So he made a bold test again, although there were some unexpected factors, but that was what he wanted to do

That is, he was beheaded by Emperor Wudi once, so as to firmly restrain his future. This kind of thing would definitely not be allowed if the four of them were forbidden to look down on the long river at ordinary times, but now that the four of them are held back, they naturally have no time to take care of the long river.
The successful return of Emperor Deep Blood, this bold and adventurous exploration, made him understand one thing, that is, his opportunity has come!
I don’t know how many times this eternal cycle will not have a chance to appear this time, which means that the world is completely out of the control of taboos. If possible, of course, he will get rid of the most threatening opponent in his time, that is, the devourer
Only when the devourer has fallen can he hope to survive the flood and drought safely and have more exercises, otherwise it is impossible for him to be exiled and sealed to another place to practice safely in the history of the disappearance of the real Emperor Wu.
But the deep blood emperor never thought that he was still sealed in the history of his heart, which was sealed by outsiders’ ability.
But the end result is that a lot of efforts have been wasted, and they have always fought back against the disobedient, and they have successfully escaped and won more enlightenment.
If there is no big accident in the back node, the explorers may really be able to board the taboo if they leave the back deep blood emperor
"Look down on your downfall, but you will suffer. Many times, the winner may not be superior, or it may be your side at the right time."
Shi Hao laughed and swept out the sword and cut off one wing of the nine-wing taboo.
Ye Fan also smiled and didn’t speak. They had a deep understanding of this. Rather, if there were no shadow changes in the world, they would still break through the world’s will and become taboo now.
"That kind of sealing … is it from the high world? There are such people who have already been to that place, and the secret box of Yin and Yang is not like a treasure that she can refine."
Covered with a ring of red gold, the taboo says thoughtfully that things have become very troublesome.
The deep blood emperor was indeed sealed as they are familiar with history, but this is far from the original nature.
First of all, the deep blood emperor chose his own path after knowing everything, and no one knows what his follow-up is like.
I’m afraid that the devourer will not be able to breathe for many years before being sealed. After this war, the mainland has become the object of everyone’s vigilance. It is not so easy to attack the strong and recover.
The reason why the devourer feels unstable is that it has changed because of the historical process. Even if he is not directly killed by the Deep Blood Emperor, it will affect the later situation, which means that he may be killed in the future, and the history is no longer certain.
Finally, the method of sealing the deep blood emperor is higher than the original method of exile in the abyss, which means complete isolation
The four taboos don’t know if the deep blood emperor is aware of this. At first, the original deep blood emperor could choose violence to break free and try to destroy the chaotic secret box of Yin and Yang, but he didn’t do so.
Because the secret box of chaos of Yin and Yang is a special magic weapon refined by the early ancestors of the high-god-earth-holy-sealed institution of higher learning, once it is successfully sealed and escaped into a different world, even taboos can’t be found out!
In a sense, the deep blood emperor has completely detached himself from the world from the side, and he has been controlled by taboos. He has absolute security, and once he breaks the taboo, he can naturally break the seal from the department.
If the deep blood emperor realizes this and understands the mystery of this fate treasure, he must be ready to be sealed and bite the devourer as soon as he is ready, which is also a superficial plan.
"I dare not say that I can look down on the explorers with your props."
Looking for light and laughing, when he was young, he painted pears and clothes in the high-level sports meeting, but in that battle, he was not allowed to make magic weapons. Of course, he was stronger, and the law of fate could not cope with himself.
However, if you paint a pear dress and seal the institution of higher learning across a big realm, few dare to touch her. Here is the power of "rich woman"
"It seems that you are happy, but it is too early."
Pangu said coldly, "A strong man has replied to me, and his horse will come back soon, and we will still be blocked here."
He is not a bluff. Although he didn’t get the strongest reply, he got another taboo reply.
I heard that my hometown was invaded, and even the strong man who was awkward and arrogant gave a positive answer and was willing to return to the town of World War I to kill the strong enemy.
"It’s time to be confused. When he arrives, maybe Brother Lu will have broken through the universe."
Looking for light smiled and was very calm. He also suffered many injuries in the process of one enemy and two.
"He can’t do it with me in charge."
The devourer’s mouth is cold.
"By your sneak attack? It’s really the fastest shortcut to the taboo. "
Xunguang said that the tone was full of ridicule.
"What do you know if you can use your breath? I fought all the way from the weak to reset the balance between heaven and earth. That was my mission when I was born."
The devourer didn’t get angry, but his tone was cold.
Shichanghe calendar
The creatures in the vast mainland were shocked to look at the direction of the abyss, and when the semicircle of Yin and Yang was closed, the ball became like a separation from the world.
However, when people count their breath, they will never see the abyss again. The position of the sphere is a hole, and the vast expanse of land borders the abyss and disappears.
Some strong people realize that I am afraid that the abyss will be exiled into a different time, and I don’t know how many hundred million years later it will be born again.
In nine days, the digital strongman barely held his position in the Gangfeng, and he was indecisive and scanned the virtual.
At this time, all the strong men didn’t shoot at each other again because they could judge whether the purple monster had been effectively killed by the deep blood emperor
No one wants to be suddenly attacked from behind by that creature in the process of fighting. The experience of the ancient Buddha clan chiefs has been shown. If there is no special preparation method, once it is eroded by the special avatar, it will lose its counter-force and be sucked dry.
The old six found that there was still the ultimate old six behind them, so naturally they didn’t dare to jump like that. After all, everyone wanted to be the final winner.
This war briefly fell into silence. On the first day of the war, the deep blood empire disappeared from the world, and the fall of the ancient Buddha clan chiefs was equivalent to the removal of two strong people.
In the battle for the spirit beads, two great families of ancient Buddhists lost sight of the Buddha, believing that the roots could not withstand the offensive of the ancient gods, and soon the western regions would become ancient gods.
Elder Kirin recovered her body, stabilized her injury a little, and glanced at her. Lai Kun, the goddess, turned and ran to the vast mainland. She was going back to the Kirin clan, where there were still a few Unicorn Chan, the only fire left in their clan.
"If you don’t fight, if you want to fight, let Emperor Wu accompany you to continue to play in the palace and go back to rest."
Heart, moon, mind and body yawned as if she were very sleepy. In fact, she had no fighting capacity, and even the super-god strong man threatened her at this time.
Aware of this, the elders of the tian hu clan also ascended to heaven and came to the heart to stand respectfully.