Only to find that there was a note left by one person. The note was written by Hua Ye, "I took my boss to follow those true fairies."

What did you do?
Stalking the troll seven?
What, does this boss still have a hobby of collecting real immortals from other planes?
Ding Qing is busy. What Kunlun Xun Fa Lian Hua Ye wants to say is that you are not strong enough. Don’t play the boss to death, then the name of our five-line squad will be ruined.
It took a long time to reply to the message "It’s okay, the boss can play very well …"
Chapter six hundred and seventy-one The boss is good at playing.
It’s hard to shape a coconut and feel it at this time
I probably went to the Western Heaven with Sun Wubao’s Tang Priest, and suddenly I found the wrong person. This Tang Priest is really yelling’ Dawei Tianlong’ Fahai.
It’s a bit discontented to watch Lin Chong beating the hell out of Sihuacoconut.
Things have to start from just now.
Dungeon four was injured and fled, escaping from Ding Qing’s faint dawn, where the Dungeon Zongmen lived.
Probably because he was too injured to enter the virtual space.
At present, the virtual boundary in the Warring States period is the focus of four battles, and I don’t know how many gods Lei Xuanbing has buried. The more the enemy boundary is, the more afraid he is to go through the virtual boundary.
Lin Chong and Hua Ye, flying all the way, are far away. Although both of them can’t fly fast, their pets are really stiff and good at flying fast, so they follow leisurely.
When we reached the border of the Xuan kingdom, the detective suddenly stopped.
Lin Chong and Hua Ye were curious when they fell to a village, where most farmers cultivated land and several old people took their children to sit in a big tree at the entrance of the village. Now they all looked at the four true immortals with gaping eyes.
True immortals are different from ordinary terrans.
What is this god going to do?
Several old people knelt down with their children and trembled. I didn’t know what to say, and needless to say, Lin Chong and Hua Ye saw the four Dan Chen suddenly turned into a giant snake and swallowed several old people and children without chewing, even the belt bones.
At the same time, he also said, "You should heal quickly. This road is not peaceful and you can’t go with injuries."
Healing …
Lin Chong and Hua Ye will see that in an instant, his three goblins are true fairies, and all of them are seven-foot-tall, blue and black serpents, who are going to sacrifice the blood of this village for treatment.
Flower coconut was startled "they are monsters? !”
Then I turned my head and saw a person around me looking forward. The boss had made a meteor with a really stiff golden light under his arm and blew the first Dan Chen.
Dan Chen’s seven songs are nine robberies, the true fairy is really stiff, and the pet limit is only six robberies. But when he saw Dan Chen’s blue-black serpent shake his head suddenly, it hit the golden color and flew out.
That’s really stiff, so I took Lin Chong to turn around with his detective. This detective’s door, the true fairies, fought back with the mysterious magic, and they felt that the fairies were as slippery as cows and leather, and they were all surprised.
"Master Fang? !” Dan Chen was ambushed by the five-line squad just now, and he was in shock and couldn’t help but rebuke him.
At this time, the golden light setting has some broken marks. It’s really stiff like a spirit behind Lin Chong, who is holding four shining blue-green radiation lines in his hand.
Dungeon four looked at the mask with the hand holding the thread and bowed their heads in astonishment, and saw this strange blue thread. Their bodies were wrapped around their limbs and tied up by the thread, and a wonderful force, numbness, flesh and true spirit spread.
What kind of magic is this … after people? The spirit bending method? Seven arrows?
Dan Chen was frightened and quickly shrank back to a complete human form from the shape of a half-man, half-serpent, hoping to get rid of the bondage by body shape change, but the wonderful blue thread clung to the surface of his skin like an attached maggot and could not get rid of it.
Lin Chong drank four people with a light drink, and the radiation suddenly tightened to the bone marrow of his flesh.
This radiation force is the only fruit force of the nuclear bomb level, and even the extremely loving statue can’t easily touch and deal with a few true immortals who haven’t reached the fairy level. It’s really easy for them to survive.
Lin Chong’s radiation, photocoagulation radiation, wound all the four devils, tightened them again, and tied them with an upside-down hoof, two hands and two feet. Hanging by Lin Chong with one hand is like four pigs to be slaughtered.
Intentional resistance to radiation is weak, but they are really immortal and numb, and they can’t move
"Pavilion master? ! We’re in trouble, okay? We’re the seven devils, but the bodhi old zu Lian bridled and taught you … "
"Shut up!" Lin shouted at the hand to make another seal, radiated power, whipped Dan Chen’s mouth, cried out and hit a red inkpad, but he was alert and shut up at once, but his anger was hard to say.
"Boss …" Flower Coconut Jueguang Shi Huo, who needs the five-line squad to ambush the seven devils together, has been captured by Lin Chong and tied into this appearance. He can’t help but feel strange like falling into a dream.
"Shh, don’t tell anyone that this is a secret magic weapon," said Lin Chong.
"Well, I just want to say that your rope skills are very good, boss …" Hua Coconut is so small.
Rope art? What? Lin Chong felt as if he had heard something wonderful. He cast a deep glance at the blushing coconut and shook his head. Now these little girls …
But the flower coconut seems to be over 100 years old. Now the average life expectancy of practitioners on the earth is about 500, which is equivalent to adolescence in their twenties …
Lin Chong turned to look at the four demons and asked them, "Are you people or demons?"
"The pavilion will ask questions like this and humiliate me. What’s the point of waiting for us to be real immortals and demons?" Danchen cold hum
"True fairy is also a person or a demon family." Lin Chong frowned.
"Ridiculous, we are all condensed bodies of heaven, earth, rivers, terrans and demons?" Dan Chen retorted.
Lin Chong really wants to ask you why you want Terran food since you are cultivated by Terran, but at the moment Dan Chen said that they are not Terran, but "rivers of heaven and earth" and "condensed refined body". Lin Chong suddenly realized that they are not human at all.
"The nationals of that country come here?" Lin Chongwen
"They are Terrans, but …" Dan Chen looked at Lin Chong in confusion. "How can Terrans be so humble as to become immortals?"
"Terran, you are so humble, so what do you do to support a country?" Lin chong frowned.
Dan Chen kept silent.