It has come to this, Qiu! Zou Yan, of course, can’t be silly to recognize that this Taoist priest is too old gentleman, let alone too old gentleman, and it is impossible to let Liekou be polite to the outside even if he is too respectful of saints.

"Are you wondering when you come to see being original?" Continue to stare at the hands of Hongjun ancestor also don’t lift asked.
Hongjun Dao Zu Ke Li can’t listen to him. Zou Yan replied respectfully, "There are some doubts in my teacher’s brother’s heart, and there are still many unsolved places for Yin-Yang and Five Elements."
Shook his head, hung-chun, ancestors put away their books and led Zou Yan out of the quiet room and walked to the floor.
All the way, Grandfather Hongjun led Zou Yan to the highest floor of the Tibetan room. When he came here, Grandfather Hongjun stopped and took some jade from the shelf.
"Some of these congenital jade books are written by Emperor Ziwei, and some are written by Emperor Gou Chen. They are all the top congenital Taoist scriptures, and they are all yin and yang and five elements. Please take a look at them first and maybe it will solve your doubts."
Pass these jade books to Zou Yanhong, the ancestor of Jun said
Curious, after receiving these congenital jade books, Zou Yan used to meet each other when he looked at the name, and wrote "The Outline of the Five Elements of Ancestors and Witches", "The Outline of the Five Elements of Holy Beasts", "The Evolution of the Five Elements of Pangu", "The Grand Ceremony of the Five Elements of Heaven", "The Evolution of the Sun" and "The Changes of Pangu’s Eyes" …
Look at it a few times and make sure that you can’t write the innate Taoist scriptures yourself. Don’t say that the General Outline of the Five Elements of Ancestors and Wizards can’t be written without contact with the Five Elements of Ancestors and Wizards.
There is also the "Five Elements of Heaven Emperor Ceremony", which is said to be the first Terran in Qing Di in the East. These five celestial emperors have worked as heaven and earth for five million years, and their Tao can really explain the innate Five Elements.
In the same way, if you haven’t been exposed to the five elements of Heaven, you can’t write such congenital Taoist scriptures.
There are also "The General Outline of the Evolution of the Sun’s Taiyin" and "The General Outline of Pangu’s Eyes Changes", all of which explain the top Taoist scriptures of congenital Yin and Yang. If you hadn’t studied the Sun’s Taiyin star for many years, you would never have written such congenital Taoist scriptures.
There is also the Pangu Taoist Scripture, which is authentic for Pangu to write the congenital Taoist Scripture.
Well, they are all top congenital Taoist scriptures, which Zou Yan can’t write naturally, and from the names of these Taoist scriptures, we know that these Taoist scriptures are of great significance to him, which is an area he has never touched before
"Teacher Xie gives directions!" After receiving these innate Taoist scriptures, Zou Yanchao thanked the ancestors of Hongjun.
It was the ancestor Hongjun who shook his head instead of accepting his thanks. Instead, he said, "These Taoist scriptures are all terrans. Why should you thank the terrans for being poor?"
Zou Yan suddenly said, "It’s true that my brother owes Ren Huang a big favor and will repay it in the future. But if the teacher shows my brother how to come here and find these congenital scriptures?"
"You!" Shook his head Hongjun Daozu heart way
I don’t blame the ancestors of Hongjun for being accommodating. It’s a problem that his brothers have to face. Most of them can find the answer here.
In this case, he will talk to his brother to solve the problem. Why don’t you just find out what you need and give it to them for them to understand? This will save him a lot of trouble.
Although doing so will make these people owe Feng Zichen a big favor, it’s not at all just that Grandfather Hongjun can let his brothers realize that the road is hard to find through this incident.
People who want to achieve the road have to pay the price.
After getting the Taoist scriptures, Zou Yan also left Liekou in the Tibetan-guarding room. Generally, it was here that the Taoist scriptures came at first.
They don’t need to pay for the meritorious points needed to borrow these innate Taoist scriptures, because they owe nothing to Feng Zichen, and of course they need to care about them
At this time, many wise people in the imperial city saw through the wind and Zichen hinted that the new manager of the Tibetan room was an unborn master.
In the end, there are few brains that are not bright, and some things are transparent at all.
Therefore, recently, many Terran monks are keen to go to the Tibetan Ward, hoping to get guidance from the unknown master Daozu.
It’s a chance!
However, the Taoist guidance is obviously not so good. I don’t know how many Terran Tianjiao ran to the Tibetan room for months, but everyone was lucky enough to get the Taoist guidance.
However, some wise people noticed that Lekou Zou Yan was extraordinary and asked them for advice seriously, and they encountered difficulties in practice, so they got a lot of advice
This is also a big chance.
Lekou Zou Yan can’t do anything, but the realm is still a great avatar. Even the Taoist can give directions, let alone a mere Terran Tianjiao.
It’s a great luck to get their advice on these Terran strongmen.
That is to say, Zou Yan went to the Yaoshi Palace in Beihai, a distant intercity in Ren Huang, and the bodhi old zu Kun Peng suddenly fell into the deepest level of enlightenment. A ray of innate true spirit escaped from the body and turned into a butterfly, flapping its wings from the distant Beihai to the outside of Ren Huang.
The butterfly came to the outside of Ren Huang and suddenly turned into a big sleeve. The Taoist was unusually free and easy, and his temperament was even more bohemian
This man, Zhuang Zhou, has no knowledge of his origin and strength, and he is singing a Taoist song and walking towards the imperial city.
"Yesterday, Zhuang Zhoumeng’s butterfly was lifelike, and the butterfly also knew from Yu Shizhi that Zhou was not aware of it, but I didn’t know Zhou Menghu’s butterfly dream week. Zhou butterfly will have points, which is called materialization. "
"Zhuang Zhou Dream Butterfly?"
"No, it’s Kun Peng. Why did he come to the imperial city?"
Previously, when Feng Zichen, a great avatar, signed the agreement, it didn’t include the bodhi old zu of Kunpeng. The reason is very simple. Behind the bodhi old zu of Kunpeng is an ancient innate sacredness, which is the same generation of Hongjun Daozu, who mixed the Yuan Dynasty with Luo Jinxian.
With his help, the bodhi old zu Kun Peng needs to be reincarnated into the Terran in a trance, but he finally separated a wisp of trance and came to the Terran.
However, Feng Zichen didn’t stop Kunpeng’s bodhi old zu from entering the imperial city.
The bodhi old zu of Kunpeng is an ally of Feng Zichen, and the avenue is a witness to the signing of the Covenant unless the avenue is decadent or the bodhi old zu of Kunpeng is stronger than the avenue.
Otherwise, Kun Peng’s generation of bodhi old zu can be Feng Zichen’s ally and stand firm on his same front.
If you violate the Covenant Avenue, you will never let the bodhi old zu Kun Peng go. Don’t say that there is an unusually old mixed-yuan Luo Jinxian behind him. Even the chaotic fiend will be more miserable.
Kun Peng’s bodhi old zu can be said to be Feng Zichen’s die-hard allies, and their attitude towards their allies is naturally different from that of those who have great magical powers.
If there is no agreement, there is no agreement. Who makes them allies? Feng Zichen doesn’t care about it.
After Zhuang Zhou entered the imperial city, he followed his heart and felt all the way to the Tibetan room. When he met the false old gentleman, the great grandfather Hongjun asked him.
It’s also the old rule that the ancestor Hongjun found him a lot of congenital Taoist scriptures and let him go aside and realize it slowly.
In this way, one minute passed.
It didn’t take long for the three realms to shake suddenly in about a hundred years, and the five earth-shattering smells suddenly spread and swept the whole three realms.
These five smells have dimmed the brilliance of the sun and the moon, and even the operation of the rules of heaven and earth has been affected.
This is someone who is going to become a Taoist, and it is not one person but five people at the same time.
Five people become a Taoist in one day. Is this to repeat the grand occasion of the birth of five saints in one day in ancient times?
That is to say, five people become Taoist visions at the same time, and there is an instantaneous wind. Zichen suddenly feels that the Terran’s fate is different, and it is constantly rolling and deriving from poor weather.
Signs of the birth of this king
After Jiang Huan, a new king was born in the Terran, only the Duke of Jin and Ji Wen.