Easy to find is that you people captured him alive. The lean middle-aged man snorted and turned around and ordered to be careful not to kill him. He is still fishing for King Xuanyuan.

Don’t worry, my Lord. We’ll be careful of a stout middle-aged man who looks askance at Meng Fei Road. We won’t let you die and surrender. We’ll also save you the trouble and won’t suffer.
Meng Fei smiled and caught the interest of Xuanyuan Wang. I am Xuanyuan Wang.
You are the thin middle-aged XuanYuanWang. Surprised to ask, take a look at Meng Fei and nod slowly. It’s almost no wonder that he is so arrogant. Don’t hold on to this little problem. We didn’t even catch him with our own hands. Let’s kill him as soon as possible.
They should have a sword foot scurrying and a sword array. Meng Fei narrowed his eyes and looked at them to see their sword array running.
It is said that the sword array composed of the Excalibur clan is powerful and earth, which can temporarily trap Tianjun. It’s really shocking. If the general gods meet the Excalibur clan, the sword array will be beheaded if they don’t have a chance to move it.
Fortunately, however, the Excalibur clan is very rare and rare, and it is generally difficult to see the Excalibur clan in the thousand stars.
But Meng Fei also heard that an elder of the fire clan saved an Excalibur clan and got a set of Excalibur clan sword array. Although it is not as powerful as Excalibur clan sword array, it is a great lethality against ordinary gods.
Today, I saw the Fire Clan display their swords. Meng Fei wanted to see if they displayed their swords. The Sword Clan wanted to see the secret and try to break them.
After he met the Excalibur clan, if they were impulsive, it would not be easy to break the Excalibur clan’s sword array. Although the fairy instrument is good, it may not be able to break the Excalibur clan’s sword array. It needs to be seen that its weakness is fatal again.
It is not a threat to him that the sword is flashing and his feet are swimming with a leisurely pace and the pressure of the remaining ten people is not a threat.
It’s hard to really see the secret of the change when you see the light of the sword all over the sky in the bureau, but he has great knowledge and different realms. Looking down at their sword array, the change is slow and clear, and every weakness is clear and easy to break.
After a cup of tea, Meng Fei was still walking with ease, and the ten-man sword array became more and more sharp, and its potential was fully displayed. The sword light formed a light mass, and the figure could not be seen clearly. The essence of the sword light was cold and dense, and it had already passed hundreds of tricks unconsciously.
Meng Fei saw the changes of their sword potentials come and go, and everyone was just twelve swords. These sword potentials combined to form an ever-changing style, which was dazzling and dazzling.
Meng Fei saw through all kinds of fog and penetrated the twelve basic sword potentials. Look at their combination mode and it is almost understood their sword array.
However, understanding is one thing, and the operation of mind is another. If you want to steal, you are unlikely to find a solution.
He suddenly smiled a waist black scabbard gently.
Ding-ding, the cold light in the sky suddenly stagnated and then gathered, followed by ding-ding, ding-ding, and a continuous sound.
The sword array of ten people in this piece of Qingming immediately solved their body shape and wanted to form a knot array again, but Meng Fei didn’t give them a chance. Suddenly, a flash of crystal awn flashed on his left hand, and then a middle-aged man flew away, like being slammed into a tree next to him by a giant wooden roller and smashed into a cloth bag. After kicking, he became motionless and died.
After this crystal mountain passes through this person, it flashes again through another person, like a life that instantly connects this person and flies to the third middle-aged man.
At this time, they all saw the two men’s different shapes, and they noticed that this gas mountain was busy waving a sword to form a sword curtain to cover themselves.
Meng Fei shook his head and left hand again, and a gas mans hit a middle-aged man’s sword. The sword light was suddenly delayed, and then a crystal mans flashed through his heart.
His heart is penetrated by the gas mountain and contains the spirit of the earth. He directly blows his heart into a ball. Only by practicing the immortality of the gods can he earn a sigh of relief and recover.
However, although the thousands of celestial bodies are big and true gods, they are rare and rare. Even the Chinese celestial bodies are not more than a hundred gods, and people’s hearts are blown to pieces. Don’t want to live.
The other seven people looked at him and didn’t shrink back. Instead, they rushed towards him. They were all fierce and fearless, waving swords and taking a black flame. The murderous look was new and sharp.
Meng Fei shook his head. These guys are really brave. This situation is not only not afraid, but also inspires blood and wants to come to the same end.
However, although he praised their courage, he would never show mercy because of it. The more brave they are, the more cruel they are to those around them, so it is best for the enemy not to kill them cleanly.
He looked at them lightly and rushed to put the black sword in its sheath. His hands and fingers were pointing all over the sky, and the finger force surged past, which was breathtaking.
With such a dense finger force, they waved swords and rushed forward under pressure.
However, Meng Fei’s finger force is pure and full of spiritual power, but it is extremely difficult for them to rush in. Every finger force contains huge power, not firm and sharp, but earth, like a few cows rushing in and out to stop the finger force, but it is difficult to stop the huge power.
Meng Fei refers to the fact that instead of rushing, they kept retreating and were overwhelmed by Meng Fei’s finger force.
Their previous sword array Meng Fei didn’t refer to the force, because once the sword array operates, it forms a strange force, and the finger force root can’t get close to them.
Now, they can’t compete with Meng Fei and Meng Fei, but they can’t breathe.
Meng Fei shook his head while displaying his finger force, and the black sword of God’s imperial sword flashed in the void, and every time it flashed, it ran through one person.
Meng Fei’s finger force is so overwhelming that they can barely resist it. It’s hard to resist the black sword again, but it’s not enough.
Watching four people resist being killed and the rest of their fingers gradually concentrate on the remaining three people, their situation is even more difficult and hopeful
Meng Fei looked at them with a faint look of pity. He never relented in killing people, but it was always difficult to have some pity.
This pity is not for them, but for people, who are fragile and heartless. Although they are full of spirituality and body, they are extremely fragile, so they can’t escape the death penalty.
Old spell! Open top ten pseudo-gods were forced into this by a king of a small kingdom. A middle-aged man with a medium height and a scarred face drank a lot and nodded his fingers. Then his body soared like he was charged with Chapter 1227 and other enemies.
Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.
Meng Fei obliquely stepped on the step and swung gently, then stepped on the step and swung again to avoid the sword light.
He eyebrows a pick know that this is the stimulation potential practice, a few people didn’t come before, but this man finally came, and it really increased several times.
However, this stimulating potential should be difficult for a long time. Meng Fei wants to see the actual situation before making a decision, and does not want to fight directly.
Although he is getting deeper and deeper, he is getting more and more cautious, and he will never rely on his merits to be proud of his natural enemies and be reckless.
Another middle-aged man gritted his teeth and said, mom, I’ll fight, too
He had a few fingers and then his body soared. Previously, middle-aged people generally had two swords, light and steep, and his body was ghostly. The last person also bullet and had a few fingers, and then he became the same as the previous two people. Three light cigarettes revolved around Meng Fei