But today is a good opportunity. After all, it will take at least half a month for them to get to their destination if they are driven by Zhenyuan. You know, they don’t have Li Yueling’s speed, which is the first in the world.

In addition to Zhenyuan Erlang God and Twenty Stars Jun, another person who must go is Li Yueling. Because of that place, he didn’t know it. The prerequisite for the upside-down Gankun method is to be able to read the place in one’s mind, otherwise everything will be discussed.
Before the barefoot immortal was about to cast spells on Emperor Cangdi, he told Li Yueling, "My dear disciple, you are too weak to practice. Remember to save your life is the most important thing. Don’t be impulsive. The teacher just saw you driving that fairy cloud. It seems that it is dangerous to beat the Buddha’s somersault cloud. Do you remember how far you need to hide and run at once?"
Li Yueling’s heart can’t help but be greatly moved by himself. This cheap master is really enough. He immediately nodded. It should be a Taoist master. Your family can rest assured. You are a disciple. I’m slippery and it won’t get worse easily. I’m not going to die alone. I’m afraid it’s hard for them to want me together.
A terrible fight at the mouth of the big virtual black hole has been going on for three days and nights. In the Gangfeng, three mountains are also like giants fighting together.
One, however, resolutely left a rotten stand for Sun Wu. At the moment, his situation is really not optimistic. All his armor is cracked and his hair is mottled with blood. The most serious thing is that Sun Wu’s body is sanctified and his image is broken.
The golden cudgel is still in hand. Sun Wu dances with one arm, and the murderous golden light is crazy and awe-inspiring, and the two devils attack him in front of him.
Sun Wu, you are a spent force, and an hour will surely destroy your form and spirit. Haha
He was the first one to take off the empty space, but he was seen with a strange weapon in each of his six arms, waving a magic light and a golden awn.
Bazhu, you’re wrong to say that. This monkey is amazing.
I cann’t believe I can resist you and siege together for several days. He can be destroyed, but I won’t let go of Yuan Shen. How many years have passed? I haven’t tasted Yuan Shen’s delicious food for a long time.
The cracked raccoon is also a thousand feet tall, and the lion’s head, horse’s face, snake’s back and wings and abdomen claws are even weirder than the bully’s. The breath is hidden and thunderous, and the end is attractive.
In the past two days, Sun Wu’s tyrants fought against each other a little, but there were no other chaotic demons in the void. Now Sun Wu plans to kill Ba Zhu first, and then he plans to kill him. But I didn’t think that Ba Zhu seems to be defeated by Wu, but Sun Wu’s attack on Ba Zhu is always immortal. Even once he was chopped by a golden cudgel, he was in an instant recovery state. Sun Wu was caught in a deadlock in the battle.
Don’t want to just two days ago, a huge black ball wrapped in a devil rose from the big empty space, but I just spoke. As soon as the devil showed his true self, he immediately joined forces with the bully to attack and realize, and it took a great deal of enlightenment. It was another day, and it took a while to be cut off by a black magic blade in the hands of the bully.
This injury is nothing for Sun Wu, who is sanctified in the flesh. He can be reborn or renewed with a broken arm, but
The most shocking thing is that Sun Wu’s immortal body can’t recover after being cut off by the magic blade.
This will cost a lot, and his strength will be greatly reduced. If it weren’t for Sun Wu’s tenacious perseverance, I’m afraid he would have fallen as early as yesterday.
Chaos demons are too strong to die, and even the golden cudgel, a first-class magic weapon, can’t do harm to them. This is all right. The most unacceptable thing is whether it is to bully or crack. After days of fierce fighting, they have become stronger and stronger, from being attacked by Sun Wu’s crazy attack to the wind.
And these two demons were the first in the chaos of the past, and I don’t know how many demons are worse than them.
If you want your grandpa Sun’s life, first ask an Baobao if he will promise or not to promise Sun Wu. It’s not a good temper. At the moment, his demon race is fierce, and it’s still a bit of a Buddha’s shadow.
Brokeback, too much loss of force, or he has scruples about an idea in his mind, so smash the two devils in front of him into mud, and the worse the better.
The golden cudgel rose at an incredible speed after Sun Wu roared, and a giant iron fell from the sky, swinging a million gold sticks to cover the surrounding world. This blow was already a desperate blow by Sun Wu. He could save some strength and drive a somersault cloud to escape when he was not in need.
But obviously, this is absolutely not in line with Sun Wu’s temperament. He disdains to escape death. My generation has tasted everything but death.
Chapter three hundred and twenty-seven The stars two
Sun Wu threw a blow, even if Gao Sanqing came from the west, he didn’t dare to speak out of turn to resist the chaos in front of him. Even though the demons are immortal and eternal, these two demons have been smashed by Sun Wu’s golden cudgel for many times. Although they quickly recovered, they did consume a lot of chaotic magic gas.
Today, I saw this bully peerless, and the two devils fell from the sky to hide, not to block or to try their best, but I saw that all the six-handed magic weapons of the bully were shining with bursts of black light, and all of them became bigger and thicker, and the six arms raised together to meet them first.
The crack raccoon swallows a huge dark ball from his mouth at random, which is more than ten feet in size. The dark ball rises in the wind and has changed to a full 500 feet in an instant. The layers of strange momo evil breath fills the air, and this ball is even more frightening.
A burst of collision noise of gold and iron took the lead to meet the bully, and the six handles in his hand were smashed by the golden cudgel, and his body was swept away by the golden light.
The waste is far away, and the black ball cracked. It seems that it is very dissatisfied with the performance of the bully. It has no mercy to drink and scold, but when it jerks its tail for more than a thousand feet, it bounces up and resists the mysterious black ball and hits the golden hoop.
Unexpectedly, there was a shocking noise and no high sentence. The strange black ball was wrapped in the golden hoop, and the top was so two magic weapons with different attributes froze in the middle.
It’s really something that you monkey can force me to crack the magic ball in the big void. It’s wonderful that the stronger you are, the stronger I will be. Yuan Shen will always be my favorite. Haha.