They are extremely tall, especially the male inferno, whose body is three or five feet long even if it is moved to lie down, and with a leopard head, some of them don’t look like inferno, but like demon race.

The other is a young woman with a graceful body. This young woman is beautiful, but she is very flattering. Her ears are pointed and not like human beings. Not only that, but the skirt behind her vaguely shows furry like a tail.
"It’s your turn," Gu Zhubao said and returned to the palace by himself.
Su Ying didn’t know these two people, but when she saw the cross-heaven statue and the white bone magic statue glances, she immediately sneered, "Who am I? It turned out to be the residual magic statue and Kyubi no Youko, you sycophantic!"
Chapter six hundred and fifty-four Want to die?
Sue should drink tea silently, not eager to talk, but listen carefully for a moment. Only then did several people know the story intermittently.
These two magical men are named Remnant Gangmo Zun, but the human body is dancing in the magic domain, and there is a trace of ancient demon blood. This is the birth of a leopard head, and the charming young woman with a tail is named Kyubi no Youko. Both of them are magical emperors, and Laojiu and Lao Thirteen, among the ten protectors of the Temple of Human-God, are ordered to hunt down Yokota Zun.
However, Heng Tian Da Zun has already followed Su Ying to Shengzong. On weekdays, the gate is not out of the second door, and you can’t walk around hundreds of mountains all day. Are you happy?
But this youngest son, after all, is an inferno, so he has something to do with rhubarb and Xiaoqiang.
After a long time, some sects outside the 100,000-strong mountain knew that there was a big demon and two rogue monsters in Shengzong who often robbed.
It can be described as miserable.
They caused a lot of things, and finally attracted the attention of Remnant Gang and Kyubi no Youko.
Two people just know this has been looking for less than cross day unexpectedly holy cases.
After consulting, the two men came to a place not far from Shengzong, hundreds of mountains, waiting for the day when Hengda Buddha went out, and they teamed up to kill him and return to me.
But who thought that the two men had been hidden for ten days and were discovered by Gu Tianxing, so they directly took it and directly suppressed the holy cases. When Su Ying came back, she gave it to Gu Gu Baby to take her back to the enemy peak for disposal.
Remnant just the magic statue of Kyubi no Youko is the top magic statue of Zhongtian Moyu, but where is Gu Tianxing’s opponent?
It is extremely humbled to be caught in a face-to-face manner without even having a chance to make moves.
"Horizontal day you a king egg if it weren’t for you have sinned against the magic emperor’s adult I two people also won’t be sent to kill your grandmother didn’t put a fart was caught! Mom, let me go. I’m always going to fight you! "
As soon as the remnant was released, he was crying with anger, but obviously his body was banned and the root could not move.
"Idiot, stop screaming!"
Aside Kyubi no Youko magic statue stared his one eye just look at the horizontal day bones leisurely sighed, "today, little sister fell into the hands of two brothers to kill to cut your throat, that is, please ask two brothers to be gentle with others?"
Although she was sealed and repaired, she was born with a seductive and seductive meaning. Just the sound almost touched Su Ying’s body.
Heng Tian Tian Zun snorted, "Kyubi no Youko, you coquettish fox, don’t play these tricks, and you dare to talk big and dare to fight his grandmother veteran one-on-one with you. Do you believe it or not!"
Su Yingyu’s filthy words don’t sound like coming from the mouth of an open magic statue.
However, it’s true that Yoko Monty is now limited to the Great Sage, and in time he will be able to get through that hurdle and get through the ninth round of the sea to achieve the Great Sage Magic Emperor.
Although this remnant just magic statue is also a magic statue, it is definitely not a great rival.
In that Kyubi no Youko magic statue, Su Ying should be induced to be much stronger than the residual magic statue, but when he meets Gu Tianxing, he can still be captured.
"If it’s a big honour, just say it."
Kyubi no Youko’s magic statue knows his present situation. When he put away those small means, he laughed. "I ended up in this field and asked for hope to return to Zhongtian’s demon land after my death."
"Hum, since you want to die so badly, I’ll give you a ride!"
Yokota Buddha was very angry with the magic emperor. At this time, I saw that the two men were ordered to come after nature and would not let go of talking. They would shoot them directly!
"Wait a minute" Sue should see this immediately got up from the pavilion smiling way
Residual just magic statue and Kyubi no Youko magic statue swept his one eye.
"Brother, what do you want to say?"
Cross day big statue pinched a finger pointing to Kyubi no Youko magic statue way "Xiao Mo don’t you see this bitch? Aren’t you afraid to shoot the venerable one and kill you? "
"Ahem, where did you say that?"
Su Ying looked embarrassed and adjusted her face before laughing. "I have seen two great deities. I wonder if you want to die?"
Yokota Buddha’s eyes were puzzled, but they didn’t stop him. Instead, they watched what Sue should do.
"Nonsense old nature is to want to live! Is there nothing you can do? " Residual just magic statue cold hum a way
Aside Kyubi no Youko magic statue is also surprised to see Sue should be surprised at the sight of this young man who can be called bro by Yokota?
"Want to live? That’s easy. "
Su Ying smiled and said softly, "You see, now both Yokota Buddha and Bones Devil Buddha have joined Sheng Zongcheng, the elder of our enemy peak. Otherwise, since they are here, don’t go back to Zhongtian Magic Domain. Why don’t you ask me for an elder job to do?"
The remnant just slammed his eyes and roared angrily, "If you want to kill me, you can cut your throat. If you let me be your slave, I will not do it even if I die!"
Su Ying also flicked her nails lightly and laughed. "It’s not a slave, but an elder. If you promise me, I can make the decision to spare you from dying, otherwise I will leave it alone."
"Smelly little braggart! I’ll kill you first, and then I’ll die with the king’s egg! "
Residual just big statue see Sue should be less than two meters away from his face suddenly grinning leopard eyes DengYuan suddenly offering a thick back machete mercilessly to Sue should be chopped away.
Although he was sealed, but after all, he was an inferno, he still shot at this time. Although he didn’t move mana, his power was no worse than that of the master in the early days of immortality!
Su Ying stood still and suddenly appeared behind him. A magnificent figure with four arms and a poor magic flame was destroyed. The magic Vulcan kingdom emerged behind him and leaned out with one hand to grab the broadsword abruptly. It was also possible to move forward by the residual magic statue.
Su Ying smiled and saw that Tian Da Zun reached out and grabbed this broadsword and twisted it abruptly into a twist, then kneaded it into a knot in one’s heart and threw it back to Residual Gang Zun.
"Destroy the great deity!"
Remnant Gang’s face suddenly changed and he cried, "Aren’t you already dead?"
"Don’t you have become a great holy magic emperor?" Kyubi no Youko magic statue also changed his face.
Su Ying coughed and smiled and said, "The two great deities have naturally died, and I have refined them into incarnations outside the body. However, the great deity had cultivated to the realm of the Great Sage before his death. If you take refuge in me, I can help you understand the ninth round of the sea in detail, so that you can break through into the Great Sage!"
"If you don’t from …"
Su Ying’s opinion is full of smiles. After the Buddha’s brain is destroyed, the kingdom of Vulcan becomes more and more grand. magic dragon sings in neon and swims out slowly.
"Die at once!" Destroy the sky, open your eyes, open your four mouths, and shout loudly at the same time.
Chapter six hundred and fifty-five Threatening and indulging with cheating
Destroying the Great Buddha was a half-step Great Sage before his death, but even after he died for several years, there is still this magic Buddha’s cultivation, and his whole body has a breath that belongs to the Great Sage’s cultivation. Even though the cultivation can’t compare with such figures as the Great Buddha, it seems that the sky is not much different.
He fiercely appeared at this time immediately will residual just magic statue of Kyubi no Youko magic statue all curb!
Even one side of the horizontal big statue of bones magic statue is the bottom of my heart a surprised eyes full of incredible.
You know, it’s even older than the sky. The inferno said that he had been dead for several years. I didn’t expect Su Ying to appear behind him at this time.
Sue should throw a bait and a threat at the same time to Kyubi no Youko, the demon statue of Remnant Gang.
For the inferno, the round sea is the shackles of every inferno monk. It is more difficult to break through one layer than another. I don’t know how many inferno strong people are trapped in the current state. Get through a round of sea.
However, if they get through a round of sea, their strength and cultivation will increase several times, especially the royal family and the royal family. Their strength will increase dozens of times and hundreds of times, and they will benefit more than human monks or demon families to a big level!
Remnant just the magic statue of Kyubi no Youko, the two men, the former is the middle stage of the magic statue, and the latter is the late stage of the magic statue. They are all people who get through the big round of the sea, but if they want to become the Great Sage, they have to get through the ninth round of the sea, otherwise they will be able to stand still all their lives!