They came from me. Didn’t I hear that coming to the street said it was serious? I asked

It is said everywhere in the street that the emperor has posted a campaign, Cojna said
It seems that the emperor’s old official moves quite quickly, and my words have reached
Mr. Richie, you haven’t told me if this is true, Cojna asked
Even the essays are posted. Is it true or not? We’re talking about this. We’re going to make a profit on this. I don’t know if you’re interested, I asked
I’m interested in making money. Tell me what you’re going to do. Cojna quickly asked Khan that he was still a money fan.
We can have a temporary gambling stall and guess the outcome of this duel. Our partners will make money and share it equally. I can be responsible for telling you that the five members of the Philette family can live for another three days. The poor guy already knows that the settlement is over. I don’t want to worry about the big things left, but I still want to make a few suggestions. First, all three of you don’t have to face each other. Second, declare the gambling stall from now on. Third, pay attention to buying fewer bets. Fourth, after we gamble, we will definitely follow suit and send people to buy our winning bets. This will make me these five small ones Ghosts do it. They have been surfing in the Imperial Capital for several years, and they must know a lot of kids. Hire kids to let them disperse and buy them. Don’t buy too much at a time. Send people to try not to make people doubt it, I said in one breath
You’re so slippery. It takes more lives to fight you. Cojna nodded when he said that the fat two didn’t speak.
I’m smart, just saying that I seem to be heinous. Get out of here. It’s important to make money, good young master. I’m short of money. Make some money. You don’t know that I’m poor now. Those guys in the territory eat so much that I’m almost poor. I said
Believe you, I’m surprised. After that, Cojna led the way.
In the next three days, the Imperial City was less lively. First, the emperor posted a campaign saying that it was a new force. The 86-bit earl asked the Grand Duke of Philette to do five life-and-death duels and allowed the people of the Imperial City to buy tickets to watch it. Then the emperor made a sensation in the Imperial City. Then several gambling stalls were set up to bet on the outcome of the two sides, and I, Pinocchio, made a joint venture with three people. I suggested that the lottery method be brought here for me in my previous life, which greatly stimulated the gamblers of the Imperial City to guess the right part and get 10,000 times of bonuses.
Did you buy it?
Three days passed quickly, and the duel was a quiet day in the Imperial City in recent years. Going to Dongjiao Road was a busy scene. People married with children rushed to the Guards Camp to enjoy the rare life-and-death duel. When I saw this scene, I couldn’t help but think that it was difficult to reach higher intelligence. All life bodies hide this inferiority. Seeing that they are as happy as festivals, I can’t help but feel sad.
I’m more cruel to my enemies than I will leave them a chance to fight back, but I believe I’m not a cold lover, and I’m even less happy to watch my own kind of fighting. This is human sorrow. I don’t have the will to dominate this planet in my heart, and I don’t have the ambition to unify the planet. It’s impossible for people to achieve things before they leave the planet. I just want people on this planet to live a better life and reduce the danger of their loved ones in this world. I didn’t expect people in this world to take measures and have no difference in my previous lives.
With the big carriage, my car also drove into the training camp. The two sisters, the heads of fathers and sisters, were already waiting at the door and entered the door. The special guards led us to the set stands. On our right, there was also a row of ornate stands. The head of the group told me that the opposite was the Philette family stands. On the right, there were rows of high and low benches around. It seemed that the ticket buyers were preparing for the football field. It seemed that the duel place was so big. I glanced at the head of the group. The head of the group seemed to know what I was going to ask.
This is also a big team duel to prepare for the local mother. They have even thought about a duel.
Not long after I sat on the stage, a loud horn came to represent the emperor’s position. First, in the right stand, the head of the delegation said to me
Get your men ready. I’ll report the duel to the emperor. The horse will be ready. Then I turned and walked towards the stands.
I called all over the place
Master Man should be in front of me first.
Today, the duel will be fought by you alone. You have to give your opponent a chance, and you should not be too strong, otherwise it will not be fun later. The emperor spent so much effort to hold a duel meeting. Isn’t it fun to spoil everyone’s interest? It’s not easy to win, I said
Young master, it seems very difficult. If I kill them as soon as possible, I can do it, but it’s not easy to fight slowly and pretend to be hard. After all, I haven’t tried it. I’m afraid I’ll never finish it.
When did you become loquacious when you were young? Do you know that you will go back to Songfengling to guard the coal mine when you are finished?
I know, young master. I’ll finish everything. I don’t want to go to the coal mine and kill myself. I’m watching a group of people in the middle of nowhere all day long. It’s strange that rocks are not crazy except stones.
The emperor’s position is also a neat person. Nonsense. It’s not a duel. The duel meeting kicked off. All of them were dressed in a warrior’s back and carrying a scabbard sword. They slowly walked into the duel field and stopped facing the opposite Philette family stands.
I watched proudly in the stands, and the audience said to the others next to me
I’m not satisfied that he’s so young and has a little star temperament. It’s quite cool to see him dressed up. I think there will be a lot of people tomorrow. It seems that the young master is still suitable for living in the entertainment industry and is not afraid of losing his job.
Art asked puzzled.
Count, what is cool? What is the entertainment industry?
Shit, forget that this is a different world. There’s nothing to talk about
I told you, you don’t know how to watch a duel, do you? It’s okay to ask around. Don’t be so curious at a young age.
Art looked depressed at me when he saw that I wasn’t talking, so he looked honestly into the field. At this moment, a magician dressed up in a red wizard robe appeared to be a fire wizard. Look at his magic robe and badge. It seems that he is a wizard. He belongs to the empire and has few talents. However, many people have taken the lead in this way. However, the magician seems to be dying when dealing with a warrior who is good at melee. It seems that the fire wizard should do something, but it is a pity that he will soon be a dead man.
I asked the fire wizard to come across from the capital and say
If you don’t tell me your name, it will soon be gone. The dead don’t need names. I’ll remember the names of the living and get your strength, or you’ll regret talking about it all.
The Manchu dialect passed through the magic circle around it, and then it was a duel field. After a while, a sharp angry voice came from the opposite Philette family stand.
Kill him. Kill that damn orc for me. He killed me, Warren.
This voice just fell to duel field, just like Guo, and there were noisy voices everywhere, shouting good curses, whistling and knocking weapons. All kinds of sounds came and went. I smiled and looked at the people in the field and said to the people around me.
Man Du, this is a good job. It’s cool. I remember the names of living people. I remember to reward him when I get back.
Young master, if we go, we will definitely say that it is better than Brother Man, but you are not like us. Young master must ask us whether we are good or not. Young master is talking about several female orcs around me. It seems that women are all performing desire talents.
I’ve shown you all duels many times. I said
The two people in the field have already started to say that the fire magician has started to do it, and they are all moving to dodge the fire magician’s fire magic attack. Looking at the successive rockets, fire, rain and fireballs, it is always the fire wall fire magic. I am the Duke of Blaine. This is the idea of fighting for a long time. This is a magician with strong magic power and extremely skilled magic control skills. Although Lise is a saint care wizard, the possibility of victory when they see a battle will not exceed 10%. Unless Lise is strong in World War I, she will use her magic to hit her opponent hard, otherwise she will lose in the end.
Because it is very simple to control the skills, it is said in the fighting skills of ancient Chinese in the past that all kinds of soldiers should retain a certain amount of fighting power in the battle, but the fighting skills of the two are not much different. The skillful skills of the two men are the key to victory or defeat. The final result must be that Liza was dragged and lost, but his plan to deal with Manchuria was a big mistake. First, the strength difference between the two sides was too big. Third, the magician was not familiar with the fighting skills of Manchuria. After all, it was not a melee professional physical strength. Compared with Manchuria, now Manchuria and others can compare with Warcraft. This was
At this time, the scene is very interesting. On the one hand, the magician doesn’t cease fire, and the magic attacks all over the place are trying to dodge these fire magic attacks. On the other hand, the magician keeps retreating to keep himself safe. In this way, you throw me away, you retreat and I enter. In this big duel field, there is no hurry, no fire and fighting. To tell the truth, the scene is neither intense nor exciting, but it makes people sleepy.
People who spend money to watch the duel are of course very dissatisfied with the second time. How can they be satisfied with the bloody scene of tragic howling and bloody bloodshed? So people yell and throw everything that can be thrown into the elephant field. Even the Royal Guards can’t stop relying on a different world football.
Off-site cursing flying debris has no effect on the two people. They are used to following the young master. This kind of high-profile scene is much more common. They are used to it. In their orcs’ view, these people are just a bunch of bugs. If the young master wants to make himself, these brothers and sisters will not hesitate to kill them all and feel guilty. This is his idea, including this bug in front of him. If the young master hadn’t commanded him, he would have been slapped to death, and he would still live to this day.
The magician is afraid to be distracted. He already feels that his opponent is powerful. He already feels that he is going to die. The opponent seems to know what he thinks, but he has been attacking for more than ten minutes. However, the opponent’s power seems to have not consumed much, so that his physical strength has dropped rapidly, and his magic has also consumed quickly. It seems that something must be done, otherwise he must die.
The magician wanted to start, but he didn’t stop all kinds of fire magic or kept attacking. After five or six minutes, outsiders felt that the magician’s attack was slow and the attack power was small. Everyone knew that the magician was defeated soon. If he wanted to survive, he would have to leave duel field.