And Ding Hammer also noticed that this whole class seems to be that she can understand all the courses from noon to noon, which is better than a subject that even the teacher has to turn over.

At the end of the class, a burly uncle came in outside. He invited the kind-looking old lady in a respectful tone and took the podium by himself.
When he went to the moment, his face suddenly became stiff and serious. "Rabbits, I am your training instructor. You must call me Sir Hart! Remember, sir! Hear! "
The children around were so frightened that several little girls were scared to tears on the spot, but they had to be passive and Nuo Nuo chimed in, "Got it …"
Only Dinghammer and Butterfly sat there without any movement. Dinghammer also stretched out his neck and smiled at Butterfly. "This guy is ugly enough."
Butterfly pursed her mouth and nodded her head in deep agreement with the hammer.
While they were chatting, two brooms suddenly flew towards the hammer and butterfly with a whirring wind, and in an instant, both of them were caught in the eye.
However, this sudden attack did not bring them any harm. After all, the hammer was grasped by the adult human eye, and the butterfly was very clean and flew to the front of the foreign body, and the spirit suddenly became aggressive and pointed at Taiwan Hart.
Hart stared coldly at the butterfly and stared at the hammer, by the way, and then he went straight to the hammer with a pointer in his hand and looked at them coldly.
"What did you just say?"
The hammer burst into laughter and even the butterfly couldn’t help laughing, but neither of them spoke. With their mouths closed tightly, they couldn’t hold back their laughter, but it sounded like a fart.
"I ask you! Must answer! " Hart’s eyes were full of anger. "Do you know your identity? You’ve been soldiers since the first day you walked in! The soldier just ordered me to ask what you just said again! "
The hammer covered her mouth and fought back a smile. "Are you sure you want to say it?"
"say it!" Hart’s eyes widened and he was aggressive. "Tell me what you’re whispering."
Just as Ding Hammer was thinking, Hart suddenly slapped the table and shouted, "Get up when you talk to the chief!"
The hammer buckled its ears and smirked and asked, "Really?"
"say it!"
Ding hammer sighed and took a deep breath. He shouted at the top of his voice. "I told her this guy is so fucking ugly! The report is over! "
As soon as he finished speaking, the children in class burst into laughter. Even Butterfly, a cold little sister, shook her shoulders at the table.
Fixed hammer saw them and shrugged at Hartney. "I asked you if you wanted to say it … really."
You can imagine what will happen to Hart’s face. He glared at the hammer with a pig’s liver color face, and his lips trembled as if he wanted to eat the hammer alive to be happy.
"You! Get out of the queue! " Hart’s pointer frame fixed hammer shoulder "one-on-one hit at the door!"
"Sick" gave him a white hammer and sat down angrily. "Who wants to fight with you?"
As soon as the words sound just fell, I saw Hart’s omen coming with a punch, and this flint hammer was actually buzzing with his fist, and Hart’s fist was attached with a layer of amber glittering and translucent luster.
"Pa" meat-to-meat collision made Ding Hammer react from the horror immediately, but he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the scene before him.
Because this crunchy sound was not hitting him in the face, but when the butterfly beside him blocked Hart’s fist with one hand.
It’s hard to imagine that such a thin slap can make a fist as big as a bear’s paw stop looking at the butterfly. It’s quite easy to block Hart with one hand and still look at the expression with the other hand.
At that moment, the class was shocked even more than Hart himself failed to react. After all, even if he wanted to teach a certain hammer, he was physically strengthened. Even if he was weak, he could never be stopped by such a thin girl with such a light hand.
"Butterfly" Butterfly gently looked up and looked coldly at Hart’s lips.
Ding hammer heard him say these two words without saying a word, and then he got to the bottom of the table, and then he heard the butterfly, and her unique crisp voice shouted, "!"
Then the gas shook and roared like a stuffy gun, and then the hammer felt a sharp contraction around him, and then I heard a scream from my classmates outside
He silently raised his head from the desk and found that Hart, who had just been fierce, was being locked by butterflies. The whole body of energy was suddenly released, trying to attack the butterfly blockade, but he could fight against the butterfly in vain, and then he blew himself up, and finally his face turned red.
Fortunately, at this moment, the kind old lady who was giving a theoretical lesson just now came in and stretched out her hand and scratched it. The strange spirit suddenly dissolved like hot water and ice, and Hart fell like a pile of rotten meat as the butterfly spirit dissolved.
When Butterfly saw the old lady interfering with her actions, she turned her head and immediately targeted the old lady.
But the old lady was unmoved and walked back to the podium and looked at the butterfly and smiled. "The future is limitless at a young age, but the killing heart should not be too heavy, or you will go astray one day. Even a dagger doesn’t need to think about killing people all the time."
After that, she smiled at the hammer and gestured with her thumb toward the hammer. Then she reached out and grabbed a butterfly.
It was this butterfly that suddenly turned pale, and then nosebleeds unwillingly flowed out and sat back in position.
At this time, several people poured in from the outside. They watched warily as the people in the classroom checked their physical strength again. Hart then frowned and asked the kind old lady, "What’s wrong with Mr. Holo?"
"It’s okay, it’s okay." The old lady waved her hand. "Go home. It’s okay."