Outside the building, the sunshine is charming and sighing, but in the building, it is cloudy and foggy, and everyone is shivering.

The remnant sat in the hall, wearing a blue robe inlaid with a large robe in Phnom Penh. The wind poured in from the open window and lifted the robe. The silver mask half covered her face while being handsome and cold. A pair of brown pupils glowed with cold light, like a leopard staring at its prey, cruelly admiring its fear before death.
In the hot month, the building is hung with its head down, the sea breeze over the wall and the window whistling, the clothes are blowing, and the cold eyes are staring at the ground. It seems that it is golden and refuses to raise its head.
Heiyan is dressed in black, with long black hair and bright hair. A hair band is tied high and her waist is worn with a sword. Her eyes are bright and her eyes are low. She scans the ground without saying a word.
The air is tight, and the tide is surging outside, and the sea breeze is roaring.
The remnant knife-shaped eyebrows slightly pick slender fingers and strike the cold eyes on the desktop, and continue to cross the dark top of the head with thin lips.
Why are you all settled? Aren’t they all very powerful?
Everyone’s head hangs lower and seems to be touching the ground.
The blue hall master squinted at the outside of the building responsible for guarding the burning moon, and said coldly along the blue hall, should you blue people wake up? Not only did you let the other side play without any defense, but also entered the burning moon building in an imposing manner.
Lanjingtang hung his head and didn’t dare to look at the remnant. His hands were holding the cocoon marks on the palm of his hand and rubbing against the skin. The sea water surged in waves, and those people were bound to report this humiliation if they met again.
Belonging to the landlord, he knelt down and said,
Hum, residue, coldness, hum, you should be punished if you go to torture room for punishment.
Is LanJingTang heart quiver but dare not refute darling back to torture room.
When everyone saw that Lord Lan Tang was stabbed, he was too scared to breathe, and he was afraid it would be his turn.
Ge Tang is famous for his disability.
Belongs to the fact that Lord Ge Tang felt that the cold sweat on his forehead was almost trembling before he left, and his hands arched and his head hung down, waiting for a verdict from the remnant.
Shadow three is that you are guilty of injuring many brothers in the building because of his bad place. Even though Shadow three didn’t violate the rules, his biggest crime was that he didn’t know whether all the people in the next room had counted their deaths, which caused the girl in pink to escape and take people to find the building.
It’s a crime. Lord Ge Tang’s teeth itch with anger at Ying San, but the damn culprit is not there.
In addition, all his participants went to torture room to be punished, and the remnant added
It was Lord Ge Tang who was stupefied and then nodded and took the blame. Alas, his wife and brother will not be able to run away. He was punished. I don’t know if his mother and wife will torment themselves when they go home.
Li Tangzhu started to jump up as soon as he got up with a residual sound.
Genu is rubbing his hands without knowing what to do when he hangs his head.
The other teenagers will knock you down easily. Look at your training. It’s time for the master to train a group of pustules to lose face.
Master Li Tang, who knows the crime, feels guilty. Although not all of them are top experts, they are not ordinary people. I didn’t expect that not only their hands were defeated by one move, but even their four masters were defeated.
Master Xiao Tang will fix it one by one.
Master Xiao Tang also got up and left, desperately waiting for punishment. Who let them lose? Not only did it make Yan Yuelou lose face, but it also made his hands feel humiliated.
Just go to torture room with them and get punished. He looks the same at a glance, stupid.
The three hall lords also turned around and went to Lantiang’s main companion.
After the four hall lords have left, other people in the burning moon floor in the hall dare not to crack a crack so that they can get in.
Fine sunlight squinted in from the window and sprinkled on the group of people kneeling on the ground. It was covered with a layer of yellow yarn, and the color flashed with golden light by black hair.
Canpian’s head and arms are in the chair bar, his hands are holding the mask, and the brown eye pupil on his left cheek is scanning the others, but not.
Everyone dared not move. There was silence. They seemed to hear their hearts pounding. Wait a minute. Will it be their turn? They couldn’t help shivering when they remembered torture room’s sets of torture devices.
A residual coldly accent elongated.
They felt cold as his voice trembled and could not help but kowtow for mercy
The landlord forgives the crime
Broken bones and fingers lit the chair bar with sexy lips. He laughed like a mockery. Did he hear me right? They were begging for mercy. Did he say he would punish them? But now that they ask for mercy, they should punish them even more for their brown pupils narrowing and smiling badly.
Did the landlord say that he would punish you?
Is it true that the landlord is not going to punish them when they look at each other?
However, the remnant looked at the sudden pale face and smiled cruelly. Since you begged for mercy, the landlord will punish you. You have already gone to torture room.
Is the landlord
Everyone looks bleak. If I had known, I shouldn’t have begged for mercy.
Don’t walk a stare, still kneeling on the ground. Do they want to be punished more?