It’s all simple drawings detailing the operation details of the whole body’s orifices. This is not a secret of qi operation martial arts. Only a doctor can see the difference.

These are mainly subtle differences in the vein of the whole body orifices of ordinary mortals with age, season and time.
But also accurately depict that exact position of each acupoint, which is described by men, women and children.
Even some hidden acupoints are marked one by one, and the merits are also noted in detail.
The old teacher gently touched these delicate lines as if this pattern were all avenue textures.
After a long time, I remembered that this genius absolutely brilliant brother was still waiting for him to quickly pick up the pen and write the word "A" carefully, and take out the test paper of the Medical Classic Seal Institute to print steadily.
From the Department of Medical Economics, Baiyun Building felt relaxed and finished two courses in a row, and gained too much enthusiasm.
Walking to the mountain, listening to the birds singing and the cool autumn wind blowing, Baiyun Tower felt in a big mood while walking and thinking about preparing to enroll in the next course.
This time, Yunxiao Manor saw the criss-crossing chessboard with black and white squares all over the road, and wanted to study it, but the bottom of my heart was faintly fluctuating.
Just then, a broken wind came to Baiyun Tower to raise my hand, pinch two fingers and firmly hold a streamer, which was an arrow.
Looking around, I saw a figure. Looking vertically here, it turned out to be a little teacher younger brother Jiang Feng.
Stay Jiang Feng jump down to see eyes impressively is a master elder brother this just a long sigh of relief.
Jiang Feng previous fuels upon some shout shout, "master elder brother this arrow … was an accident"
Then quickly explained it.
It turns out that Jiang Feng just enrolled in archery today and practiced basic skills for half a day, and finally allowed to test fire. I didn’t expect that when archery, I felt a sharp breath and entered the arrow.
This arrow directly penetrated the target and shot through the bamboo forest. Fortunately, it was gently picked up by Baiyun Tower.
Baiyun Tower gently held this ordinary arrow and had a little determination in my heart.
The strategy of chessboard is still out of one’s mind. It’s okay to talk about the layout before a game occasionally. Let the senior martial sister think about it.
Read in front of the Baiyun Tower, patted Jiang Feng, the younger brother’s shoulder, handed back the arrow in his hand and said, "Let’s go, younger brother. Today, I just went to learn archery."
"Ah … great, master elder brother, come with me to this Arrow Zhai, which will be very lively. Hey hey" Jiang Feng took the road with excitement after Zheng.
A moment later, the two men came to Jianzhai, and Jiang Feng enthusiastically took Brother Bai to the archery teaching place, and soon completed the registration course.
Baiyun Tower received a long bow made of forged iron and dozens of arrows followed some lame archery teaching to the arrow shooting range.
Seeing the arrival of the big brother at the scene, there was a cheer, and several familiar younger brothers greeted them before they left.
The archery teacher raised his hand to make the brothers quiet and ordered them to return to their positions to continue their practice.
Although this master elder brother taught archery outside his name, he didn’t intend to let Baiyun Tower explain the rules of Arrow Zhai first on the new brother’s side.
The teachers here are all archers selected from the stroke of the wounded and retired old army, and by the way, they also brought the military habits here, and the mountain chief is also very supportive of this
When you get to Arrow Zhai, you have to obey the rules of Arrow Zhai. If you don’t obey the rules, you have to be punished. Teacher Jiang Feng has already been punished there.
The archery instructor also specially took Baiyun Tower aside to watch the penalty scene.
There are two arrow shooting ranges in this arrow house, one with a bamboo forest and the other with a huge cliff cave with a backer.
When practicing bamboo forest, you can’t have any mana or true qi. Once you make it, it will be illegal and you will be punished.
Just now, Teacher Jiang Feng was practicing archery in the bamboo forest arrow shooting range, and he didn’t pay attention to it. He got into the end of the arrow and ended up penetrating the target.
This is a violation of the rules of Arrow Zhai. Teacher Jiang Feng has taken the initiative to occupy the front of the arrow target and the back of the arrow target.
Archery teaching orders one arrow to break out in turn and shoot at Jiang Feng.
Jiang Feng closed his eyes and listened intently, listening to the broken sound as if it were locked by multiple arrows, but it was ordered not to move.
For archers, this is a kind of unbearable suffering, but it can also exercise the arrow.
Of course, archery teaching behind you will not really hurt the punished students, so let them experience the taste of an arrow.
Dozens of arrow flies in front of you, and it’s clean to be picked by archery teaching.
After the punishment, Teacher Jiang Feng’s face turned slightly pale, but he stabilized his mind slightly and continued to follow the teaching to return to the new brother’s side for guidance.
Chapter one hundred and ninety Door friendship
Half-day meditation practice made Baiyun Louji find out how to practice archery in the arrow studio and could not help secretly admiring it.
This bamboo forest arrow target is not a big place for practicing arrows in the bamboo forest, but an arrow target is set aside deep in the bamboo forest.
Arrow targets are far and near, and some of them swing with the wind and practice their arrows to a higher level, and they will shuttle through the bamboo forest with arrows in their hands.
It’s not so easy to drive an arrow into the bull’s-eye without hurting the bamboo body.
Only by diligent practice can you cultivate the meaning of an arrow. The arrow passes through the gap of a fleeting bamboo with your heart and looks for the target like a fish.
There is almost nothing in the practice here, but it will hinder the practice of Godsworn knowledge, which can be helpful.
The second trip to the sky reminds Baiyun Tower that it is not omnipotent. If it is overused, it will sometimes ignore the road ahead.
The knowledge of the Baiyun Tower is powerful, and it is necessary to strengthen the sense of god through the eye. Half-day practice has already cultivated archery into the door, which is very appreciated by the teaching.
The archery teaching brought a group of new students to the cliff hole shooting range to tell them about the origin of this shooting range.
This cliff hole was shot by the ancestors with an arrow.
Archery teaching came into interest. I took a big bow of pure iron at random from a scholar and came to the cliff cave ten feet away. I listened intently and breathed a true qi arrow, which was condensed at the end of the arrow and shot like an arrow.
A muffled sound emerged from the depths of the cliff cave, followed by the arrow and found that the arrow was really powerful.
The whole arrow was smashed to pieces, and a stone wall in the hole was blown out of a hole more than a foot in size, and the tip of the fine iron arrow penetrated deeply into the stone wall.
This cliff cave shooting range scientists can do their best to show their strengths. The fighters can be wrapped in the true qi and the monks can be wrapped in the skills.
The aim here is mainly to verify that the archery power is different, and the monk’s power is different with the increase of practice and different Qi techniques.
However, it does not affect the cultivation of others. At present, each person can try this arrow ten times a day.
I want to come, too. Every arrow is expensive. If you try it wantonly, it will be a bit of a wave.
Out of the arrow Zhai Baiyun Lou took Jiang Feng’s younger brother and chatted for a while.
It turns out that Jiang Feng’s younger brothers have now moved to Qianshan Academy to study with the students, and they have gradually integrated into the real school study life.
Jiang Feng and Jiang Xuan are behind the door. Jiang Xuan is very quiet and devoted to practicing swordsmanship and white exhibition. It is very speculative.
Jiang Feng, on the other hand, was different from his father’s example when he was a child. He also wanted to learn something. When he finished his studies from the hospital, he could go to war with his father.
Since the head of the mountain let the younger brother in the front yard study Jiang Feng, he has directly enrolled in the art of war and war course, and also enrolled in martial arts.
At the end of the gas-condensing period, Jiang Feng made rapid progress in martial arts, and learned boxing and body-forging lightness skill in two months.
Now I’ve finished my class from martial arts college A, and I’ve come to Jianzhai to study archery.
I am very appreciative of this aspiring young boy, Baiyun Tower. Although some regrets will be drawn into Qingyun Gate, the guardian who will enter the Ministry of War in Daxia in the future is also a like-minded person.
At the intersection of the Mid-Levels, Baiyun Tower handed a stone box with an extremely built foundation Dan.
I heard that Dan Jiangfeng, the very foundation, said that the martial arts competition was longer than the back hill and an extra prize was given.
Baiyunlou said with a smile, "Teacher younger brother didn’t know that even if you practice to Dacheng, it’s far from the end. You should practice hard and cooperate with this pole. There is a chance to break through to dzogchen."
"It’s great that this extremely preconditions Dan can also assist the cultivation of vitality. That teacher younger brother is welcome to accept it." Upon hearing this, Jiang Feng was very excited to accept Dan medicine.
I was about to turn around and leave Jiang Feng, but I could say, "Big Brother … that … is there more of this great foundation Dan?"
"Oh, yes, there is. I don’t know where the younger brother is." Baiyun Tower is somewhat curious.
"That … the stream also practices body exercises …" Jiang Feng some shout shout tunnel.
"Stream? Xiaoxi’s master is still short of fireman … Forget it, I’ll give it to you, haha … "The little younger brothers and sisters also have precious friendship in the middle of Baiyun Building’s words.