Uchihiro Ding Mao crashed into more than a dozen big trees before he stopped. He fell to the ground with blood all over his body. I don’t know if he was alive or dead.
"What? !”
"How is it possible that he missed the illusion? !”
"Captain, what’s wrong with you!"
Uchibo Ding Mao was killed by Matt wearing a foot, and Uchibo’s team instantly fell into a panic. His face was full of shock and disbelief.
A 10,000-year-old man actually regarded their captain, sharingan, as a powerful illusion and killed the strongest in their team with one foot.
This is the reason why Chiba sent Matt Dai.
Matt Dai’s metempsychosis has a great epidemic ability to illusion, unless it is the illusion of another god. Once he is enchanted, he will be instantly cracked by Chiba’s control of Matt Dai chakra.
It’s equivalent to Mattel’s body containing chakra, who is not affected by illusion, just like column force.
The disadvantage of Maite Dai’s body-flowing ninja is illusion; Then, on the other hand, the biggest shortcoming of Uchihiro ninja and illusion ninja is their body skills.
Whether it’s physical ability or physical quality, the Uchihiro clan is much better than the average ninja because of sharingan’s replication ability and dynamic visual acuity, but sharingan is also a burden to the body, and they will be limited to enlarge this shortcoming when they encounter epidemic illusion and flow ninja.
If Matt Dai meets a Japanese who is good at body-building, he will be in great trouble, whether it is white-eyed acupuncture or body-building, it will have a negative impact on him.
Unfortunately, the Uchihiro clan and the Japanese clan are two different schools.
Uchihiro’s team was caught in a wave of commotion, and everyone’s face could not help showing horror. Their captain was killed by a recruit, and suddenly a cold sweat appeared on his forehead.
"psst! Ga almost got in your way! "
Suddenly, a sound that delighted Uchihiro clansmen began to sound, and Uchihiro Ding Mao reappeared in his original miserable state and returned to the original intact state. His eyes showed a trace of cold murder.
Yes, yes, an eye.
Just now Uchihiro Ding Mao launched Uchihiro’s forbidden art-sharingan launched Yi Xie Nagi to rewrite his state to the state before performing illusion.
It seems that the Uchihiro clan’s cooperation with the group is not only to strive for others, but also to achieve a lot of results.
Yi Xie Nagi is one.
In the agreement between Tuanzang and Uchiha Fugaku, Fuyue no longer coveted Kyubi no Youko’s power to stay away from Kyubi no Youko’s pillar power, that is, Naruto.
The compensation group handed over the column cells developed by Yi Xie Nagi, that is, Muye, to Uchiha Fugaku
Fusion of column cells is risky. The reason why Uchibo Ding Mao can lead Uchibo’s elite ninja captain is not only loyal to Uchibo’s patriarch Uchiha Fugaku, but also because of the successful fusion of column cells.
Uchihiro Ding Mao has a faint momentum of becoming the fourth strongest Uchihiro besides Uchiha Fugaku, Chiba and Shimizu.
After the column cells are fused, the probability of opening the kaleidoscope sharingan in the future is also greatly high.
But now it’s all in a bubble, just like Uchihiro Ding Mao’s illusion just now, it’s all in vain.
The probability of sharingan opening the kaleidoscope with blindness in one eye will be limited and reduced.
After all, he is not a soil-bearing and Kakashi Uchihiro Ding Mao’s stem cells are far less active than those with soil.
Seeing the captain intact, Uchihiro’s heart slowly calmed down, all of which revealed a trace of cold and murderous.
It’s also very strange to watch the other person intact and damage Matt Dai, but it also shows the advantages of simple-minded ninjas, who don’t think about things they don’t know, and they can’t think about it anyway
If you are a ninja with normal intelligence, you will fall into meditation and regret, but you will delay the fighter plane.
Matt Dai is so quiet, surrounded by blue chakra, still imposing.
"Since illusion works for you, then try my Uchihiro gens fire escape endurance! Fire, Hao Long Fire! "
Uchihiro Ding Mao made chakra into a high-heat flame and condensed it into a dragon shape, which was amazing.
Not only that, but as soon as he ejected several fire dragons, the wave range was wider, and Matt Degan did not escape.
This B-level ninja is proficient. Uchibo Ding Mao can start the operation with a "Yin" seal. The speed is not unpleasant. Uchibo Ding Mao just leaves the more powerful A-level ninja without leaving it to Matt Dai to react.
If Chiba sees Uchihiro Ding Mao trying to compete with Matt Dai for speed and flame power, he will surely sneer at his own door, but he knows this vitality is fierce.
In terms of speed and power, there is almost no rival when the door is opened.
"toward the peacock!" Matt Daley’s attack punches fast enough to generate flames by gas friction.
This is countless boxing to knock down the enemy. The speed of the flame caused by friction is not even breathing space, and it does not give the enemy a destructive force. It knocks down all the enemies in the past when they expect victory. The flames scattered from the boxing are dyed red. The sky is as bright as sunrise and as dazzling as peacock’s tail feathers!
Is the flame dragon fierce or proud as a peacock fierce? The result is self-evident
It’ll be Mattel in the same place!
Chapter two hundred and ninety-one Evening like a speed
Matt Dai looked at Uchihiro Satoshi, whose eyes were dull and he clenched his fist firmly.
"I can’t delay. My mutilated body has died once and burned to ashes. So today, the ashes will supplement the seedlings with nutrition!"
Matt wore gray-black eyes and squinted at the Uchihiro clan in the field, revealing a trace of danger. He was a man who endured Konoha for ten thousand years and was at the bottom. He was deeply touched by the attitude and arrogance of the Uchihiro clan in controlling the Konoha garrison.
Matt Dai watched dozens of Uchihiro elites form a team to binge drink a "door to door!"
"Evening image!"
Matt Dai finally broke out in the door to reappear his glorious moment before he died.
When the door opened, it was called Instant Matt Dai, which gained dozens of times more strength than Gokage’s joint war.
Even in the face of Chiba, Matt Dai has to wait for the edge to run out of vitality before acting.
The evening image is in the state of door-to-door armor formation, and the elephant foot shape is formed by hitting the air with ultra-high-speed and powerful fists. The continuous air cannon attacks the enemy with enough power to make a huge deep well on the ground.
The evening image is divided into five speeds. When the light is one speed, the power is enough to hit the ground into a huge deep well, and the power speed of this technique will increase with the number of attacks. When the attack reaches three speeds, the power of the air cannon is enough to crush the uchiha madara of ten tail’s column force. When the fist hits the target directly, it can directly punch six uchiha madara to vomit blood.
Just wear it, and then nullify the seven people and four people. If it weren’t for Matt Dai’s vitality, it would have reached the point where the oil ran out and the lights dried up, otherwise none of the seven people would have come back alive.
"Xi Xiang yi su!"
Matt Dai is going to make the right leg bone suddenly burst when the evening image, and the chest vertical rib breaks and half of the sole bone shatters, and the whole person falls down.
The crisp sound of fracture spread to everyone in the field.
There was a burst of ridicule in Uchihiro’s elite troops. They were shocked by Matt Dai’s terrorist forces, and they were filled with incredible expressions. Suddenly, they found that Matt Dai’s chain fell off at the moment and actually broke.
JiJing JiXi uchiha people have sneered.
"It’s worthy that you have little experience in forbearing and forbearing the enemy for ten thousand years."
"Are you shocked to meet so many Uchihiro people that your bones are broken!"
"Even if you kill our captain, you will still die. We will find your son Kay to settle accounts after your death!"
Matt Dai heard Uchihiro’s ridicule and ignored his cold sweat because of fracture pain and murmured