It’s easy for him to kill a fool, but to his surprise, instead of solving the problem, he spooked him.

At first, he was prepared to order someone to set fire to the room, so that no one in the room could escape. Even if he could escape, he would be killed by the elite troops lying in ambush outside. It was since he saw Xia Hua that he became suspicious, and then he sent someone to check her details that she turned out to be a step-ling girl.
Xia Hua looks so much like Sister Peony. He has some doubts that Xia Hua Niang Su nine niang may be Sister Peony, the fruit that the emperor has been looking for for for many years. He is afraid of hurting Bai Mudan by mistake, and he ordered people to lurk to find out the news. Now he has lost the news and even his personal bodyguard who has been with him for more than ten years has died.
He had to re-examine the matter.
It’s a matter of dying. Su nine niang has to meet him, too. Fortunately, he didn’t go to Xiahua’s house last night. His identity was not exposed. It’s still very easy to meet Su nine niang.
Sue nine niang got up early in the morning the next day. She didn’t know anything about what happened last night. Qing Ruchen and Guo Hao solved the problem cleanly. Even Su nine niang and Xia Dashuan had a good sleep.
Xia Dazhuang heard the noise at night, but he didn’t get up and pretend to be asleep, but his ears stood upright listening to the roof fight. He knew that these people were coming for him, and maybe his calm day would be broken from now on.
He likes this quiet day, and he likes to stay with his mother like this. These people break up end to end, which makes him very unhappy. Fortunately, with these two thugs, Qing Ruchen and Guo Hao, he saves a lot of heart and doesn’t worry that grandma and Uncle Shuan are frightened.
As soon as Xia Hua left, he was a little lazy, and it was late. When it was late in the morning, he got up slowly and shouted, "Qing Ruchen helped me to wash dishes … and wash my face."
Qing Ruchen snorted, "Fuck you, I’m not your servant. I want to fetch water myself."
"Qing … Qing Ruchen Niang said … I told you to take good care of me at home … that’s how you take care of me and wait for my mother to come back … I’ll tell her"
Qing Ruchen said angrily, "You are a fool who knows that pretending to be a poor sheep is actually more cunning than a fox and more vicious than a wolf."
"Outside … grandma qing qing such as dust scold me is … is a wolf" Xia Dazhuang touch went to a room upturned neck to shout a..
Su nine niang, afraid that he would quarrel again, hurried over to persuade him to fetch water and take care of Xia Dazhuang’s breakfast in person. Xia Dazhuang was coaxed by Su nine niang, so he became a very obedient little sheep and began to eat breakfast quietly.
Seeing that he was very displeased, Qing Ruchen sat down in the courtyard in a fit of pique and basked in the sun. Although he looked at the doctor’s heart, his eyes drifted to Xia Hua and sighed, "When are you going to pick me up, little flower?"
"Pick up … pick up a fart!" Xia Dazhuang’s ears heard you laughing and scolding.
Two people holding each other and quarreling again. Su nine niang is worried about his brow. It’s just that Kong Cuilian came to look after mushrooms. Kong Cuilian saw that they were quarrelling with Su nine niang and comforted him for half a day.
Sue nine niang thought about going to the fields to see the new wheat seedlings when she saw something at home. She didn’t know that someone saw her just after she stepped into the fence.
Step Qian Yue didn’t take a person to follow him today. He happened to be going to Xiahua Jiazhuang. Passers-by begged for saliva and didn’t want Su nine niang to come out of the gate.
I saw her wearing a cotton-padded jacket and trousers with autumn fragrance, a thick black hair sheet and a few strands of hair hanging slightly behind her head. Her face was beautiful and her white mouth was slightly smiling.
He has been worried for fifteen years. He hasn’t seen Sister Peony for fifteen years. Although she has become an ordinary peasant woman, she is still as gentle as water and as beautiful as spring. She is still the Sister Peony in his memory.
But she has also changed, but it has become more charming. He looked at her face with a calm and peaceful look, and he thought that she should be happy and satisfied now.
He thought that maybe he shouldn’t disturb her quiet day any more. His heart turned to leave, and a blue shadow suddenly fell from the sky with a cold voice. "Are you from? So hide here and peek at my mother? "
"What happened to Dust?" Su nine niang turned his head when he heard the sound and saw Qing Ruchen standing in front of a big tree. Behind him, it seemed that a golden shadow was blocked.
"Mother, this bold fanatic dares to peep at you in broad daylight. I gouged out his eyes."
"Dust is forgiving and forgiving. Forget it. I’m not doing anything."
Step by step, Qian Yue has stood on the spot, and her voice is still so soft and beautiful, just like listening to beautiful music that soothes people’s wounds. He sighed and turned to leave.
"There is no way to escape." Qing Ruchen leaned over to catch him and muttered, "There are not many thieves like you who can escape from my nose. I didn’t pay attention to it. It was Xiaohua who told me to take care of my mother. I must take care of it. You fanatic should not spy on my mother. I have always kept my promise, especially my promise to Xiaohua …"
Step by step, the more you see that the Taoist priest looks very difficult and verbose, but he is a little bored than he is, but he can also get away. Suddenly, a puff of smoke wafts across his eyes, and he smells an extraordinary fragrance and feels weak all over again.
"Ha ha ….." Qing Ruchen laughed proudly and held out his index finger and middle finger. "Blind you!"
"Dust, stop!" Sue nine niang rushed over and shouted, "Don’t hurt anyone!"
She crouched down and was about to help Qian Yue. At the moment she saw his face, she suddenly froze and her face naturally turned pale. Her hands panicked and shook a little. She shouted a word from her throat "Little …"
She choked in her throat but failed to shout out the next Vietnamese word.
"Sister Peony …" There was joy and guilt in his eyes, and there was a kind of excitement and excitement because his whole body was connected with his voice.
"Mom, do you know him?" Qing Ruchen looked puzzled and asked, "Did he call you Sister Peony, or did he just call you Peony?"
Qing Ruchen has never known the true identity of Su nine niang. He knows that she is not only a little flower girl, but also a woman who can fascinate Li Jiang and make Nie Zhen hate Bai Mudan all her life.
This step is more and more natural. He knows the six princes who are idle in the open calendar. He can run to this barren mountain and wild neighbor to peep at Su nine niang. Perhaps it is recognition.
Niang may know her, but he deliberately left him to solve his doubts through him.
Moreover, last night, someone sneaked into his house, and naturally, the more Xia Dazhuang followed this step, the more stupid Xia Dazhuang was. This step was too late, and the more he ran here, the more he came. He saw from this step that he seemed to have a different affection for Su nine niang, and his curiosity rose.
Su nine niang’s face was flustered and his eyebrows locked. He looked up and looked at Qing Ruchen, who was about to explain something, but he listened quickly. Qing Ruchen shouted again, "Niang must be this apprentice, so I want to take the opportunity to be frivolous. I don’t think Niang will know such a flower thief. It is better to blind him now."
Speaking, his fingertips are like the wind, and his eyes are piercing. The more he steps, the more he simply closes his eyes.
Qing Ruchen doesn’t really want to put a blind eye in a blind step. He wants to test a Su nine niang reaction. Who knows that Su nine niang grasped his hand? He saw Su nine niang’s previous hand had already unloaded his strength. For Su nine niang, he really felt that he couldn’t bear to hurt her. He just wanted to scare her.
"Dust, don’t you hurt him." Su nine niang’s face calmed down slightly, and he reached out to hold Step Qianyue’s arm softly and asked, "Xiaoyue, how did you come?"
Sue nine niang is convinced of Qing Ruchen, and her life and Lam’s life are all Qing Ruchen’s. What else can she not believe in Qing Ruchen? Worse, she is still preoccupied with Qing Ruchen’s being with her flowers. He called her Niang, and she has long treated him as a son-in-law. Even if he and Hua Eryuan can’t get together in the end, she will treat him as his son-in-law. She didn’t think about preventing Qing Ruchen from anything.
The appearance of step by step may uncover her past, and there is always a feeling of panic in her heart that she will be shocked and confused when she sees him.
After all, her life experience is likely to lead to the death of flowers and big bolts, which makes her have to be cautious. Besides, she also wants to abandon all her old identities and live a good life. She never wants to tell others about her past, including her children. She doesn’t want something to be less known and less dangerous.
But she never thought that Huaer would be with the Holy Emperor of Jiuli Temple. She wanted to tell the whole story to the flowers in the past, but after careful consideration, she hesitated because she was not sure that the flowers had gone to the same level as Xiao. If the flowers were deeply rooted in Xiao, she would let her daughter face Xiao’s double story.
She is bent on mixing flowers with Qing Ruchen not only because she likes Qing Ruchen, but because she knows that Qing Ruchen treats flowers wholeheartedly. Otherwise, how can he open an imperial doctor to relegate flowers to her house and punish them at will? But she knows this when she is a mother, but she has never even seen him. Will a murderous demon be good to flowers? She really can’t believe it
Palpitate, she has been absent-minded. Looking at her more and more, she feels that everything seems like a lifetime ago, as if she is dreaming in another life. His face can’t help but contain a warm and knowing smile. "Sister, you haven’t seen me for fifteen years, but you forgot me. Otherwise, you stare at me like this?"
Sue nine niang withdrew God’s smile and said, "Xiaoyue, you are still naughty like an hour. How could my sister forget you! Sister helps you up and go to your sister’s house. "
Su nine niang talked about getting up with the help of thousands of steps, but she was soft and had no strength at all. Su nine niang suddenly recovered. She turned to Qing Ruchen and said, "Little Dust, I forgot that this poison must be you. You should get the antidote to Xiaoyue quickly."
"Mom, is this person really your old friend?" Qing Ruchen frowned, touched the hand and nodded intentionally and added, "Mom, you are so eccentric. He knows your real name, but I don’t know it."
"Dust, don’t care about these now. Get the antidote quickly."
"Who’s grandma outside? Who’s talking outside?" Xia Dazhuang stumbled out.
"Oh, hey, you silly boy, come out and gather together for fun. No one is just an old friend of Niang." Qing Ruchen was a little uncomfortable when he saw Xia Dazhuang, hopping around and drank one for him.
Xia Dazhuang touched two steps forward again, and his eyes were wandering around without focus. He looked back at Qing Ruchen and carried him behind his back. No one noticed that Xia Dazhuang had a moment of palpitation, and there was a slight flash of light in his eyes.
Qing Ruchen took out a gourd bottle from the sleeve cage and fed it. The more you step, the more you step. The more you recover your strength, the more you can barely walk.
He got up thoughtfully and looked at it slightly. He was blind and upright, and Xia Dazhuang smiled slightly at his lips and asked, "Sister, are you a grandmother so young?"
Su nine niang laughed. "That’s my nephew Da Zhuang. Let me take you to meet him."
"I can’t believe that I haven’t seen my sister for many years, but I’m afraid I’ve got a grandson."
Sue nine niang sighed, "Yes, how are you after all these years?"
"Sister, I’m fine. How is my sister?"