."
Speak very fast and walk to the front. That’s all.
Then he added in a low voice, "… Don’t scold them."
I don’t know if it’s Qiao Yun’s illusion. At the moment, Xiao Nan is so humble in front of Mo Ran, but she gets a cold glance and a light scoff.
He neatly parted the four men and grabbed Qiao Yun’s wrist. He took Qiao Yun away from 54 without saying anything.
"Hey what are you doing?"
Qiao Yun’s wrist was hurt, and he was dragged all the way by the stranger to see if he wanted the top floor again.
"Come on, if you have something to say, just say it here!" Qiao Yun really doesn’t want to talk nonsense with a wooden stake. What’s wrong with that?
He broke away from the stranger and pinned it down on the stairs, staring up at each other and looking back. There is no need to guess.
One second devoted to their ears speed LanGuo Qiao Yun will he arrived in the stairs wall.
"I asked you, I told you to stay away from Xiao Nan, and you didn’t listen to anything!" The deep voice was so heavy that it almost came out of the strange chest
Qiao Yunyou was shocked for a moment and then asked, "What? Why are you so prejudiced against Xiao Nan? "
Suddenly blurted out, "Because he threatened me!"
Chapter 7 Chapter 7
"What? Xiao Nan threatens you? " Qiao Yun is funny. "Do you have any proof?"
He is embarrassed to say that Xiao Nan is so humble in front of you … He will threaten you?
"Yes!" Strangely but firmly without a joke "I have evidence that he knew in high school … I like men".
Qiao Yun, like listening to a great news, instantly opened his eyes and opened his mouth for a long time.
"Male … male … male?" It took a long time for Qiao Yuncai to shake his mouth and then blink.
Great shock
In fact, when Mo Ran first met Xiao Nan in dormitory 54, he remembered that he was told in high school that he was "fond of men" and refused the other party.
At that time, Xiao Nan’s expression was the same as that of Qiao Yun now.
Xiao Nan ran away and never met again.
But I don’t want to see it at C University.
"Do you know what I meant when I told you to guard against Xiao Nan that day?" Mo ran asked
Qiao Yun shook his head mechanically.
"Idiot" closed his eyes and opened his eyes again. "What is the effect of that post? No, I said that the answer in the comment area is obvious. He is awake. I like men and will not be recognized."
Qiao Yun finally closed his mouth and opened it instantly. "He, he, he won’t know that you washed my pants, will he?"
A chill was sucked into the nasal cavity, and my arms were shaking as I stood on the wall. "… so this is my purpose of asking you not to trust others to protect your privacy. Do you understand now?"
Being serious and serious is different from sitting in front of your head. There is a little more resistance and strength in being serious.
Qiao Yun or nodded slowly he asked, "Xiao Nan won’t be your boyfriend is me? So he’s after you? Or me? "
Stranger but a mouth was suddenly choked and forced to swallow back.
After a few seconds, he seemed to be laughing angrily. "Qiao Yun, you are so close to Xiao Nan. Didn’t you find that he usually treats you differently?"
Wait, wait, wait-
Qiao Yun is confused.
Xiao Nan is different from herself?
See Qiao Yun in consternation can’t back to the stranger but gave up "forget it, Qiao Yun, I guess it’s not always right for you to stay away from Xiao Nan. His eyes are wrong."
Say that finish stranger but will turn to leave.
Qiao Yun grabbed him. "I’ll watch after feeding Xiao Nan. Now I want to ask you who your boyfriend is. Do I know him?"
Mo ran was choked again.