ZhuGeQingLan ruthlessly swept his one eye, you his niang when this is sugar, do you know just blink of an eye you swallowed miss five thousand two hundred silver, and this is not the cost?

Gollum Stuart Hao swallowed a mouthful of saliva greatly, and five or five thousand two hundred silver was still successful.
Zhuge Qinglan is a little beautiful. She is beautiful. Well, this pill is sold in the world. I heard that it costs 25,200 pills.
God, wouldn’t that cost 22 thousand
What the fuck do you know? Do you think this pill is so easy to refine? Even the best alchemist may not succeed. Well, well, I can see that you don’t have much knowledge at first glance. Let’s go with your sister.
Voice landing ZhuGeQingLan has offered her that handle a multiplier haoyue crystal lotus fly in its royal fly.
Situhao’s weapon has been blown away by the ancient family owners. I don’t know where to see Zhuge Qinglan flying to Haoyue Crystal Lotus. He also flew to her with a jump and his hands did not hesitate to help her waist.
Ah, ZhuGeQingLan screamed, and her royal flying moon crystal lotus sank for several meters. Go away, I can’t take anyone.
But my weapon was hit by the old man of the ancient family, and I flew without it.
Go and say ZhuGeQingLan drink fall to the ground a pair of jade hand directly break SiTuHao on his waist hands pushed him from the bright moon crystal lotus.
Crap, Stuart Hao fell off the roof and grinned. You are cruel enough.
The old man of the ancient family returned his weapon to him.
In the sight of the little girl’s hand, the mysterious magic made the ancient family master dare not find and return Situhao’s weapon to him. He said gloomily
It wasn’t long before the master of the ancient family ordered a figure to flash across an ancient brother, and he took Situhao’s Wujin blade and flew over the beam to return it to Situhao.
Situhao doesn’t want to stay in the ancient home for too long. Wu Jinjian starts with him and immediately flies to Zhuge Qinglan’s side. Let’s go.
Beibei will bite him gently if he dares to slow me down by half a minute.
Zhuge Qinglan ordered a white shadow to flash across Situ Haojue’s shoulder and a heavy day mink fell on his shoulder.
See the sable in place ZhuGeQingLan word royal her bright moon crystal lotus flying forward.
Oh, God, the mink is absolutely loyal to seeing that Situhao was left behind by his master and took a bite on his shoulder directly.
Even if you bite Situhao, you can feel that your shoulder has been bitten by this beast with a bruise.
After this bite, Situhao dared not delay and hurried to follow.
Situhao was seriously injured. Although Zhuge Qinglan took pills, he was just mentally better. The injury was better by 30%. His speed was far from that of Zhuge Qinglan, who had a utensil. The damn mink was pecking on his shoulder like a woodpecker.
Ah, can you slow down? I’m about to be bitten to death. Situhao shouted at Zhuge Qinglan with pain.
Yeah, I’ll slow down if I call my sister.
Situhao is going to faint, but there’s nothing he can do. Sister, slow down. Chapter 5 Kill three birds with one stone.
Gujia parliament hall
Five elders of the ancient family, Gu Tianyun, are sitting in the hall with a gloomy face. Five uncles, you are the oldest in our ancient family. Today, the girl is obviously in the hands of the relatives of the three island owners of Xuanmo Island, and Xuanmo made us have to take Situhao away from her. But Situhao has ancient scraps in his hand, so we let him go and get nothing. No, I don’t want to believe that your uncles are not willing. Now I want your uncles to do something to see if we can remedy Gu Tianyun, he said.
Situhao is not as simple as a set of ancient scrolls for Gu Yuntian now, which makes him the most worthy son. He has been abolished by Situhao, and he is unwilling to walk away from his ancient home.
What can we do about the mysterious magic in the little girl’s hand? One of them said naively.
Gu Yuntian knows that this is the most difficult way to solve the problem. We must think about it carefully. Catching Situhao can’t help the wind to avenge, but we can get the ancient scrolls in his hand. We want our ancient family to get that set of ancient scrolls and make it our family. I think our ancient family will definitely become the first martial arts family in the mainland in a hundred years.
This sentence one mouthful ancient home five generations of the highest elders couldn’t help showing a face of yearning.
Today, their strength has entered an insurmountable bottleneck stage. It is really what they need most for Situ Hao to practice that set of ancient scrolls that capture heaven and earth.