"If you have a problem with me for this reason, then I apologize." The queen seems to understand that Chi Yao doesn’t like being taken hostage. Why don’t she apologize? "Can it be now?"

Chi Yao gave a frown and some could not control her impatience. Her hands suddenly struck the table and then she got up. She glanced at the queen coldly and then walked out of the banquet hall with her lower back.
"Positions …" Karin didn’t expect Chi Yao to lose his temper, which was a bit embarrassing.
"I’m Bai Chiyao, a child who has suffered. After all, she has never felt at home … This matter will be discussed later. Go and see her. She is still pregnant with a child. Don’t what happened?" The queen said calmly. Anyway, Chi Yao has come. It is only a matter of time before she can believe her identity.
"Shit naturally …" Chi Yao walked in the corridor fidgety with her lower back, but even if she was impatient, she also had concerns about her baby.
Damn it, it’s great to be a queen, isn’t it? Why do you advocate making your own decisions? It’s up to her whether she wants to recognize her relatives or not. Why should she decide?
"Chi Yao!" Karin chased out of the banquet hall and saw Chiyao’s pregnant but still slender figure swearing in Chinese, but she didn’t understand.
Chi Yao couldn’t walk fast and was easily chased by Karin. "Chi Yao, are you angry?"
"shouldn’t I?" Chi Yao dumped her hand. "Did I say that I want to be recognized? Why are you so independent to catch me! "
Karin some don’t understand "what don’t want to know? You have a mother! " Shouldn’t other orphans be in high spirits when they learn that they actually have parents? Why is Chi Yao so angry?
"Well, where is my mother?"
Section 167
"Diane, she’s … dead," Karin said with some grief.
Chi Yao sneered, "Then I still don’t have parents and children." Why did they get her back when her mother was dead?
Karin quickly calmed Chi Yao’s mood. "Don’t be angry, just stay here first, huh?"
"Karin, you are so annoying!"
"Although I am your sister, but … forget it, you are happy."
Karin took Chi Yao and seven Catharine to a super-large bedroom. "You live here. There are maids outside the door who need to call them." Karin said and pointed to the wardrobe. "You are ready for the clothes inside."
Chi Yao hit the wardrobe, which was full of loose maternity clothes. She curled her lips and slammed the wardrobe door.
There is a big bed in the middle of the bedroom, and it’s still the kind of hanging bed. It’s soft to sit down. It’s very comfortable for Karin to see that she seems to like this big bed, and a soft smile can’t help but emerge at the corner of her mouth. It’s rare that there will be something Chi Yao likes in the palace.
Karin went to the other side of the big bed and took out a picture frame from the drawer of the bedside table. It was a picture of a woman. She took the picture frame and sat beside Chiyao. "Chiyao, her name is Daier and she is your mother …"
"I have no mother."
"Well … her name is Dale."
Chi Yao took the photo frame and looked at it. There is a sexy woman who is somewhat similar to her … It’s not enough to say a few words. Even Chi Yao herself thinks they are so alike. The woman in the photo is obviously a typical Y-man with three-dimensional facial features and a good figure, but she is a Z-man!
Karin was slightly relieved to see her staring at the photo of Dyer, and Chi Yao also felt like Dyer, didn’t she? "Dale is my youngest daughter, I’m the boss, and there’s another one named Tali, but … Tali has a bad temper and has never liked Dale, and probably doesn’t like to see you. Your room is far from her. Don’t worry."
Who’s worried? Chi Yao rolled his eyes and then said lightly, "I’m sleepy and want to sleep."
Karin inside story nodded "Good night"
The door was gently stared at the photo of Daier for a while, and then some impetuous people threw the photo frame into the drawer of the bedside table.
Z country y city
"Team is how to return a responsibility? Can’t even find someone? " Jingmuyun grumpy blunt a man dressed in a black police nu way.
"The commander calmed us down … we really didn’t find it …" Xu Liang, the battalion chief of the police force, said with some trembling, but at the same time he thought that they were following the clues and secretly ambushing, but as soon as they got there, they even disappeared!
That’s weird!
"Damn it!" Jingmuyun was pacing back and forth in the police station with a frown. Yesterday, he just found a clue to find out that the exotic woman took Chi Yao and hid in Y city. He ordered the police and army of Y city to be ready, but when he arrived at Y city, Xu Liang actually said that people were gone!
I’ve never felt irritable, and now I’m still being held hostage and running away with a child. How can she stand it?
"Commander commander …" Zhu Xiaoxuan worried looking at commander Jingmuyun looked very anxious and far away. Now, after all, the pregnant commander is worried twice! But … Commanders can’t panic. If even commanders panic, it’s really hopeless! "Commander!" ZhuXiaoXuan sound amplified.
"What?" Jingmuyun looked at her coldly, but there was a trace of madness in his eyes.
"You are still waiting for you at a distance. Don’t panic!" Zhu Xiaoxuan also did not consider whether she would be bombarded by Jingmuyun. She tried to comfort that "the former commander was not like this."
"…" JingMuYun smell speech first dazed for a while before slowly take a deep breath of relief slowly pressure in the heart of anxiety "I didn’t panic"
See JingMuYun expression returned to normal ZhuXiaoXuan this just a sigh of relief to commander calm down and slowly looking for will be able to find far away.
Xu Liang has long been frightened by Jing Muyun’s crazy expression. For the first time, let the commander see that he can be one side. Will the commander cut his position in one breath?
Xu Liang carefully glanced at JingMuYun see he didn’t dissatisfaction with this just hiding in the side to pick up the words "hello? You’d better have something important to report or else … "