Situhao’s voice fell to the ground, and the three elders’ faces changed greatly.

Soul Yuan Hualien, but they came to practice. Without Soul Yuan Hualien, the chances that they want to soar to the Tao with their own practice are slim.
Little bastard, I’ll spare you from dying in Hualien.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, Situ Hao gave a bad laugh. I broke your door. You can be said to hate me. Hualien has become my life-saving charm. If I don’t come, you must still be afraid of me. If I come, I think I will be crushed to death by you in a moment. I have hardly fought back against four powerful ninth-order fighters. I don’t want to put my life into your hands so easily.
Situhao’s self-interested words have shocked the four people in front of him. He will no longer hold the right hand and the crack thunder blade in his left hand. The right hand suddenly seals his chest and injects blood into several acupuncture points. Immediately stop.
He is absolutely sure that the four people in front of Hualien will never dare to make a move. If they dare to start work, he will probably destroy them at the first time. Chapter 56 of Lai Xiulian’s soul flower is a master of pulling eggs.
Desire for Soul Immortals inherited the ancient clan door 30,000 years ago. Although they are active in the fairy land, they are extremely low-key. Fairy and magic martial arts know very little about this family door, but they pay the closest attention to the great events in the fairy land.
Situhao has made a name for himself in Xianmo Mainland. They have long heard that this is the name of the younger generation. Although it is not very strong, it can stir up Xianmo, some big doors, chickens and dogs, and some powerful martial arts. He can’t take it all the time. They are full of doubts about this strange phenomenon. A young man who is not very strong can do this. Today, they finally realize that this chop suey is by no means a hollow reputation.
This little bastard is really too difficult
Besides, this little man has too many secrets to hide.
He can’t enter the immortal clan department of the soul, but also enter the holy land of the soul yuan at rest, and he will have a stronger power than the soul yuan Hualien, and nothing will happen. He can even use strong force to directly smash their implied ancient law gate. There are so many things about this little body that they can’t figure out.
None of this is to say that now he is surrounded by four people, and the three elders of the immortal patriarch are moving vertically and orderly, and they can easily kill them, occupying the greatest advantage at this time, but in this little chop suey, a word immediately makes them tied behind their hands and can’t take action against him.
If the three elders who want the soul fairy clan patriarch look at the young people in front of them, they can kill people. I’m afraid Situhao has already been chopped up at this time.
Don’t insult me. I don’t care about the willy-nilly. I will definitely kill you directly. Besides, the patriarch gnashed his teeth and said with a murderous voice.
Situhao immediately showed no face, laughed and died, but I said that it was hard for you to practice your strength to such a state. Because the soul Yuan Hualien was destroyed, the last word was soaring, and the loss was tut tut. Don’t say that it was you. Even if I think about it, it hurts.
Situhao infuriates people and doesn’t want to die.
You, you tell me, you have to be able to get to Hualien.
I want Soul Yuan Hualien to save my mother.
Soul Yuan Hualien is a treasure that our ancestors got in those years. If you want it to condense and lose your soul, just a small piece will be enough for your roots. Hualien wants your soul Yuan Hualien, and we are willing to let you take a petal.
But at the beginning, the elder of Fenlingbao told me that I needed a soul yuan Hualien to save my mother and reunite her soul.
You said that the soul yuan Hualien can reunite the soul. Is it because the people in Fenlingbao told you?
Situhao couldn’t help secretly laughing when he saw that the face of the patriarch of the immortal clan was full of hatred. If he could muddy the water and make the immortal clan of the immortal clan hate the fortress of hatred greatly, it would be a very lively drama if a fight could take place between these two ancient clans.
SiTuHao nodded his head at once. It wasn’t the brother of Ghost Castle who told me that I didn’t know that this world still wanted Ghost Castle. Alas, it was also lucky. At that time, an old monster in Ghost Castle took my mother’s soul, and I was determined to kill people. When I wanted to kill an elder, he won my hand, and he also read in an ancient book left by them that Soul Yuan Hualien was the only nemesis of their soul-taking technique, no matter who was taken. If you take the soul and want a soul yuan, Hualien can reunite the soul and let the person who has been taken the soul regain consciousness, and he also told me the specific location of the immortal Sect.
He, they know where we want the immortal Sect to live.
Situhao turned over his eyes and took a white look at the patriarch of Soul Fairy Sect. They didn’t know where you were located. Can I find you in such a short time? Situhao thought of this and immediately thought of Belle Maid. Yesterday, I was afraid that Belle Maid had returned to Soul Fairy Sect to prevent the four witches from doubting her. He immediately said, I learned from them that you had lived in the land and rushed all the way here. It was not until last night that a delicate little beauty came back to help her enter Soul Fairy Sect. When I was in the Xianzong Department, I showed my posture, and I quietly entered the Xianzong Department of your desire, gnome male-"and let me enter the impenetrable building with you by mistake. Of course, I saw your disgusting ugly appearance in my eyes, but I didn’t see your old ugly appearance. I might really be confused by you.
Situhao voice fall to the ground around him four people face immediately changed color than horror.
Of course, they were horrified at this time, not because Situhao saw them, nor because Situhao said they were old and ugly, but because they heard the news that made them horrified.
They never imagined that the ancient ancestral clan of the Hatred Castle knew so clearly about their desire for the immortal clan, and they couldn’t imagine it after they broadcast such news.
Didn’t she notice that you went in with Mandy? Besides, we lined up two brothers to be on duty before entering the entrance of the channel for the soul immortals. Didn’t they notice that you were there?
The soulful immortal patriarch is a thoughtful person. She immediately asked Situhao such doubts.
Situhao said that he immediately disdained to look at her for questioning, and sarcastically said, Don’t you remember that when I was having a physical examination for your brother who wanted to be immortal, I fled and disappeared, but was the posture like that generally inferior to martial arts? Besides, after I entered the closed building with you, you didn’t find me, either? Chapter 57 is indecent.
Situhao’s voice fell to the ground, and the three elders of the immortal patriarch couldn’t help being choked on the spot immediately.
At this time, the scene is quite shocking and quite shocking.
Four beautiful women, each with a sword in their hands, surrounded a man naked in front of the cliff and came back from the outside. Two beautiful fairy brothers looked at the confrontation between the two sides in the field dumbfounded.
So you won’t be the soul of Hualien. You want the soul. The patriarch of Xianzong asked in a murderous voice.
Situhao slowly shook his head and saved my mother. I can’t go to Hualien.
Situhao’s heart is full of joy at this time. He knows that he has succeeded in picking out the ghost castle of the immortal Sect. They will try to deal with the ghost castle if they don’t let their place be leaked.
Of course, a man who knows that the immortal Sect of desire is in people and refuses to obey the immortal Sect of desire will also become the target of their slaying.
It would be really nice if there were a conflict between the two ancestral halls, both of which are ancient ancestral halls with a long history.
Situhao was quietly paying attention to the surrounding situation when he was talking to four people.
However, it is just right for four people to keep the cube. At this time, when they look at Situhao, they are still hungry. The wolf is staring at the lamb and generally wants to escape from their encirclement.
Didn’t I tell you that Soul Yuan Hualien is a treasure of heaven and earth? If you want one of the petals, you can regain your soul and bring your mother back to consciousness. You really can’t get Soul Yuan Hualien, so we can kill you together, because it’s better if we have less chance to regain Soul Yuan Hualien than no chance. You are a wise man. You can still figure it out for this way. The patriarch of Xianzong continued to swim.
Situhao shook his head again. Don’t treat me like a three-year-old child. When my soul is in Hualien, it must be when I die. Don’t take any wrong ideas. A martial artist knows his own soul most keenly. If you want to kill me and recapture my soul, the possibility of Hualien is almost equal to.
Oh, don’t try to say this sentence. When you want to be immortal, your eyes are cold and your tone is full of murderous look. The sword in your hand has been slowly lifted.
Although SiTuHao heart horror than but his face is hung with a faint smile day crack thunder blade has also been slowly across his chest well, I’m ready for you to attack me now.
The patriarch of the immortal clan wanted to frighten Situhao, but she didn’t expect that this Reagan wouldn’t eat himself. At this time, she hated Situhao as a little beast. Aren’t you afraid of death?
I’m afraid it’s born to die anyway, and I will care about how to die. Stuart Hao said here with a slight frown, and then continued, I don’t think so. I will steal the soul yuan Hualien to save my mother. You said that a petal can reunite her soul, so I’ll try to save her first with a petal. You can send your brother to the fairy land to find me. Then I’ll return the soul yuan Hualien to you. It’s nothing to me.