Take ten thousand steps back and say that even if something is poached, how can he take it out? According to the guy who was arrested, the box weighs nearly three hundred kilograms, which is so easy to take away. "

The man in the back row was speechless.
Yeah, don’t. It’s not just that weight that one person or two people can take away.
Another person in the back row said, "Could it be that those two guys deliberately lied to us that there are not so many things?"
"But what good is it for him to cheat us? These are all things, and they can’t come out again. They have been fighting for so long to tease us? "
Car a few people fell into silence again.
Mr. Liu always feels that the driver just spoke as if he had heard him before and asked, "Xiao Wang, what did you say at the end?"
"Ah?" The driver was stunned by Liu Zhutu Tathagata’s question and didn’t know what to say for a while.
The man in the back row said for him, "What Master Wang just said means that the box with its contents is nearly 300 Jin, which can’t be easily taken away."
Liu nodded and said nothing, but leaned back and closed his eyes and remained silent.
In my heart, I kept wondering where I heard this.
Until he returned to the station, Liu Zhu asked them to continue to interrogate the two men, and he returned to the office alone.
I poured myself a glass of water and kept thinking about what the driver had just said.
Holding a cup, he walked to his desk and didn’t pay attention to touching a table. It was this touch that made his mind flash a light.
He thought of where he had heard this sentence. It was not this sentence that he had heard, but the same thing that he had met.
Two years ago, the case center inexplicably appeared that a lot of information.
The difference is that the pile of data suddenly appeared at that time, but now this one suddenly disappears. The same thing is that it weighs hundreds of pounds.
No matter what is heavier than this time, everything can be put into the heavily guarded center unnoticed. Wouldn’t it be easier to get things out of here this time?
But the question is, how did he get it away?
Just like the driver Xiao Wang said, someone has been watching here. Can that person really fly?
I just came up with this idea. Liu couldn’t wait to slap himself. I am a firm revolutionary soldier. How can I think about those messy things?
Then the question is how things disappear.
It seems necessary to reapply those investigation reports that have been sealed before.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-six Suggestions
Heavily spit out a sigh of relief, Liu picked up the desk and dialed out.
The investigation record report of the previous case has been sealed by the Ministry, and no one can consult it without the permission of Director Chen.
Put words Liu Zhu came to the director’s office on the third floor.
"Liu Zhu, you just said that you would consult that report and tell me why."
"Director Chen is like this …"
Master Liu reported what happened this morning, and then he said his doubts.
Director Chen sat there thinking seriously after listening.
After a while, he said, "So do you think these two cases are related?"
"It’s just some doubts. After all, it’s not easy to get rid of such a heavy thing, and the only possibility is the gang who released the information two years ago."
"Do you think they are a group?"
Liu Zhu shook his head with a wry smile. "Director, to tell the truth, when the case was investigated for so long, I didn’t have a clue. I just thought that one person or two or three people couldn’t move so many things."
Director Chen nodded. "I also tell you the truth. All the files of that case have been sealed by the border. People have no choice but to read this."
Liu looked at Director Chen in surprise. He was a little puzzled. What is this?
Director Chen glanced at Liu Zhu and smiled. "Think impassability?"
Liu Zhu nodded. "Why are the directors and leaders like this?"
Director Chen did not give him an explanation, but said, "If you can’t figure it out, don’t think it’s just an order to obey."
Okay, you’re my leader. You’re in charge
"Let’s have a good look at this spy case and see who took it away. Could they have other associates that we didn’t dig up?"
"Yes," Liu replied with his feet together.
Liu Zhu shook his head when he came out of the director’s office. There’s nothing to do. He can investigate the case separately.
Go back and wait for their trial results.
And Li Chu? He didn’t know that the box of gold bars that he signed in would be the two spies.
And Liu Zhu is pulling his hair with this box of gold bars at the moment.