The strangest life in this world is human beings. Although the word strange is pronounced, it is human life.

It’s all right if no one grabs the time. Once people grab it, no matter whether it’s things or people, their value will rise to the end. Some people are willing to pay far more than they think, and the auction is based on this, so the world is now.
It’s a good thing that Tang Yi San is a living person who wants another woman to compete for a man. Then the key is that Luna is one step ahead of the other.
After waiting at the door for a while, Luna calmed down personally, but still didn’t see Tang Yi coming into the room. She just put her head out to peek at the knot, but she saw that Ma Qionglin had already walked to the door. She didn’t like a girl, but now that she wants to come to Luna, she feels that it is really unnecessary for people who may die at any time because of the battle wave to continue. Therefore, her attitude is quite soft.
Two people a ourtenant with a kind door, the other is going to expose all the past grievances. This kind of situation can still make a quarrel. That’s the ghost’s deep talk for a while. These two once sworn enemies only to find that the other party is actually very good, and they are also very fond of their own appetite. Once they look at each other pleasing to the eye, what hostile positions are all forgotten, and they are instantly transformed into friends with many topics.
After becoming friends, Luna also took her own troubles and listened to Ma Qionglin’s opinions. When Tang Yi came back, she saw the scene when they were talking about the topic of love road.
Everyone hung behind the Tang Yi scattered luna didn’t stop moving, but the body slipped a little bit, and her legs followed her slightly to her feet. She rubbed her face in a sensitive place and said to Tang Yi scattered her ear, "Why are you stupid? I’m about to drop."
How could she have expected to see her personal slippery tendency so early? She also quickly lifted her thighs with her hands back and forth, walked to the bed and let her go, but she felt a little strange. Luna had a lot of strength, but she couldn’t hold on to something and let it slip. Since she was willing to talk, Tang Yi was also begging for this knot, but she couldn’t ask silly questions to annoy her.
After sitting on the bed, Luna walked around Tang Yi in a small and flexible way. After everyone got into his arms, he bowed his head and kissed him. Although Luna took the lead in the first kiss, she was not satisfied with it. She wanted to completely surpass the iceberg snow girl.
Her woman is different, except Tang Yi. She has lost everything, even her last collar has been robbed by others. Luna doesn’t know if she can still be confident. Before she dies, this person is the source of her fragile heart and the most important and precious person. She will never allow herself to lose him to others so easily. Absolutely not.
It’s weird, but for luna, it’s the most important jihad in her life. She believes in her feelings and everything, and she won’t back down.
Gently open your eyes, she looked at Tang Yi’s face, which was less than a centimeter, and felt his hands gently behind his back. Suddenly, his eyes caught a glimpse of his hands. When Tang Yi was not paying attention, he had already taken semi-transparent Durex from the ring.
For today’s jihad, she has already prepared a box of three models, large, medium and small, and even prepared some special drugs. I heard that women can be very painful for the first time.
Although she is afraid of pain, she can’t care so much about the glorious jihad
Chapter three hundred and sixty-five Come into this world
Chapter three hundred and sixty-five
I stretched myself with interest. Tang Yi scattered my eyes and glanced at the Durex box next to the pillow. The corners of my mouth were covered with a wry smile.
Slightly moving his arm, he felt a faint numbness in his left arm. Even though his physical fitness has exceeded four or five times that of ordinary people, he is still too much to be pillow by Luna for one night. I don’t know if it is because Luna is sleeping this time, but it is not too far off the mark. He didn’t wake up as before, and he still honestly put half of his body on him.
Breathe a mouthful of polluted air. Tang Yi scattered and manipulated the body. Yuan slowly swam back and forth in his arm several times, prompting his left arm. It was not very smooth, so that the sour and numb feeling disappeared as soon as possible. The eyes stayed around the girl’s nose, filled with the faint smell of lemon on her hair. Recalling those little crazy performances of Luna yesterday, I couldn’t help but feel a little crying again.
Although Luna grandly prepared something like Durex, he was not the kind of person who was weak. Finally, when he forced Luna to do something wrong, he could take a lot of things from his ring like a child who had done something wrong. From the perspective of her preparation, Luna’s wisdom was still very good. It is rare to think that she almost prepared one or two sexy clothes in that pile. God knows where she got these things. Where did a girl from another plane get them?
In his tough and resolute opposition to Luna, although he didn’t get what he wanted, he deliberately launched this holy war, but she didn’t get everything. She cuddled and got close to honesty. What strategic goal has been achieved? According to her character of the iceberg snow girl, it will take a long, long time for Feili to want Tang Yi to get close to honesty. During this period, she should at least not be too worried that her territory will be violated.
Compared with Luna Tang Yi, when Luna stripped naked and tried to seduce him, she found a big problem. Although at first he felt that his body was also congested, but later that feeling faded. Although his heart was still a little, his body reaction disappeared. This kind of symptom is the right one.
Even if this said that the disease in the middle of life had little effect on him, it still made him feel a little uncomfortable to know his own shortcomings in this respect. Although the real yuan can promote qi and blood as well as achieve the immortal effect, it feels very different to rely on his body’s money to implement it, just like relying on drugs in this respect, although he doesn’t need drugs at all
In his early years, his life was extremely difficult. He could ensure that he would not starve to death. Thank God for Amitabha. What kind of problems will he have if he can go there again? In his local opinion, it is the best victory to live stubbornly on his own strength. Besides, it is stunted, but it is not inexhaustible. Few men who are pregnant with this problem are ashamed to kill.
Moreover, there are few physical development problems, and the living water in the near future is high, and the physical quality is improving at the same time. At the same time, he is not completely absent from the situation, and the routine is still there every morning.
Some headaches rubbed his forehead Tang Yi scattered gently lifted Luna’s head and pulled her arm back from her neck. She held her arm above her head and sat for a few simple activities. Then she gently propped herself up and prepared to sit up. At this time, he found a problem. When he woke up in the morning, men were always satisfied with the performance, but it was caught by one leg. The feeling was hard to say. He finally removed all obstacles and slid lightly from the bed.
After walking out of the door, Tang Yi-san finally came to Vivian’s room and knocked on the door of the alchemist girl. Besides fulfilling the agreement and treating her eyes, he also wanted her to ask something. Although Tang Yi didn’t believe in fate before he left, everything he encountered during this period has changed his thoughts, both ghosts and gods can be there, so why can’t he speak?
Although he doesn’t think much about the future fate now, because the big hand behind him will definitely guide him to move forward, he prefers to know the direction he needs to move forward so that he can prepare himself in advance, no matter what will happen later. It is always much better to prepare early than to feel at a loss in the face of sudden events.
Knocking Tang Yi just knocked on the door for less than three seconds, and the door was immediately tapped by Vivian. The girl’s face was not surprised, but she was surprised. Instead, she wore a smile and turned her head to look at her room, only to see that the room was also clean, with thin blankets and pillows stacked there. It didn’t look like a scene for a person who had just got up.
Good morning, Mr. David. I’ve been waiting for you for ten minutes. If you have any questions, just ask me. Gently sit on the bed. Vivian’s palm with white silk gloves brushed lightly. A wisp of blue long hair slipped from her forehead. She looked at Tang Yi curiously with her eyes closed and her face parted. She didn’t wear makeup, but that didn’t prevent her from being beautiful. Vivian is not beautiful in this world, but she is handsome.
Oh, do you know I’m back? I was a little surprised to see this girl Tang Yi holding her eyes and saying, so why don’t you just tell me the answer to my question?
It’s impossible to look down at Vivian.
I know you will come to me with white gloves, but I can’t know what problems you have, because you can change them at any time-except for physical safety, I see the possibility with the greatest possibility in the future, but even so, there are still many limitations. Stareyes are not a force that people should master in their hands.
Gently took off her gloves that she had never left. Vivian raised her white and delicate hands. There was a Xinghai pattern mark on the palm of her hands. This mark looked like a star. After her hands were displayed in the air, the pattern mark on the palm of her hands was also emitting a slightly hazy light. This light is not too bright, but it will make people feel that it is not as bright as the sun, nor as clear and quiet as the moonlight. It contains an ethereal atmosphere that seems to change at any time and never seems to change, just like that between changing the fixed future.
After seeing the star mark in the palm of the girl’s hands, Tang Yi-san couldn’t help but look a few more times. Vivian was interested in this ability to see through the future. Vivian didn’t lie, so the strength of these eyes was absolutely beyond his plan.
I sipped my mouth and smiled. The girl’s face showed a somewhat naughty and lovely smile. I said that I can master this power because I hold the blood of God. Would you believe it?
A bunch of colorful shock waves control this bunch, stretching, shrinking, long and short. Can you tell me which divine pulse you inherited?
When I saw Vivian say, the word "God" Tang Yi was scattered, but it felt a little weird. This kind of ability is definitely not what ordinary people can imagine. Since it is God, how can this ability fall? It is said that attacking its defensive ability alone is a double day. Whether it is controlling or jumping, it is absolutely unusual to attack areas that can be touched.
Looking at the strange expression on his face, Vivian seems to understand it very well. He will fall because he was not strong at that time. When he accidentally realized the law, his ancestors were promoted to the throne, but they were strangled for a short time when they realized the law. The biggest weakness of this power is that when the mastery power is not strong, some enemies are too high and too strong. Even if they are not good for you, they are much weaker than when they hold the stars.
If this biggest weakness is removed, then this ability is really at the top of the power, but after holding this weakness limit, its value is greatly weakened, but even this is still worthy of people’s envy.
He asked these questions casually to ask whether Vivian’s ancestors were gods or not, which didn’t have much influence on his roots. He couldn’t know some such secrets, but it wasn’t a bad thing. After all, if he developed at this level, his enemy would one day upgrade from a demon day to a great demon. It would never affect his mood to learn more in a few minutes.
All right, all right, now let’s talk about our topic. Pat the palm of your hand, Tang Yi, spread some jokes and point at your nose. Vivian, you should probably know something about my current situation. I have strong enemies and there are many, so can you tell me what I should do most?
Those eyes closed tightly against Tang Yi for a while, but they didn’t seem to see anything. She frowned slightly and closed her eyes tightly all the time, revealing a pair of dark golden eyes. These eyes look very sci-fi. The pupil is circled as if it were trapped by seven lights. The center of the pupil is a little gray light, which emits an ethereal and irresistible majesty. After opening her eyes, Vivian is personally very struggling, as if she is doing something very difficult. The most important thing you should do is to live and then end the mistake.
Live to end the mistake. Although it won’t be too simple for a confidant to come to this world and get the heraldry, after hearing these two words, Tang Yi-san felt as if he had been hit on the head by a pebble as big as a thumb. Besides a headache, he also felt dizzy and tried to end his mistake.
Although Vivian also said that what she said was not 100% accurate, these seven words still made him secretly shocked. If others listened to these words, they might be puzzled, but he was different. All along, he knew that he was manipulating himself with a palm behind his back. Not only did his strength rise almost faster than riding a laser, but he was constantly involved in various troubles, but at the same time he was not killed because the enemy was too strong, except that the first time he was killed because Angel was violent and he didn’t grow up. When he came here, he was not threatened by much life. Although the enemy was powerful, it could not make him fight back, as if he had been deliberately arranged to practice his hands like this.
He doesn’t know all these things, but now it seems to be something very wrong, and now the world is trying to eliminate the so-called mistake
What is it that affects yourself in the arrangement that you have spent so much effort to make yourself an anti-virus software? Is it true that the world is so fierce that thousands of people stop it? Is it because you have grown up that the father god is closer to you? Is it because you are a mirror image of the father god?
Chapter three hundred and sixty-six Seal