Bo Qiang felt that the horse had established a preliminary letter and did not hide when he approached it again.

"Let’s go and don’t come back!"
Bo Qiang said it again to the horse, just like saying it to himself.
The horse seemed to enjoy Boqiang’s touch, but leaned towards Boqiang and walked behind the horse by Boqiang, and the horse took a slap. Only then did the horse scream, leap forward and rush to the hillside.
When Surdak climbed this hill, he just saw the horse galloping away.
Panting, he climbed to the hill and said to Bo Qiang, "Little Duck, the horse has run away …"
The grass was littered with the tarpaulin and some broken linen bandages, and the two splints had been broken. Boqiang squatted aside and folded the tarpaulin again to see Surdak running over and nodded with a smile to show that he knew.
"Little Duck, you’re not going to set that horse free as soon as you’re cured, are you?"
Surdak leaned in to help Surdak fold the tarpaulin and asked.
See Bo Qiang smiled and nodded. Surdak wiped his face in ten words and didn’t want to say anything.
After a while, Bo Qiang will pack all his belongings and walk the hills with Surdak.
At this moment, Surdak remembered to run to this side, and the second team finally waited for the relief. This time, he returned to Moyunling camp to have a good rest.
Although the battle of Moyunling has begun, the battle is far from intense.
Accurately speaking, both sides are testing each other at present and have not invested a lot of troops in this battlefield.
When evil spirits need to rob, they will make Moyunling fortifications stronger.
The Marquis of Solomon Bowen, the expeditionary force, intends to slowly and steadily push forward the carpet of the camp, relying on the advantages of long-distance strike by bed crossbows and catapults to suppress the evil spirits in the battlefield, and the knights of the heavy cavalry are advancing from the front and constantly attacking to crush the main forces of evil spirits.
At the end of noon, the fifth brigade of the fifty heavy armor infantry regiment officially took over the defense, and Baron Sidney led the fourth brigade of the fifty-seventh legion to withdraw to the rear camp.
When he left the battlefield, Boqiang also saw the horse running wildly in the mountains, as if he had followed the fourth brigade for a while before he got into the jungle and finally disappeared.
Surdak has also been preparing for the mid-team leader assessment recently.
His biggest shortcoming is that the soldier level has just reached the level, which only meets the requirements of the squad leader, while the Green Imperial Army Promotion Ordinance does require that the position of the squadron leader of the heavily armored infantry regiment should reach the peak of level 9 at least, so it is impossible for Surdak to break through level 9 in the short term, so this is the biggest obstacle to his promotion.
Since Surdak is going to have a big fight, of course, he needs conditional support …
Chapter 14 catapult
Baron Sidney never thought that Surdak had just been promoted to the rank of soldier.
He believes that his right-hand man, since he can shake evil spirits hard on the battlefield so little, will also be a soldier at the peak of the ninth grade, but the level test crystal of the logistics department of the Expeditionary Force clearly notes that Surdak is only a soldier at present.
Baron Sidney stepped out of the logistics department, tidied up a little fidgety, rubbed his forehead and stared at him without saying a word. Surdak asked seriously, "You said you are a class soldier, so what qualifications do you have for fighting evil spirits?"
Surdak put the dwarf chain shield behind his back in his hand and said to Baron Sidney, "I have this …"
"Because of this?" Baron Sidney understood that he took the smashed dwarf chain shield from Surdak’s hand and took a suspicious look at Surdak. Did the dwarf chain shield become so strong now?
Surdak knew what Baron Sidney was thinking. He pulled out a magic scroll from his arms. This magic scroll was bought from the magic grocery store in the forest farm camp. Now there is no way to explain to Baron Sidney the sacrifice ceremony of Little Dudak so as to make the fighting process of evil spirits as concerted as possible.
"Can you afford this?"
Sidney took a gasp and asked in surprise.
….. Look down on who!
Surdak and Sidney didn’t say yes or no behind them
Then Neng Nai waved to Surdak and said, "It’s just a formality to come to the knight examination, but now we need to come up with something more eloquent if Count Mondego wants to pass your knight examination. You still have two competitors in this examination, and information will be sent to you later."
Then he waved to Surdak and indicated that he could leave on his own.
Baron Sidney walked back to the battalion chief camp alone, and several guards followed Baron Sidney behind him.
Surdak thought if he wanted to wait for Baron Sidney at any time like them …
The second group of soldiers stayed in the front battlefield for nearly a week.
I came from the front line, had a wash, and had a full sleep in the tent before I left the camp. I took some war profits from the battlefield and found the businessmen outside the camp to dispose of them in their own way.
Boqiang has nothing to deal with specially. He goes straight to a shop dealing in weapons and shields and chooses a stronger dwarf chain shield. The strength of this dwarf iron shield is just like that. To be stronger, the shield is much higher than the dwarf chain shield in terms of weight and price.
Suo Boqiang is going to continue to make the dwarf chain shield his own, which has been rotten, and he came outside the camp to buy a new shield.
There were also many caravans outside Moyunling camp, but Larkin didn’t venture into Moyunling this time. They chose to stay at the forest farm camp.
I bought a brand-new dwarf chain shield, and the old one was given to the shield merchant at a discount. The surface of this new shield is coated with a thin layer of magical black iron. According to the shield merchant, the surface of this shield is coated with a layer of magical black iron, and its hardness is high. It is not easy for evil spirits to cut the serrated axe in their hands.
In order to verify the authenticity of this statement by the shield merchant, Hu Kager deliberately took out the serrated axe of the evil spirit behind his back. This axe is considered as a private war in cagle, and it is just to be sold this time.
Now that the shield merchant said so, the second group of soldiers wanted to give it a try …
Seeing that the soldiers really carried out a serrated axe, the shield boss was also scared. A thin face turned pale, but it happened that make a fool of oneself’s face could not be ugly than crying, but it was also difficult for Dahukage. The shield boss made a gesture with a serrated axe casually. He felt that this dwarf chain shield was not as exaggerated as the shield boss said, but it was also a good face. So the shield made Boqiang pay for it readily.
After Little Duck bought a brand-new shield here, augustus and Dahu found a magic leather merchant to sell their magic antelope skin. Although there are some broken holes in the leather, it can be regarded as a small flaw, which has little influence on the total price.
However, the biggest feeling for everyone to come outside the camp to sell bootleg goods this time is that these businessmen will ask "Do you have magic herbs …" when they see soldiers preparing to sell bootleg goods.
"Have you seen magic herbs …"
"I’m here to buy magic herbs at a high price … silver leaf grass, hemostatic grass and kudzu root. You don’t know or have me here. There are herbal labels to show you. My purchase here is long-term and effective …"
I don’t know what business people outside the camp are engaged in, but they are very eager to buy magic herbs. The second team of soldiers patrol the dense forest near Moyunling, but they have never seen these mysterious primary magic herbs.
Bo Qiang’s eyes swept the shelves from the tent behind a leather dealer’s booth. Those things made him slightly stunned. He didn’t immediately ask the leather dealer, but carefully remembered the leather dealer’s sample and then left with the second team of soldiers …